September 30, 2013

My Fall wishlist

Since my weekend was a repeat of every other weekend (baseball and netflix) with a spontaneous trip for a massage, I'll spare you rather drab details. Instead, let's talk about all the things I'm am drooling over for this fall season.

Monogrammed Half-Zip pull over
Can someone please direct Billy's attention to this. Pretty please! I'm thinking Navy.

A puffer vest for layers

Over-sized Sweaters to pair with riding or cowboy boots

An adorable pair of boot cuffs or socks

Scarves. Scarves. Scarves!
What is on your fall must-have list? I gotta know!

September 24, 2013

Blogtember - A review of my current favorite album

Review a book, place, or product.

It's no secret around these parts that my first love and obsession is music. I cannot get enough new music loaded on to my ipod quick enough. I was that go-to friend for all the best mix cds in high school. Those that know me personally can attest to that. That being said,  et me tell you about my latest obsession, Sundy Best. You've heard me rave about these guys before, but let me reiterate my love for them. 

Back in March, I went out with some friends to see Cody Canada at one of our favorite go-to bars in Buckhead. I am a stickler to showing up to the show on time--never will I ever arrive late for a musical event. EVER! So I was kicking everyone out the door making sure we didn't miss a single song. I wasn't intending on getting there for the opener, but thank god we did! 

We, the two music obsessed people in the group, were in awe of how good these two were. It was weird. It was a kind of awe that snuck up on you. At first it was just another opener band, then the more I listened, the more I loved. We purchased the cd, and it hasn't left my car since. Billy has gotten so tired of me playing it, but he still ends up requesting to hear songs. 

Sundy best consists of two Kentucky natives,  Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson. Though they are most definitely country, I describe their sound further as very folk and bluegrass influenced. Listening to their album makes me so nostalgic for home. Though they are singing about their Old Kentucky Home it takes me right back being a child in the foothills of Northeast Georgia. It's the soundtrack those back country roads and the highways up through the mountains. These are a few of their songs that you might just like..

This one is Billy's personal favorite. 

I admit, they're not for everyone. They're not your run-of-the-mill country stars of today. They're different, and in the best way possible. It's a refreshing kind of different. With more exposure, I see them gaining a lot of popularity over the next few years. They have that "thing I can't quite put my finger on," which is what I usually end up saying describe the artists that have that sparkle I think needed to be a successful musician. I really hope all of you love them as much as I do. 

September 20, 2013

Blogtember - A reaction/finding comfort

React to this term: comfort. 

This is a word that I have been mulling over long before I saw this was the challenge topic for the day. I've been doing a little soul searching over the last week about where I can find comfort--where my heart feels at home. 

There are a lot of things that may potentially change in the near future in my world. Some of those changes may be drastic, some of those just a little change. That uncertainty is leaving me pretty uneasy. 

When I go back to the place I used to call home, it's still the place where I grew up, but I don't see myself making it home again. I see what they mean when they say you can't go home again, but that's another blog for another day.

Now I'm here in a city where I've been for slightly over a year. When I moved into this apartment, I knew I wouldn't be here long. Initially I thought I'd soon move to the 'burbs where I imagined our future would start. I've began putting down roots here. I've since began envisioning my future coming to life. I've found comfort here, in this idea that this was the beginning of our forever.

This week, the idea of me moving to my dream city, the place where I always wanted to be, was indirectly hinted to me. Billy always told me, if I was ever given the opportunity to make my dream come true, not to hesitate. He said he'd follow me there, or anywhere else I'd decide to go.  Exciting, right? Why cant I explain this knot in my throat I've had since I was "given news I don't know about yet."

Now I'm having this internal battle in my head between comfort and dreams. My heart has always lead me to the city where I could potentially soon call home. My head doesn't want to leave the friends I've made here or the opportunities we've laid for ourselves. However, there's no excuse why I can't find comfort after a brief change. On the other hand, who is to say that I will? 

