May 25, 2012

Annnnnd She's Back!

Well guys, it's official--I'm a big girl!!

Three weeks ago I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and a minor (only 2 electives shy of a double major) in Management. Let me tell you, these past five years have flown by, and I wouldn't trade them for anything else in the world!
Two weeks ago, I began full-time employment at a major accounting firm in Midtown Atlanta. So far I've been more than impressed at how well I've adjusted to the working world. I enjoy my morning commute, I love being so productive all day, and I enjoy the benefits and perks of my job. Initially, I was very reserved about working in the city, but the more I learn my way around, I become more confident that they will soon rename this town after me due to the fact that I will soon take over. :)

I am going to add it to my list of nightly things to do after I get off work to include update the blog. I really, really want to make my blog a new "it" blog. Though, I have no idea what strategic marketing direction I will take it in, but maybe that will be part of what makes it so great--just being a giant mess of good stuff.

So hang on tight, ladies and gents. It's about to be a wild ride! Yee haw!