April 11, 2013

Happy April 11th

Happy April 11th!!

This is usually my favorite day of the year. Actually, it's the first time since it became my favorite day of the year that it hasn't been the most beautiful, perfect day you could ask for. What's so special about this day you ask, well let me tell you.

April 11, 2006, my best friend from high school, Holly, and I (plus one other person who really doesn't play a key role) piled into her dad's new Mustang GT convertible and went to our neighboring and rival high school to watch another friend in a high school tennis match. We got bored at the match {I mean, hello.. it's tennis. What do you expect?} so we decided to go and drive around town and see what we could find. On our way out, we ran into a guy I had JUST met a few weeks prior, Brian, and we talked to him for a bit and we all talk about potentially hanging out later that afternoon. We go into town and run into other friends whom at the time we barely knew, but this day was about to change all of that. They also came with another set friends, whom at the time were more interested in the car than us.This was the first day of many, many countless days we spent with the guys we met that day. We later formed what we called the Gum Branch Possey, because it was the place we first all hung out that day, and the place we spent many summers and days after school just taking in and enjoying every second of being young, carefree, and fearless.

Brian and Holly were the best of friends after they met. Shortly after we began our freshman year in college, they began dating. They have been together for 5 1/2 years. I'm waiting for his Pharmacy school graduation, because I know that they both will get new things; he'll get a degree, and she'll finally get a ring.

These people made my teenage years the best years that anyone could ask for. These guys and Holly helped bust me out of a shell and into who I am today. They helped me grow. They challenged me. Most importantly, they made me feel alive. For that, I will always consider them the best friends I could ask for. We've all grown up and moved our separate ways. A few are still there, doing the same thing they were doing 7 years ago. That's the downside to small town life--some never get out, and to a degree, there's nothing wrong with that. I wish I could go back and relive the fun we had, but things will never be the same. Even though we can never get it back, I'm still happy knowing at that time we had all we could ever need, and I had the time of my life.

The night we found an abandoned house boat on the lake

My 18th Birthday. Holly forced me to wear that crown most of the day. She always spoiled me on my birthday. I still wouldn't trade her for the world.

One of my favorite days

My last night at home before I moved to college. This picture actually just broke my heart, because I remember us talking that night about how this was the first step of all of us growing up, and how soon we could never come back and things be like they were then. I remember getting out of the car, and Adam, on the right, thanked me for being such a great friend  I said goodbyes and "see you laters" to the two of them. He waved and yelled out the window as they drove off and said "Have fun at college. We'll miss you."

This picture pretty much sums up mine and Zeke's friendship.

The four closest of the bunch.


  1. Yay for April 11th! That's my birthday! :)

    1. What a great day for a birthday! Yay for April birthdays ;) Mine is on the 27th! I hope it was a super day for you!!