I'm sorry for being somewhat cryptic now. I don't even know if anything is actually going to change, or if I'm going to be presented this offer "i don't know about, but will receive soon." I promise I'll elaborate soon. Stay tuned. 

September 19, 2013

The Newlywed game: Dating edition

Let's try a twist on the classic favorite, the newlywed game. Let's see how well Billiam and I know each other and our relationship after 3 and a half lovely years of dating. I sent him a series of questions that I was also answering myself. Let's see how long he's going to be in the dog house..

Queue the game show music, Let's playyyyyy  the "Not so Newlywed game"

What was the first meal your significant other cooked for you?
Billy: Spaghetti
Megan: He cooked some weird chicken and Parmesan potatoes. He also talked up the menu via text when he told me there was spinach dip. I got there and it was just some frozen spinach dip. Total let down. 
Not our first dinner, but he has gotten better since his first attempt
Who is the safer driver?
Billy: Definitely me
Megan: I have a MUCH better driving record, but people just don't think I'm capable. I'm telling you, I got this. 

What was the first movie you saw together?
Billy: I believe it was Shrek 3
Megan: Good Will Hunting

Share the details of your first date? (When, where, what was the other wearing, conversation)
Billy: Our first "date" was her coming over to participate in movie night. Our first official date other than just hanging out was at Pickle Barrel.
Megan: We went to Pickle Barrel on a Thursday night in January. I remember that because it was trivia night. I had on my pink boots. We sat by the windows and played trivia along with the "find the item" game on our table. 

The infamous pink boots
If you could have the other take over what household chore, which would you and they choose and why
Billy: I don't think I understand the question...but dishes
Megan: I'd let him take over laundry. He'd want me to take over cleaning the bathroom. 

Where did you share your first kiss?
Billy: My apartment
Megan: Billys couch in his apartment on the 3rd time we hung out. 

Who is better at pinching pennies?
Billy: Megan
Megan: Him. I can get a deal,  but I always end up shopping with the money I saved. Billy is just good at going straight home after work and not spending a dime. 

What celeb does the other most resemble?
Billy: I have no idea
Megan: Perez Hilton

Who made the 1st move?
Billy: I guess I did
Megan: I think he did?

How did you first meet?
Billy: She threatened to kill me if I touched her car
Megan: He gave my roommates and I ride home from downtown one night. I later told him I was going to murder him. We ran into each other a few weeks later at a show. He totally crushed my game and stopped the free drinks I had rolling in from the nice boy that night. He offered to give us a ride home again. I politely declined, but gave him my number instead. 

What was your first fight about?
Billy: Me being gone to much
Megan: Likely to be something about baseball. We have only had like two fights.. pretty sure both baseball related. 

Who gets the last word?
Billy: definitely not me
Megan: I get the last word on everything but one topic

Which one is the clumsiest?
Billy: definitely not me
Megan: I am more graceful than him, that's for sure.

I shouldn't be surprised he remembers as much as he did. He's so good at the little things, even when I don't think he's paying attention. For the record, I am totally not a clutz!

September 18, 2013

May the re-decorating commence.

I'm sorry for the brief hiatus. I've been swamped at work, and when I get home I don't even want to think about touching a computer. However, I missed you all--I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

What's new in my world? I did a lot of rearranging of my apartment. I got some new furniture and therefore had to rearrange the old. I decided to set up a desk area that I could actually use for my after-hours work and, more importantly, my blogging. I've done nothing to dress it up yet, but this is something just to show my progress. This little nook is in the corner of my dinning area. It's the perfect size and location for my desk that I had shoved in a corner, not being utilized in my bedroom.

So now I I am officially beginning the process of slowly redecorating my bedroom. However, that hopefully will be halted soon, because I'll start dedicating all extra funds to the "Change Megan's last name" account. I have finally decided on a color scheme for the room that I want to run with: Coral, turquoise, with Navy accents.

