April 30, 2013

I have a confession..

Every year my company participates in the Atlanta Corporate Challenge where companies throughout Atlanta and the metro area compete in different an array of different events. Our company really gets into this and encourages everyone to sign up for at least one event. We were given a rather long list of different events ranging from dodge ball to darts to poker. There were quite a few empty slots and there had been for a while. It was getting close to the deadline and there were still a ton of openings. 

Well, let me tell you a little background about myself that is pretty necessary to understand how I got myself into this little predicament.. I was that kid in class everyone HATED. You know, the one, and only one, that ever answered the professors guided questions he/she asked during their lecture. SeriouslyI also apologize for being that guy. I just hate that awkward silence knowing someone is waiting for an answer. 

Now back to our feature presentation: 
The deadline for signups was approaching and there were quite a few events that we lacked one or two people in order to qualify a team for. It was like the awkward silence. So akward, you just you couldn't take it anymore and you suddenly say the most outrageous, dumb thing that came to your mind first. Similar to that, I did something dumb, and boarderline outrageous--I signed up for corn hole, and I may have bitten off more than I can chew. However, you have to promise not to tell anyone I work with..

"So why is this such a big deal, It's only corn hole, "you ask. Well, yes, I have played corn hole before. BUT only once.. I wasn't ever a tailgater to play these games. I hung out with the athletes, not the athlete watchers. Therefore, I never played corn hole in college, unlike every other red blooded American out there. I know there's nothing to the game--you just throw the bean bag and try to get in the hole or closest to the hole as possible will do. I feel like a total impostor. I can't let anyone know either, because I somehow got named as freaking team captain!? How does that happen. 
Wish me luck this weekend in my acting debut as the corn hole team captain who has pretty has no experience at playing corn hole well. Did I also mention that I have the aim of a blind, armless, chimpanzee? This is going to be comical!

Speaking of people with good aim who would probably be more qualified to play corn hole than I.. Congrats to Tim Hudson for what should be his 200th win! He is the 213th pitcher to ever reach this achievement, and one of I believe only 5 active pitchers. Most of you baseball avid baseball fans, who too lean a bit towards the superstitious side, will appreciate that I have also been sure to schedule this post as to not go live until after this game has completed as to not screw with any of the baseball gods out there. ;) Way to go Huddy!

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  1. good luck with your cornhole adventure. i've got boards but we've never painted them or even bought bags..we always use other peoples.