April 15, 2013

Check Check Check it out..

How freaking banging is this?!

See, even my frinds form How I met your mother agree. [insert cocky nod]. I found this app the other day on Pinterest and decided to give it a whirl. It wasn't near as hard or PinFAIL as I expected to be.

So this is the app, Cocoppa. It's a Japanese apps that takes your current, installed applications and sets up much more attractive shortcut icons in their place. 

This is my old drab, typical, boring home screen. (I was updating my apps, so don't judge that's it's probably not a shareworthy screen shot) I say it's a nice little adjustment. All you have to do is find the icon you wish to show on your home screen. There are tons, and tons of options, styles and icon types to choose from. The hardest part of this whole process is picking out which icon you want, because you'll like them all!

Say for instance, I want to change my weather icon to use this cute little nugget instead.

 You choose what kind of shortcut you'd like to use. Most likely, you'll want to use the app search. The phone call and email and messaging options are merely to set up the equivalent to speed dials or speed texts. It's kind of a let down, but I guess we'll work with what we've got.

Search for the app in the app store, so that it will know how to associate the shortcut with the start up scripts for the app your wanting to use. 

Then Safari will help you set up the actual shortcut to your home screen.

It was fairly straight forward and not too time intensive. These are my other two screens that I set up. The downside, is sometimes they don't have icons for ALL the apps. You can still pick other options that are pretty universal (they have some precious cross icons that I love, or for instance my baseball heart I used for my MLB app).. but that's why I don't have icons set for every one of my apps--I'd forget what they were if I didn't have a logo.

 Note: that I said it sets up shortcuts. Since it's just a shortcut, you can't delete the original app, so in this back page, you can see where I filed all my original apps into folders to hide them away for safe keeping. I'm only sharing this as an idea to you if you try to do it yourself

Yay! Go ahead, distract yourself for half the day playing with this new app, and then spend the other half showing it off to your friends and/or coworkers!

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