I love this bedroom. I've realized I have a slight obsession with quatrefoil. I'm just afraid what a puppy and sweaty boy would do to this pretty white bedding. How easy is it to keep white white?
That being said, I have to decide between a duvet or comforter. Opinions/experience with that anyone? I've only ever had comforters, so I wouldn't know.

I'm also envisioning a coral comforter, turquoise/light blue sheets, with navy maybe in the throw pillows and wall accents? I'm also going to paint my dresser the same shade of turquoise to throw in a pop of color too!

I'm excited about getting rid of all my pink/green stuff, and feeling really good about transitioning into big girl colors and a more modern style. What do you think

September 12, 2013

Easy, Cheap DIY Burlee

I love burlees (burlap door hangers). They're always a lot of fun to make. Not to mention, they're cheap to boot! I decided to make a baseball wreath in commemoration of the Braves' inevitable play off run coming up soon. It's gonna happen.. it better happen! Let's get started..

All you'll need to complete this project is:

Acrylic Paint
A Hot Glue Gun
Something to paint with
Old grocery bags
Ribbon or Wire

Start by sketching out the shape you want for your hanging to be on the newspaper. I highly recommend using newspaper before you start chopping away willy-nilly on your fabric. I also don't recommend drawing on the fabric until you know EXACTLY what you want, because the colors you traced can and will bleed through. Trust me.

You can Google for TONS of ideas for designs for these babies! The possibilities are endless.

I wanted a baseball, so getting a circle wasn't too hard. I didn't have anything big enough to trace, so I cut about 10 inches of twine out and used it to draw a circle. I thought I was a genius for having a 10 grade geometry flash back to come up with that idea. If you plan on having a hanging be a mirror image both sides, I've seen where people recommend sketching out your shape out along the crease, so you can just unfold and it will be symmetrical. 

Anyone need Clinique makeup? I see Dillard's is giving away bonus bags!

Ta DA! Easiest, best looking circle I've ever drawn in my life! Now that that's done, you can place the news paper on your burlap and go to town. I've found it easy if you pin down the newspaper to the burlap with staples or pins, but that's totally your call depending on how comfortable you are.

After cutting out your shape, begin hot gluing around the outside corners of your creation. I've sewn these before in the past, but I've found it quicker and my sewing machine thanks me when I just use hot glue. Be sure to leave a small opening so that you can stuff it later. 

Since I was doing the Braves A, I knew I wouldn't get it on the first shot--especially if I was free handing. Here's a good example of why it's a good idea to trace out your idea before you start pretending you are Picasso. You see it took me a few times to get it right..

I generally trace in a relatively fine point marker with a really light tone to it so that it doesn't bleed through too much. I did the A in blue this time so that you could see it, and I was going to be painting it blue anyway so it's a win-win.

After you are ready with your design, get to painting!! Make sure you let each color dry before continuing on to the next. I know that's pretty obvious, but someone will thank me.. kind of like I would have been thanking them the first time I tried it.

It's starting to look like a baseball! I used to different shades of red so that the seams and the A wouldn't clash. I used a bright red for the seams, and a crimson red for the A itself in case anyone is planning on recreating this exact one themselves. It usually takes about two coats of paint, so don't bust your butt too hard when you see the brown burlap showing through.. It happens. 

Once everything is dry, you can stuff with the plastic bags until it reaches your desired thickness, and then finish sealing off the edges with hot glue. If you have an issue with your two sides sticking together, you can sometimes use a ruler to help pry sides apart.  A lot of people use wire to hang theirs. Personally, I'm too cheap and I never know exactly the right gauge to buy, so I just use ribbon. It hasn't failed me yet! I found a yard for $1 at Michael's!

Now hang, enjoy, and tomahawk chop our braves into the playoffs! Let's go bravos!

Blogtember - Blogging made me doing it..

Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use this gif
Since I've began taking blogging more seriously than I had before, I've found myself being more open. More than ever, I've found myself looking into to try new things, because I know they'd be great material to share with all of you. Unfortunately for you, I sometimes forget to take pictures to make my posts useful or even worth reading so I never really share them with you, but the fact is that I have stepped outside my every day norm. I've loved all the new places and things I am finding in my new city. Likewise, I've also found myself being more open to new products that all of you recommend. Before, I had my stuff and I was sticking to it, Now I love the products I've tried because some of you said it was worth the switch.

Another one of my favorite things that blogging, in particular, has changed me is how it has caused me to get out and do something with myself rather than rot in my apartment after my work is done. I will get out and be social, get a good project under my belt, try a new restaurant, in order to have something good to talk about/make myself seem more cool than I really am. I'll get out and see my friends, because cool kids have friends. Nobody likes to read blogs of lame people, obviously.. 

Blogging has also made me start taking more pictures again, which you probably wouldn't believe based on the number of camera phone pictures I share. Regardless, I'm still taking more than I was taking around the time I started blogging and I am capturing memories again. I love looking through old pictures, and I haven't had many in recent months to a year, but I'm catching back up. 

However, my favorite thing about blogging would be the amount of confidence it has given me knowing that people like what they read, or at least pretend to. I know when I go out anda bout that not a single soul that I run into on a daily basis reads my blog nor cares that I do blog, but somehow it still makes me really happy. You know, the new panties kind of happy--It just gives you a little extra self confidence, even though no one else knows you just jumped on the 5 for $25 deal at VS. It's such a weird feeling to explain, but I'm sure you all can relate too. 

September 11, 2013

Blogtember - My Favorite Online Shops

Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

It's no secret that I am a sucker for a great boutique! I have a interests list set up on my facebook so that I can keep all of my favorites under one roof! 

I've gotten a few dresses from Lily. I have never been disappointed! If you follow me on instagram, you saw the dress I recently won from them. I received this dress in a beautiful jade/teal color. It's great for the office with a cardigan, but also fab for a date night! They have tons of dresses that transition well from work to play. And just dresses that are perfect for play as well ;)

This place is INCREDIBLE for accessories!  You can find anything from necklaces, earrings, braclets, to scarves and other nick nacks! Not to mention most items start for under $5! How perfect is this necklace? It's only 11.95! Holy steal, batman! Items are sold in flash sale style. They're only up for a limited amount of time, so you have to check back often to see all the new pretties. 

 Every Athens girl knows this is the place to shop! They always have the most adorable styles, and their humongous inventory means there is always something for everybody.  They have the best game day dresses if you are in the market for one (or a few).  This is one of my go to places!  I can never go home without stopping into the store to see what goodies they have on the racks.   This dress is a killer! Then again, Lauren makes everything she wears look like a ten!

If I were to describe Blue Door in one word, it would be amazing. I don't use that word often, so you know it's just that good. If I were to pick my favorite items in my closet, 75% of them would have came from Blue Door! I kid you not! I love. love. LOVE them!  I got this top there earlier this Summer. My friends probably think this is the only shirt I wear, because I don't think I ever take it off.

Here are some of my other favorites that I have book marked and I find myself constantly perusing: The Mint Julep Boutique, Blake and Brandy, UOI, Dress Up, Hope's, Cheeky Peach,  and Impressions.  

September 9, 2013

The Gordon Reunion Tour

Friday Billy and I loaded up and headed south to Macon to meet my besties for dinner at our favorite middle Georgia Mexican restaurant, Magaritas. We swoon over their house special so we eat there any chance we get! I cannot talk enough about how good their sangrias are! Delish! We laughed and reminisced and later made some new memories when we went out for First Friday where Billy and I dominated everyone in corn hole! Funny how quick I've became good at that game :)

Please excuse this horrible picture of me.

Saturday, Billy got up bright and early to head to his baseball scrimmage/showcase/camp whatever it was. I spent the day with the girls just hanging out and while they all watched football. After I ran out of candy crush lives, I was the one that wouldn't stop talking through the entire game. So what? They knew what they were in for. 

