February 28, 2013

Blog Connect

Today I found this pretty kick-ass site, Blog Connect, that allows us to hook up with other bloggers to discuss any and everything blog related (and then some). I've found myself attached to this site today, between calls of course, learning more about how to be a better blogger and how to build my online presence. 

Once I got there, I was introduced to Passionfruit Ads. I created an account to sign up for my first ever sponsorship with Helene (Helene Inbetween) on Blog connect. It was a super easy, and I for my lovely followers, I am offering free space! You can find the promocode under the Blog Love tab at the top (or here works too..) Click the Buy button, and enter all of your information including the free promo code. Seriously, that's all! You'll receive and email from Passionfruit and myself letting you know if your sponsorship was approved and when you should expect to see it being posted proudly for all to see! The only thing I ask of you is that you return the favor of displaying my button on your sidebar or button swap page as well. See it's a beautiful relationship we're about to have, right? You can find my button information on the sidebar over there <-------- font="">

The weekend is almost here

Queue me dancing around my apartment and packing. "Megan, why are packing? Where are you going?" You may ask (or I conceitedly hope you ask).. We're heading back to the cabin for the weekend!

Well, at least we will be after Billy's wraps up another late start Friday night baseball game. I'm always excited about a trip to Blue Ridge, but this trip is going to be different because we will have visitors waiting for us when we arrive!

Billy's best friend and his family are coming back to the states for a few days. Daniel and Billy were best friends growing up. Daniel's family is originally from Peru, but moved to Miami for he and his sister to attend American schools. After Daniel, the youngest, graduated, they returned home and the two haven't seen each other since. I've spoken to Daniel a few times since Billy and I started dating 3 years ago, and have heard numerous stories of him and the things that he, Billy, and their other best friend, Katy, used to get into when they were younger. I've unfortunately never gotten the chance to meet him or his family until now! I'm very excited and look forward to entertaining them all weekend. Oh, and might I add there's a chance of snow!

This is a picture of Stanley Creek. You can actually see the cabin at the top of the hill. 

I can't wait to post and share about the adventures we have. I love the mountains, and I especially love Blue Ridge. 

February 27, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry

What better to get you through a hump day than a little mini-rant? Today I am linking up with Staci, Sara, and Katelyn for my first Wednesday of "Sorry I'm not sorry"

..that I am basically obsessed with my dog. I talk about her way too much. I take an obscene amount of pictures of her. I talk to her like she's a person. Let's face it, she's a lot cuter, smarter, and more enjoyable to be around than most humans.. 

..that I cook my favorite pasta dish at LEAST once a week. It's quick, easy, and totally to die for. My coworkers make fun of me because of how often I eat it. They obviously have never tasted the nectar of the gods that it is.. my lunch is better than your lunch. Boom!

.. that I have road rage. I am a force to be reckoned with on the highway. Drive or die!! 

..that I I despise Basketball. I think is more interesting to watch curling competitions than stupid basketball. I am sure it is a sport that does take lots of talent (and God-given height), but I think most of it's players are barbarians. 

..that I think some of these people are way too young and immature to be engaged, much less married.  that being said, some of these people should not be allowed to procreate. Everytime I see some of these people change their relationship status or that they're preggo I'm like..

..that I think Taylor Swift sounds like a goat in heat. or maybe a dying cat.. either way, she's baaaaad!! (See what I did there?)

..that I my week revolves around Trivia night. It's always so much fun, and who doesn't love putting to use the useless knowledge they have floating around up there. Plus, my friends are freaking bad ass, and I love them.

..that I may be trading in my tomahawk for a pair of red sox this upcoming season. I love me some David Ross, and think that he should be the Braves starting catcher any day of the week over McCann.

..that I will never get off my soap box when it comes to leggings. THEY ARE NOT PANTS! for crying out loud! and nobody wants to see the cottage cheese you have going on on your back side.

..that I think my neighbor's baby looks like a gremlin. 

February 26, 2013

God Speed, Soldiers

Today, my heart is heavy, but simultaneously filled with pride and gratitude. This morning 236 members of the 1st Battalion, 214th Field Artillery (1/214th) Georgia National Guard (the Granite Battalion), which is headquartered in my hometown, left the morning to embark on their year old deployment in Afghanistan.

Last week the men and women of this battalion were honored in a farewell parade where they marched the through the streets to the town square where a ceremony was held in their honor. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but from what I was told it was heart-warming to say the least. This is one of the things I do miss about living in such a small town. The community never fails to pull together and rally around those in need of help, or in this case support and utmost gratitude.

