September 30, 2010

30 songs in 30 days challenge

Day 2 - Your least favorite song

"Love Lockdown" - Kanye West

This may not be my least, least favorite, but Kanye West was one of the first people that came to mind. I hate Kanye West with a deep, burning passion. I think he's a jerk that just needs to keep his mouth shut. No, my opinion has nothing to do with his controversy with Taylor Swift at the MTV awards last year or whenever that was. I just think he talks too much about things he really has no place to talk about.

September 29, 2010

Challenge Day #1 - 30 songs in 30 days

I decided to start the 30 songs in 30 days. Each day I will be given a different criteria, and I am to chose a song that I feel best fits it.

Day 1 - Your favorite song

"The Dance" -Garth Brooks

I cannot actually find a decent video of Garth, himself, singing "The dance," but here is one that is probably better. This is Tony Arata. He is the mastermind behind this beautiful, iconic song. I never cease to get chill bumps when I listen to this song, or cry when I really analyze the sweetly transcribed lyrics. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have for many years.