Sunday, I went to watch Billy's travel ball team play against my former juco! It was so nostaligic to be back to the place where I spent 2 of the best years of my life. That town may be itty bitty, but it was home to some of the biggest memories and parts of my life.

Between batting practice and the game, I went and met my "god parents" for lunch. There are no words to describe what these two precious people mean to me. They were honestly sent from god to watch out for us during our first years on our own. Their house was our escape and our home away from home in every sense of the word while we were in school. When I was sick, Mama Dee made sure I had chicken noodle soup and a doctor. When I was stranded on the side of the road, Papa Parrot was the one who came in the middle of the night to save me. I used to eat lunch with them every Sunday afternoon back when I lived near by, and we got to continue the tradition this Sunday! It was so great getting to catch up with them and knowing they are still as happy as ever.

It's so hard to go back to the real world and work after having weekends with people that mean so much to you knowing they are far away again. I am going to have to make more trips down to see them in the future. After this weekend, I realized I can't stay away this long again!

Blogtember - Personality Test

Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

I actually had to take this test SEVERAL times in college. So many times in fact, that I should have memorized my results, but I've always felt my answers were pretty spot on. Except I don't feel like I judge others.. at least I don't like to think I do.

Extravert(44%)  Sensing(25%)  Feeling(38%)  Judging(33%)
  • You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (44%)
  • You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (25%)
  • You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)
  • You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%)

I love to be surrounded by people. I love alone time, but I enjoy being social any time I'm given the opprotunity. Another characteristic of ESFJ's is that they enjoy being in charge. Yahtzee! I can never sit back and let others have control for long. It's a horrible flaw of mine. It's not that I can do it better, I just feel like I need to help. This makes others like me though, because I am always willing to pitch in and help!

Apparently myself and every other ESFJ's wear their heart on sleeve. You never have to worry about what I am thinking, I am a very wide open book. I cannot hide my emotions even if I try. ESFJ's get their feelings hurt easily. I, on the other hand, do not. I very rarely take things to heart and let a lot of things roll off my back like it was nothing. 

"ESFJ's are care takers and constantly sense danger all around" I can attest that I always see the oppotunity for something to go wrong. I was never the girl you wanted to go out with, because I was always afraid of someone getting lost, someone getting arrested, or some other crazy scheme I could come up with my head. My friends must have really loved me. I was quite the mother goose and always made sure everyone was accounted for. That being said, I don't care about germs, speed limits, or spiders. 

September 6, 2013

Blogtember - The time I was very afraid

A story about a time you were very afraid.

February 3, 2002

..was the scariest night of my life. I was in 7th grade, and my dad had just started a new job working a late security shift at a local plant. He had only been on the job maybe a month. We had just went to bed about 30 minutes before the phone rang. Our phone never rang past 9:00, so it was a little bizaarr. My mother answered the phone, and was very cool and calm throughout the entire conversation, but you can also tell she was a bit distraught. My mother can handle pressure like a champ. She hung up and told us to get up very quickly and pack a bag that my aunt would be there shortly to pick us up. Uh, Mom?  She finally told us that they were rushing my dad to the ER. He had had a heart attack and collapsed at work. 

As a middle schooler, that  rocked my world. We knew nothing more than he was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in Athens. My mind raced, and of course expected the worst. My uncle pulled up in the drive way, my mother was still handling the situation like it was a routine.  He of course asked if we were okay, and at the time, I was still not quite sure how I was doing. We drove the rest of the way to their house in silence. I got out and went straight to the bedroom and cried, and cried, and cried. If only there were a way to count the tears that I shed that night. I had no idea till a few hours later how he was doing or if he was even alive. Of course my 12 year old self assumed the worst. 

