April 23, 2013

It's my birthday week

Have I mentioned lately that Saturday is my birthday? Well, let me take the time to inform you that my 24th birthday is Saturday, and I am taking it upon myself to make this entire birthday week a pretty dang good one.

Last night my college roommates and I went out to celebrate. Ashlyn's birthday just so happens to be Wednesday, so we just celebrate jointly together. Plus, it's just easier that way. We couldn't decide on a place to go to dinner, so we just did something simple and easy--Japanese. Who would ever turn down hibachi?! Plus they serve sushi there, so my stomach was ecstatic about the idea!

Don't I have some of the prettiest friends ever?! Love, love, love them!! 
When they do the onion volcano, and then make it a train cracks me up every time. :)

I was so glad to finally have us all together again. They were my best friends for 5 years. Well, they still are my best friends, we just don't have every dinner together and spend every night together watching our very, tediously scheduled tv lineup every night. (I still have to text Megan about every other week to get her to remind me what comes on every night. I just can't ever seem to get it straight. I miss having them around constantly. It's so weird to hear us talk about jobs, marriage, scheduling time off.. when life pass us by and we turn into grown ups? Ew. I refuse to turn into an old hag. I vow to make 24, just as good as sayyyy 17? How about it! Bring it on birthday week. Bring it on 24!!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!! aghh hibachi, delish!!

    1. You are the absolute sweetest! Thank you so much! PS: I just posted about the necklace I won from your giveaway!!

  2. The food sounds amazing!! Hope you have an awesome birthday week!!

  3. I think birthdays should be celebrated MONTH long!!