July 30, 2010

How about more proof of what a oddball 21 year old I am? Yesterday Billy and I decided to cancel our beach trip I told you about in the previous blog. Due to lack of funds and family obligations. My dad needs someone to come and stay with him while my mom and sister are away for a church trip of sorts. I, oddly enough, and actually humbled and thrilled with this decision.
What a loser!
You know what else it will be? The end of the summer sessions for meeee!

Ok, I'm going to start studying for my Business Statistics Final that I have on Tuesday.

Please recommend some music for me! My iPod is in dire need of a revamping, and I'm at a lack of inspiration or sources for new music. Anything is appreciated, I promise I'll like it!
Tata for now! :)

July 20, 2010

Summer is over and College is calling..

Never in my young life have I ever been so excited about summer coming to an end! 2 more weeks from today, and I will be done with my summer classes, and on the way to Daytona beach with my wonderful boyfriend and 2 of my best friends. I'm just ready to be with Billy again--This distance is killing me.
On another note, I have a new little girl. Her name is Casey. She's a gorgeous lab mix who has completely stolen my heart. She's so smart, well tempered, well behaved, the whole shabang. My mom found her and the rest of her sisters in the woods behind our house. I immediately bonded with her. Luckily, Billy was in the market for a new puppy to go along with his new house. So he
effortlessly found himself a new babygirl.
This is her yesterday at her first vet appointment. The vets were all impressed at how healthy, well behaved, and good looking she was considering her background. She makes me a proud mama. I can't wait for her to be here either.

My summer has pretty much flown by because I had a month that was actually dedicated to summer, then June and July have been consumed by summer classes. So here are a limited couple of pictures from what few summer pictures I have to share! Enjoy!