I was horrified of what may happen to him. My dad was my rock, and my hero. There wasn't a thing that he could do that could make me love him any less. 
I know you can hardly see him, but I have very few pictures of him here
Luckily, my dad was able to come home a few surgeries and days later. Our lives drastically changed after that night in more ways than one. We've had a few scares since--more heart attacks, 2 strokes, and a near death episode of food poisoning, but none compared to how I felt as a frail little girl just wanting her daddy to be okay and to come home. I could not imagine where I would be today without that man if something would have happened to him. I consider myself blessed that I was able to see him walk away, many do not get the opportunity to see their loved ones again. I counted my blessings twice that day and from there on out. 

September 5, 2013

My favorite thing about Dragoncon

Okay, confession. I have never been to Dragoncon, nor do I have any desire to ever go. For those of you giving me this face:

Dragoncon is the world's largest sifi convention held annually in Atlanta. Everyone dresses up as their favorite characters, there's a parade, there are meet and greats, ect. ect. Gamer/Nerd's dream! Even though I have never partook in the celebrationnnn.. is that the right word? I still see the beauty and reap the benefits that the event has to offer:

The Craigslist Missed Connections!
You'rr welcome.

I love these. I don't know why. I think it's the costume and the elaborate descriptions to help find the lost ones. If you didn't smile or laugh, you should seriously reevaluate yourself.

Seriously though, hope they find who they are looking for.

Blogtember - The best advice I've ever be given

Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

Never take life for granted.
Take Chances.
Never let an opportunity pass you buy.
Live in the moment and take every ounce of those moments in.
All the while, never lose your sense of wonder.

The best advice I was ever given came from a song. Cliche, I know. When I was in middle school, I heard "The Dance" for the first time. It stopped me dead in my tracks, as it still does to this very day. No matter how many times I've listened to it over the years, I continue to get chills. I think it's safe to assume you've all heard this song. If not, I'm sorry your life sucks. 

To put it simply, the song is about how even though things have to come to and end and things might hurt, it's no reason not to get out there and enjoy the time we have while we have it. We should live without fear and reservation. Instead, get out there and learn to dance, dance like you don't have a care in the world. Take in every spin, celebrate the changing melodies, and don't worry about when or how the song will end. 

September 4, 2013

Blogtember - My hypothetical sabbatical

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

I dream of taking time off of work to just make my soul happy. I guess since this is all hypothetical, money is not an option, right? That would leave lots of time and money to do a lot of traveling and adventure seeking.

Therefore, on my three months off, I would start making some serious work on my bucket list!

September 3, 2013

Blogtember - Where I come from

Some of your probably remember the Blog Everyday in May challenge. Well I have decided to pick up it's new sister challenge, blogtember. It's the same idea--we are given a predetermined topic to write on each day. I am determined that I am going to finish each topic. So determined, in fact, that I am already going ahead and scheduling them throughout the month. That is so unlike me, but maybe it will be good for getting me into the habit! So here we go with day one!

Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I grew up in a tiny town in Northeast Georgia--best described as about halfway between Clemson and Athens. You have probably never heard of Elberton before unless you are from that area. The only thing we have going for ourselves is our dying granite industry. Growing up, I was probably one of the few friends I ever had that actually said, "I wouldn't mind living here." After moving off to college, meeting new people, and learning that there was life outside my small town, I cannot stand to go back. 
Don't get me wrong, I miss small town life, just not life in my small town. 

The best and worst parts of growing up where I did, was the fact that everyone knew everybody. Being a teenager in a small town, you could never do anything without your parents finding out about it. Somehow someone will find out and let your parents know. I was never a wild child, but my parents seemed to always disapprove of everything if it didn't involve me in church. My first job, for example, my family was up in arms over it, because they served beer. It was going to be sending me straight to hell, I tell ya.

On the other hand, everyone knowing everybody sure did have it's perks. It was nice to be able to always count on having someone around that you knew. To this day, I cannot go to a store back home where I don't know a single person. Whenever you are down and out, you can always count on having many someones rally around you bringing you up and making sure that you know you are not alone.

