December 21, 2013

I don't do Christmas

Call me a Grinch, Scrooge, or a bah-hum-bug, but I will never ever ever change my feelings on Christmas.

I don't like Christmas. Quite frankly, I hate Christmas. 

Never have I ever liked Christmas, even as a child. Actually, I know my distaste from Christmas came from how much Christmases sucked when I was little, and the tradition continues.

I know the that Christmas isn't about all of the things I hate it for--the stupid family gatherings, being rushed and guilted to see everyone, buying gifts, never getting the gifts I actually asked for or even wanted, the ugly Christmas lights, tacky Christmas decore, cramming in things we should be doing all year into 1 or 2 weeks time. It's all a load of crock, and I hate every single thing about Christmas. I would just assume go to church on Christmas Eve, celebrate the meaning and purpose of Christmas, and be done with the whole event all together.

I just don't get why people love this time of the year so much. I get angry thinking of all the fake smiles I have to put on, all the disapointed Christmas mornings I had (my parents did the best they could, but that doesn't make it suck any less), all the people expecting me to be here and be there when I don't want to be anywhere but my bed..

I don't decorate my apartment. I don't even own a single decoration. I turn the radio when Christmas music turns on. I am usually able to hide the fact and forget that it's "that time of year" until the weekend before, and I was able to do that again this year. Today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was filled with rage and sadness all at the same time. It's unbelievable that I can feel this way about a single day of the year, especially one that's supposed to be so joyous.

I apologize that these past two posts have been negative rants, I promise next year, after all this garbage is over that I will turn over a new, more positive leaf.

December 20, 2013

Let's talk about driving in Atlanta

If you have ever had to come anywhere near Atlanta or the suburban area during a weekday and especially 5:00, you know that we boarder the gates of hell. Driving in this city can be a absolute nightmare at times. So I've decided to talk about the rules of the road that you should have learned in Driver's Ed and let you know what the person behind you is yelling when he, she, or myself are giving you the middle finger salute.

Let's start with turn signals or blinkers. Blinkers are the most underrated things on cars today besides Bluetooth. I just don't understand why people have such a hard time user time using them. You can take selfies and instagram them while driving, but you can't so much as just give that little turn signal knob a slippy-slappy and let everyone know you're coming in. That being said, if you fail to use your turn signal, the person next to you that used their's has dibs over that break in traffic NOT YOU! If you do proceed into that spot your car is probably too big to fit into anyway, do not, I repeat, DO NOT slam on breaks because you are a sorry, impatient piece of crap and can't wait for a hole big enough for your over-sized SUV to fit into. I'm looking at you mothers of an only child driving a suburbans! 
For those of you gracious enough to use a turn signal, please turn them off once you have gotten to your desired place on the road. There is nothing more frustrating than when I back off to give the car in the next lane over room to move over only to find out it's some grandma to stupid or on her phone to turn the thing off.

If for some reason you are flying into the Atlanta area and you are not renting a car, I pray for you daily. There are no worse drivers on these roads than Taxis and Towncars. If there is any law or unspoken rule about driving, taxi drivers break them daily. I am surprised they are not in more accidents than they are as many times as I've seen them cut across 5 lanes of traffic downtown just to turn around and go back right back to the lane they came from because they didn't realize they needed to be on 75 and not 85. How hard is it guys? You drive this city for a living, you are expected to know where the heck you are, and where you are going. Not to mention they are the worst at my biggest pet peeve of all..

Driving slow in the left lane is an act that should be punished with no less than a near death beating. As I said, Taxi's and towncars are the worst, the third worst offenders are Asians. I just seriously do not understand why people feel the need to drive in the left lane if they cannot even keep up with the flow of traffic. I believe that 40% of our traffic congestion is because of people to oblivious or prideful to move the heck over.

Now my next traffic rant, isn't as relevant anymore, but it still burns me up thinking about it. The number of people who approached the GA 400 Toll Plaza and acted like the beast just snuck up on them is appalling. When you got on the highway, there was a huge sign that said toll. 1 mile before you approached the toll, there was a huge sign that said toll. There was another sign that stated that all peach pass customers keep left, so if you don't have a peach pass.. get over. Just because the peach pass lane was still moving doesn't mean you should stay in it. I can't count the number of times I had to slam on breaks because some Buckhead Betty or Taxi driver was too good to wait their turn in line and would try to go as far as they could in the peach pass lane and cut over in to the tolls. I am surprised my horn will still honk it's been used so many times for that.

However, there is no obstacle more confusing for Atlantan drivers than little drops of precipitation. Even the threat of rain sends this town into complete and utter chaos. True, rain isn't the safest of driving conditions, but slamming on your breaks before you can even distinguish if it is actually rain or the person in front of you cleaning their windshield is completely unnecessary. Am I right, or am I right?! Every single one of you that has driven through Atlanta in the rain knows how "dead stop traffic" is no exaggeration on days like that.

..I could right a post every day on the people that I yell at in my 10 mile commute, I really could. However, I am going to stop with this. Stay tuned for another thrilling edition of "Megan takes on traffic" "Drive or die"

December 9, 2013

An explination of my Hiatus

I've been missing for a while around here. It's not you, it's me. I've just had a hard time getting into the swing of blogging lately..

Initially, it was because I had nothing of any value to write about--Nothing worth sharing, nothing I should share. Then I realized, I could post some ridiculous day of the week themed post or a "10 reasons..", but that takes half the point out of my blog. I want to blog about my life experiences and changes, not just fill pages with meaningless babble. I want good, relative content that I can use as a yearbook of my world. Quality of Quantity if you will..

Another reason of my hiatus was because I have found a lot of pressure to "keep up with the jones'" when I have to make my own content.
I need a good post? I guess I have to go out this weekend.
I need a good instagram picture! I guess I'll have to go get starbucks. Wait, I don't even like coffee!
I like that blogging encourages me to get out of my lair, but sometimes it's just not in the cards.

Some of you can relate, I'm sure. I know no one directly says "You gotta look/be your best," but let's face it, you feel like you do. The same goes for blogging. When I read through my news or instagram feeds, I see all these fun nights out, fab outfits, great dinners, ect ect... homegirl can't always do that!
My boyfirend lives almost an hour way and works afternoons/nights at the baseball field in a town even further away. We see each other 2 or 3 times a week MAX! We aren't engaged (much to my displeasure) So there are no wedding plans to recap or divulge. We are well out of that honeymoon stage, so dates consist of boring things like Five Guys.
I have an obscene amount of student loans from putting myself through college. After those are paid, I have very little play money every paycheck to do much with. I like to dress cute. I like to do fun things, but it gets hard on a budget and by yourself to do fun things besides bonding with netflix.

So sometimes, I find it's just better for me to just be silent in the blog world. Hopefully as the holidays start getting into full-force, I'll have better things to share, but for now I just wanted to say I missed you all and I'm sorry I'm a boring person.