June 29, 2008

I've learned to expect the unexpected.

My family never ceases to amaze me by how crazy/weird they are. The other night I came home somewhat late, late for my parents atleast, and my mom wasn't here. Dad said that she had her nose up in someone's business at my aunt's house. Honestly, that wasn't the part that surprised me. I've come to expect my mom to be in the middle of family matters no matter what the situation. He gave me a quick run down of the story, basically my cousin skipped town and headed to Virginia with some girl. I laughed thinking he heard it wrong or something. Considering his memory, I wouldn't put it past him.
Once mom got home from Indian Hill I asked her what in the world really was going on. Sure enough my cousin, Kimberly, left town Friday afternoon with a friend from high school, hopped onto a greyhound bus, and road to Richmond, Virginia. The girl is 19 also, so I asked what the big deal was, because in my eyes she could set her own ways as she darn well pleased. Come to find out, they were leaving out oooooone major detail... She went up there to meet a 25 year old man she met on the internet.
Which leads me to beleive, I'm one of the few sane people left in my family.
Well, now the friend that she left with, has come back home. Kimberly stayed in Virginia with plans to marry this so called "man of her dreams" and live happily ever after..

Safe? don't think so
Cool? not the slightest bit.. neither of them
Smart? not so much
Completely off the wall.. you got it, dude!

may this saga continue!

June 13, 2008

I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Right now I'm sitting in the condo in Hilton Head. My roommates and I are down here for a couple of days. It's totally relaxing. I've heard people talk about Hilton Head for a long time, but I've never been here to experience it myself. It is completely relaxing, yet for people like me who don't want to stop it's also hasn't gotten boring. Today was the first day we had our bikes (yes, think now and then). So we've been riding around the island all day like we're 12 again. Tonight we rode down to the beach after we ate dinner out on the boardwalk. It was breathtaking.. a little cloudy so it wasn't as starry, but completely breathtaking. I just wish I would have had that special someone right there with me to walk along the shoreline and hold my hand. It would have been a dream come true to me, because the band up at the restaraunt on the beach was playing "The Dance" -- Even though it's not a love song, it's still my favorite song in the whole entire world..
Well needless to say, it's enjoyable.

June 4, 2008

Taking it one day at a time

I've been in so much constant motion for the past few days that I never really get a free second to sit down and pull everything together in words. Part of that is because I don't really know what's going on myself; how am I supposed to tell others about it?
My emotions have been haywire since Sunday night, I am so up and down. Blogging probably wouldn't be the best thing to do, because I just want to forget about it. Forget about him..
The only way to get it off my mind is through someone else. It works, until it's time to go. Then I get still and I remember it again, and I go back into my hole again.

Last night was fun, and so was the night before. The Gum Branch Possey went to the woodlands with the 2 hoes and swam.. sat in the hot tub that wouldn't work for nothing, and then went back to the house, listened to music, and danced among other things :) I wish others would have danced more.. I was in one of the better moods I have been in lately. Maybe it'll come back around again soon.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to Athens to get a new camera with my roommate, because my not so old one died. I think we're going to swing by Dustin/Neal/Piha's for awhile.. mostly because I want to ride on Neal's bike. :) Maybe things will start to go up hill from here.. maybe as a few more days pass I'll start to forget about him more.

When I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever,
& if I had the choice, yeah I'd always be there,
those were the best days of my life.