I hope the other topics will be better than this one. I am totally not feeling my creative juices flowing at all this morning. I'm sorry :(

September 2, 2013

"Chillin' it" on Labor Day Weekend

Let me start by saying that Labor Day is my second favorite holiday of the year. True story. It's a day off from work to do whatever I please. I'm not obligated to do "family" stuff. If I want to be a bum, I can be. If I want to be a gypsy for the weekend, then gosh darn it I will, and I did just that!

Friday night we finally got to use the tickets I've had stuck on the refrigerator for about a month now. We went to see Cole Swindell. Now, if you have never heard of Mr. Swindell, I suggest you go ahead and get your youtube on right now. He is high on my list of favorites right now, and pretty soon you'll all love him too. He has already made a name for himself from being on last year's farm tour and as a songwriter, and most recently as the newest member of the Warner Brother's label.. We met up with Billy's best friend and we headed down to Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead for the parking lot party. This was the first one that I've ever known of them having, and it was a ton of fun. I hope they have more events like this in the future! We had a complete and total blast. I loved seeing all of my favorite friends and the awesome, crazy friend "DJ Rock" or whatever he will be answering to on the Farm Tour this fall!

Look at Billy sporting his Peach State Pride gear! We ran into our friend and owner of the company, Derek,  at the show and he got us hooked up. You've heard me rave about this company before here

Admit it, you just danced a bit.

Billy and I had a bet before we left that somebody we knew or were fans of was going to make a "special" appearance. I won when Craig Kimbrel and Chris Johnson decided to show up after their win against the Marlins to help out with Cole's current radio single and Johnson's walkout song, "Chillin" it!!

Kimrbel is in the dead center in white and Johnson is on the far left in crimson

I swear that is NOT me singing, so don't start judging me as if it was. 

On our way out, we spied pretty much the rest of the braves roster and Chipper! Who came out after the game for the show too. That was a cool moment, until Brian McCann big leagued me after we almost ran into each other. I think he knows I think David Ross deserved his job. Billy says it was because I was standing in between a man who likes beer and his beer, which could also be true.. but I digress.

Saturday morning I went to my parents to spend the day. It was weird being back home. It was the first time I had really spent time there in months. Everything stays the same there--not even a new coat of paint or a pressure wash. It's sad seeing my little town go to crap. I spent the day around the house. Sunday morning I went and spent part of the morning and had lunch with my grandparents. I love hearing old stories of when my grandma was little and how things used to be. It makes me long for simpler days and small town life again. 

After lunch, I started my journey back to Atlanta. I decided to take back roads to get to the interstate, but about the time I was supposed to be veering on to the ramp to head south, my wheel kept going straight. I realized that I was only 30 mins away from Billy's game that day, so I couldn't help but keep heading north. My heart was too happy to leave the roads that made me feel so free, so a little detour was going to fit well into the plans I was making for myself that day. A short Sunday drive later, I found myself surprising Billy at his game! It was fun seeing the surprised look on his face when I walked up, because he honestly had no idea I was coming. But hey, I figure if i'm in the neighborhood with no plans, I might as well!

After the game, I found myself on another detour I hadn't planned on taking.  This time it was to the cabin to spend labor day in Blue Ridge! Definitely not what I thought I was going to be doing when I woke up that day, but I love being able to fly by the seat of my pants when life allows it. The best part of that trip, we got to take one of my favorite scenic routes there right at sunset. I wish I would have been able to snap a good picture of the pinks and purples that the clouds made as we came across the ridge in Dahlonega! We found our way to the cabin just in time to enjoy the last hundred laps of the race. We sound like such rednecks.

Today we enjoyed a day without any labor whatsoever. I slept in past 5:00! Now that is what a call a good day. We just spent the day doing a little bit of nothing worth talking about. Here was our view on our way to grab lunch! Gorgeous, huh? I love it there. I can't get enough of the mountains. It just makes my soul feel like it's home. 

Now it's back to work tomorrow, but on the upside, who doesn't love a good 4 day week?