The man closest to the center is Jordan Pattesron. He is a part of the King's Ridge family, and is one of the nicest people I have ever had the chance to meet. What a leader this man is! He is leaving behind a newborn son, wife, and a school full of students waiting for his safe return. 

This morning was the morning these soldiers and their families had been dreading--the day they embarked on their journey. They traveled today to Camp Shelby in Mississippi where they will continue prepping and doing extensive training for about a month before they head overseas to Afghanistan for at least a year. 

This sweet couple is Miranda and Ty McCarty. They are newlyweds about to undergo their first deployment together. I have the ultimate respect for Miranda and the strength she has to be able to say goodbye and to remain here at home doing an equally important job of supporting the man she loves, regardless of the circumstance or the distance. 

My mom's office was along the route that the buses took as they left town. Her entire company, along with the rest of the town, lined the streets again with flags, and posters in a send off that would make any town, much less a small one, proud. Just the thought of the patriotism expressed today sends chills up my spine. I am already a sucker for anything red, white, and blue, but things like this totally have a way of pulling at my heart strings. 

Today does bring a lot of things back into perspective for me. We really do take for granted everything this brave men and women are sacrificing in order for us to keep our freedoms. While we sleep peacefully in our own beds, spend times with our loved ones, and enjoy the little blessings in life that we are so lucky to have, say a prayer for these brave soldiers for the competition of their mission and their safe return to their equally brave families. 

I must also give credit for most of these photos to DeAnna Segars of Beyond the Lens Photography for being there for these families to capture such raw, intimate moments that they will cherish throughout this deployment, and for many years to come.

Thank You & God Speed, Soldiers.

February 25, 2013

Finally, I made my first button!!


Grab it, Share it, Love it ;)

I really should just pay a professional to create a custom button, header, and layout, since this is turning into a royal hodgepodge. However, I got home today and went to grab my favorite sweatpants out of the dryer to find out that it never finished drying. I turned the dial back for an extra 10-ish mins, and I got nothin'. I sure hope I don't have to buy a new one, but just in case.. I'm about to start pinching pennies. Hellooo, coupon inserts! Here I come!! Who am I kidding? I love to coupon.

February 24, 2013

Sunday Social

This is actually the first time I've linked up with these lovely ladies for Sunday Social, but I have a very sneaky suspicion that it won't be my last ;)

Sunday Social

Today, we are taking it back to middle school and high school! We want to know what you were like back in the day!

1. What was your biggest middle school fashion mistake?
Well, I used to have TERRIBLE baby hair. Heck, I still do. I probably will never get rid of it. I had some growing out in my bangs, but of course, they weren't long enough to style or do anything with. Sooo I decided to cut them, right down to the scalp. Obviously, not one of my brighter moments, so for a week, I had no baby hair in front.. well, it grew back, but avail it was worse. Instead I looked like I had the top of a carrot sprouting out of my forehead for quite some time. :( 

2. Who were your best friends in high school? Pics?
Holly and I were inseparable from our Sophomore year and on. There was never a "Where's Megan?" or "Where's Holly?" It was always the two of us.

There was also Randi

and of course, high school would have never been  the same without the craziest group of guys you could ever meet. We always referred to ourselves as the Gum Branch Possey

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
Usually Friday nights were either spent at football games, and after I turned 16, I worked every Friday night waiting tables at Side Street. I loved that job, and wouldn't had traded it for the world. On Saturdays if I had the night off, I was ALWAYS with Holly making laps around the Hartwell 500. 

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
I really only officially dated 3 guys while I was in high school--Daniel Hix, Josh Breg, and Chad Weaver. None of them were for any long period of time, just maybe like a month or two.. Of course, Reid and I were never really official, but everyone knew that we were kind of always a "thing." That boy meant the world to me, and I to him. 

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
We did! In middle school, we had these code names for people. I have a hard time remembering any of them in particular, but they did happen. 

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
April 11th, 2006 was the greatest day of my life. That was when the gum branch possey started. Holly and I took her dad's mustang GT convertible out for our inaugural trip to Hartwell--that's one thing I always remember was how perfect the weather was that day. She actually met Brian that day, and now they have been dating for 5 years. We actually met all the guys that would forever change what high school was to us, and boy were we end for a crazy ride. I had so much fun that night. To this day, we always tell each other "Happy April 11th" like its our own holiday or something.

