April 8, 2013

In between

It's spring, or so my calendar tells me. The weather tells me otherwise. My windows are pretty much begging for me to roll them down. My legs are crying out for a little sunshine and maybe a razor too. My closet is also read for the change in season too. With all these weddings, showers, parties, and other occasions filling up my calendar, I'm realizing I need to really, really give my closet a little TLC. 

I've only successfully found one dress for the occasions I have coming up, and this skirt I just couldn't pass up


I buy clothes with the intentions of wearing them till the hem falls out.  So I don't shop for "just a season." The problem I am having now is I am in that awkward stage where I want to start wearing more "mature" clothes, but I'm not ready to give up the clothes specifically my shortie shorts I wore in college. Let me also state, that I've never really been that revealing with my clothes in the first place, nor am I about to start dressing like a grandma. so it's not like I have to change my ways that drastically. I just know my shorts may need to be a bit longer and considering today's direction in fashion, I want my dang midriff covered.

Let's be a little more descriptive of my issue. I am a 5'2 and size 00. I don't think I am fat, I actually think I'm just the right size for my height.
Yes, I eat like a horse, so no comments about my being skinny or I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish.
I like being a pipsqueak, but I hate not being able to find clothes that fit, and I hate not knowing where I should be shopping for my age bracket. You see, I can't yet shop in the women's section because very few things fit me, especially pants. I have had people repeatedly tell me, "your shorts are too short" when proportionally, my shorts come down to just right (give or take) at my fingertips, which is the same place they come to the girl next to me, yet mine are too short? 
Shopping for work clothes is especially exhausting. I have to have ALL my slacks hemmed length and width wise. A majority of my tops are all over sized, because a XSP is still not quite there. 

I want to steer my fashion to a more "mature route" but the only places I find myself lucking up with sizes are boutiques (which I love and it does fit my style wishlist) or the juniors department. Problem with that my selection in the juniors department is cut in half thanks to pieces like these: 

There will be someone that will wear this as pants. WHYYY?! I mean, nobody wants to see that on anyone at any age. Unless you a douche bag with no morals and no respect for yourself or the girl you or eyeing.. but I digress. 
Moral is my story is, I hate shopping. I hate being in the awkward stage where I have a hard time dressing my age without looking like a grandma and without looking like a slore. I know this isn't too hard to achieve, because I see plenty of gorgeous women do it all the time, but I can't pull together an outfit if all the pieces were handed too me in a bag. 

I want to look like this; a cute, classy, young girl that crosses her legs. 

Am I the only one that struggles like this to shop? 

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