April 23, 2013

outfit of the day

Today I wanted to share with you my nifty little necklace that I won from on a giveaway sweet Meredith's blog Belle in Boots sponsored by A Belle Boutique. Isn't it adorable? I feel like never win anything, so I was so excited to hear that I was the lucky duck that got to receive this little number in her mailbox! 

I paired it with the dress I told you about recently. If you know anything about me, you know that I suck at throwing together outfits {unless a mannequin just so happened to be rocking that entire ensemble in the store} so It was easiest {and probably best looking} just to wear it with a simple a-line dress. 

PS: Don't judge: 1.) This picture was taken at 7am so I still had my sleepy eyes on. 2.) I was taking this in a back hallway at work so that none of my coworkers would pass judgement, so the lighting is sub par.

A-Line Bowfront Dress - Lily Boutique - $40 - Here
White Wedges - Payless Fall 2012- $19 -  Similiar
Layered Beaded Necklace - A Belle Boutique - $29 Here