February 18, 2013

lovin' a girl like me ain't easy

Tomorrow one of my favorite people, and a girl I am lucky enough to call a friend, Rachel Farley's, first single hits radios tomorrow. Not just playing on a local country station in Georgia, I mean hundreds of stations across the US are going to have her on REGULAR rotation! I am so excited for her, and how far she has come from the first time I met her when she open for Brantley years and years ago when she was merely 14 or 15. She blew me away with pipes of an experienced veteran for her to be so young.

Rachel was the first artist signed to the new labe,l Red Bow Records, a new label formed by Broken bow and Red Distribution. She just finished up spending the summer on the road touring North America with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean--what 17 year old can say they did that on their Summer Vacation?! She's prepping for her first full length album to be released later this spring, and I cannot wait to share it with each and every one of you (or well, the two of you that might actually read this). Check her out, and call and request her new single "Ain't easy" at your favorite station! Find out more about her on her website here.

I get this song in my head every time we head to the cabin, because we drive through Pickens County on our way.

The quality on this one is sub-sub par, but it's probably one of my favorites.. if one can pick just one or two favorites

February 17, 2013

Back in touch

I'm so sorry I've fallen out of touch this week. I've been so busy working late just about every night (it's the side effect of working in the Tax industry), celebrating our anniversary and Valentines, along with the most important part of my week OPENING DAY!

South Forsyth faced King's Ridge Christian School in the opening game of the 2013 season. I felt a little torn, because Billy's brother used to be part of KR's baseball team. So I knew a few of the players and their families from the team and had been so used to cheering for them previously. So I wasn't too overly vested in the turn out, even though I wasn't surprised that the game ended in a 14-1  blow out win for South Forsyth. Way to go boys!!

I also am so, so exicted to share that one of my best friends and college roommate is getting married!!! After 4 years, Tyler finally asked Amanda to spend forever with him! I'm so happy for her and I can't wait to start helping her plan and craft together the wedding of her dreams!

Now time for me to maybe catch up on my blog challenge. I gotta say, it got kind of drab and I think I may pass on finishing it.

February 12, 2013

The start of many, many mores

Today marks 3 years since Billy and I decided to make ourselves "official." I cannot even begin to explain in a single blog how much this boy means to me. He has been by my side through thick, thin, good, terrible, and  everything else in between.

Billy and I met through my roommate and her boyfriend in the Fall of 2009. My friends and I were going out to celebrate my roommate's 21st birthday! We got downtown and met up with some additional friends to continue celebrating. We always loved when Tyler's baseball friends joined us, because they are always hilarious to paint the town with. Everyone hung out, helped check some things off the 21st birthday to-do list, and dance the night away. Closing time came, and it was time to leave. We headed out the door to start making the trek back to the Bellamy. Our apartment was within walking distance, but that didn't mean we wanted to do it in the cold. Luckily, one of Tyler's friends volunteered to give us a ride back home. That's when I actually met Billy for the first time. I really didn't pay much attention to him, besides expressing my sincerest thanks for not having to walk all that way in the frigid air. That was more or less that.. well, besides me threatening to kill him when some of his friends were fighting in the parking lot downstairs too close to my car.

A few weeks later we ran into each other again at one of Brantley's shows, and we proceeded to dance the night away together. I remember him being very confused about how Brantley and I kept making eye contact, smiling, and pointing at me. At the time, he had no idea that I worked with/for him. After it was over, my roommates and I were walking home, and Billy offered us a ride again. The catch was, we had to stop by his apartment to get his truck, in his defense his apartment was in spitting distance of downtown (It's a perk of living in an extremely small college town). I declined, but he did ask for my number so that he could make sure we made it home ok. Little did I know, that that was going to be the very beginning of the rest of my life.

I absolutely adore that boy. He is my perfect complimenting partner. I love the fact that I get to be his biggest fan. Even more, I love the fact that he loves my imperfections. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us on this wild ride, and I hope it turns out to be quite the adventure!

February 9, 2013

31 Days of blogging - Day 10

Day 10

10 songs that you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad




Edwin McCain and the Goo Goo Dolls are always my go to band during "dull" times. PS: I'm a sucker for the mandolin


 Don't judge. 

