April 24, 2013

Soundtrack to Summer

Go ahead and download these songs and set them on a playlist called "Summer Jams" or "Megan told me so." You can thank me later, because I know you'll love each and every single one of them. 

Cruise - Nelly Florida Georgia Line
The second I heard the teaser of this song, I was hooked. It was hard to wait the few weeks for the full song to be released. Love it! I am a huge Flordia-Georgia line fan.

Home - Sunday Best
I saw these guys open for Cody Canada a few weeks ago. We were blown away!

What are you drinking bout - Florida-Georgia line
I am a huge Florida-Georgia Line fan, obviously

Carolina - Parmalee

Crash My Party - Luke Bryan

One Hell of an Amen - Brantley
Brantley and Uncle Dekle are a force when it comes to songwriting. Great to finally hear some new music from B. 

Beat this Summer - Brad Paisley

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