February 8, 2013

31 Days of Blogging - Day 9

Day 9
Something you're proud of in the past few days

  • Totally impressing the guys I work with with my baseball knowledge
  • making over a week and a half on a single tank of gas. Boom baby!
  • I finally finished Casey's bandanna. Granted, I didn't sew the edges like I had hoped.. who cares?
  • I'm actually keeping up with my blogging routine
  • I found my work badge. (I just knew I had lost it)
  • and most importantly, Billy and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend. I'm taking a hint that he's taking me to my favorite sushi place, Nori Nori, one night :D 

February 7, 2013

31 Days of Blogging - Days 7 & 8

Day 7
A picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

One of the greatest experiences of my life was my "internship" with Lyn. She found me and asked me to come help her with what started out as one show. One show quickly turned into a full blown adventure ranging from photography, to promotion, managing, to down right babysitting some of the musicians. I would not trade any of those sleepless nights, rowdy drunk fan encounters, psycho bar managers, or the just down right strange for anything. She taught me so much about the industry, business, and just life in general. I still feel my heart calling me to go back into the music industry, and I'm honestly just waiting for the right opportunity to knock on my door and I will pack up my bags and be there in a heartbeat. The people that I've had the opportunity to meet and consider my friends as well  the experiences that I've been privileged to be a part of are things I will forever cherish. 

Live at the Plantation - Rachel Farley, Jason Coley, Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford, Luke Bryan
Road Managing for Jason Coley to a sold out house when he opened for Luke Bryan 
 Spending my 21st Birthday with Ken Block and Sister Hazel on their bus after their show
 Filming Brantley's first full production video"Kick it in the sticks" in Athens which would later be on video rotation on CMT
 All the many, many nights and days I spent with this crazy kid ranging from road trips, almost getting arrested, and the "almost" brawls
 watching this sweet boy's albums come together from conversations that turned into songs, which turned into demos, which turned into albums that are now in stores all across the freaking country. It's crazy seeing this kid that I consider a friend on my TV and hearing him on my radio. There is still not a thing I wouldn't do for him. This was actually the night that Modern Day Prodigal's son FIRST hit shelves at Walmart, we went to see it on the shelves for our own eyes and to celebrate everyone's hard work.

Other Artists include by are not limieted to: Jake Owen, Darius Rucker, Jamey Johnson, Bo Bice, The Lacs, Edwin McCain, John Anderson, John Michael Montgomery, Josh Gracin, Nappy Roots, Bubba Sparxx, Justin Moore, Corey Smith, Brian Davis, Daniel Lee Band, Tyler Hammond, Lance Stinson

Day 8
Short term goals for this month and why

  • Open up a bank account specifically designated as a wedding or down payment on a house savings pool
This will give me incentive to not spend the extra money that I manage to put back. If I see money laying around, my mind instantly thinks "oh, I can buy clothes with this" Not a good.
  • File my taxes
If I get it done now, before busy season, I'll be able to ask one of my coworkers to double check it and make sure I get my maximum refund

  • Complete a hard core apartment deep cleaning
I mean, HELLO? 

  • Complete my labsim networking course
I want to brush up some things I studied in college so that I can be better at my job. I know this sounds incredibly nerdy and lame, but I am all of those things and more.

  • Get a hair cut.. maybe even a new style?
So if you have any suggestions, this girl is all ears to something new or different in the hair department

February 6, 2013

Oh how pinteresting Wednesdays

Today I am linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple for Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday, where I share my favorite pins

Let's get started
Also note there is no theme with this week's post.

I love this dress!
Source: eephotome.com via Megan on Pinterest

I love these to pair with Mason Jars at a wedding reception

Source: bhg.com via Megan on Pinterest

Source: imgfave.com via Megan on Pinterest

Love this hair

Atlanta Bucket List

I found this list on pinterest, and have to give credit to Whitney at Sometimes, always, never.. but mostly always I'm going to make it a point to try to finish everything on this list so I'm now living and in this city. Maybe this will make the "So honey, what do you want to do today" conversation wrap up a lot faster. Here are my current standings, and I'll keep you posted as I finish more!

  1. Dahlonega to hike and wine taste
  2. Dogwood Festival    
  3. Grant Park Farmers’ Market
  4. Braves Game
  5. Peachtree Road Race
  6. Triathlon at Lake Lanier    
  7. Serenbe Farm
  8. BBQ at Fat Matt’s 
  9. Breakfast at Ria's Bluebird    
  10. NASCAR/Atlanta Motor Speedway
  11. World of Coke Museum    
  12. Live music at Eddie’s Attic (Decatur)
  13. Six Flags Over GA    
  14. Eat at Antico    
  15. Go to the original Chik Fil A in Hapeville 
  16. Fernbank     
  17. Have Hipster Night Out: The Local – MJQ – El Bar – Majestic (in that order)
  18. Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles
  19. 420 Fest    
  20. Live music at Northside Tavern
  21. Dinner & bocce at Empire State South    
  22. Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
  23. Explore the BeltLine    
  24. Chateau Élan
  25. Atlanta Botanical Garden
  26. Taste of Atlanta
  27. Atlanta Hawks game    
  28. Free Beer Friday at Diesel at 5:37
  29. Concert at Chastain
  30. Concert at Aaron’s Amphitheater
  31. Ann’s Snack Bar
  32. Prohibition
  33. Drive in movie at Starlight
  34. Johnny’s Hideaway
  35. Blast 900
  36. Go to a political debate at Manuel’s Tavern
  37. Atlanta Falcons game    
  38. Georgia Aquarium
  39. Visit Dad’s Garage
  40. Oyster Fest
  41. Volunteer at CHOA
  42. Monster Truck Rally at the Georgia Dome     
  43. Sweetwater on a Friday afternoon    
  44. Sunday beers in the park at Park Tavern
  45. Explore ethnic restaurants you can’t pronounce on Buford Highway
  46. Try the Holeman + Finch burger
  47. Karaoke on Buford Highway    
  48. The Goat Farm    
  49. Hike to the top of Stone Mountain    
  50. Tabletop shuffleboard at Twain’s  
  51. Tuesday nights at Star Bar
  52. Martinis & IMAX
  53. Spend an afternoon at Historic 4th Ward Park
  54. Eat at Vortex (Little Five Points)     
  55. Go to The Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View     
  56. Rocky Horror Picture Show (in costume)
  57. Highland Inn
  58. Brunch at West Egg 
  59. Shoot the Hooch
  60. Ride the Silver Comet Trail
  61. Eat at Waffle House
  62. W rooftop pool    
  63. Feed the duckies at Piedmont Park    
  64. Tailgate for Tech    
  65. Tailgate for UGA   
  66. Brunch at Sun in my Belly    
  67. Decatur Farmers Market     
  68. Ice skate at Park Tavern     
  69. Summerfest in the Highlands    
  70. Southern lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea Room
  71. Go to Flip Burger, Farm Burger and Yeah! Burger (but not in one night) 
  72. Buy something at Paris on Ponce
  73. Scott’s Antique Show     
  74. CNN Center
  75. Falafel King in Emory Village
  76. Picnic in Grant Park and visit to Zoo Atlanta
  77. FlyWheel Atlanta    
  78. Coffee at Octane
  79. Tour Oakland Cemetery
  80. Lucky Fest    
  81. Dinner at TOP FLR
  82. Jewelry making class at Brina Beads
  83. Casual Sunday drive down Tuxedo Road
  84. Darts at Smith’s Olde Bar
  85. Helen, GA Oktoberfest
  86. Late night doughnuts at Krispy Kreme
  87. Eat at One Midtown Kitchen and Two Urban Licks
  88. “I Rocked the Guac” at Rosa Mexicano     
  89. Pumpkin Carving Contest at P’cheen
  90. Screen on the Green
  91. Thrashers game     
  92. Food Truck Park    
  93. King of Pop it
  94. Fireworks at Lenox   
  95. Eat at the Varsity   
  96. Callaway Gardens
  97. Music Midtown
  98. Eat at Woody's
  99. Yum Yum Truck    
  100. Souper Jenny    
  101. Piedmont Park Arts Fest    
  102. Café Jonah    
  103. Yacht Rock
  104. PureBarre    
  105. Dekalb Farmers' Market    
  106. Stone Mountain Laser Show
  107. Ansley Park Playhouse
  108. Governor's Mansion at Christmas
  109. A show at the Fox
  110. Brew at the Zoo
  111. Atlanta History Center 
  112. Hike Sweetwater Creek State Park
  113. Apple picking in north Georgia
  114. Christmas tree lighting at Lenox
  115. Breakfast at White House
  116. Fox Bro's BBQ
  117. Tasting at Red Brick Brewery (forermly ABC)   
  118. HIGH Museum
  119. Improv at Village Theatre
  120. The Glen Hotel Rooftop Bar
  121. Green Market at Piedmont Park    
  122. Dinner at Watershed