August 5, 2008

The other night I had the TIME OF MY LIFE at the Jason Coley concert. I've been doing everything I possibly could to help promote this show in order to get a Jason's name out in and around the streets of Athens. Wearing Tshirts, passing out handies and keychains to random customers, putting up posters in and around Athens, and of course polluting everyone's myspace pages with Jason's pictures..
I was a little dissapointed to say the least with the turn out.. I did a lot and not many people showed. Actually, most of the people that did show were friends and family and then my small group of friends.
I had a great time none the less. Jason, Chris, and the rest of Jason's entourage were incredibly kind and wonderful people. I was excited to see Brantley Gilbert showed up, and even more excited to finally meet Chris.
My lucky butt got drug up on stage by Jason during "Come a little closer" for a dance. While I was up there, he told me thank you again for everything I did to help out for that show. He is a total sweetheart, and considering how thankful he was I really didn't mind all the work I had put in after all. I really want to catch them again soon.. sooner than what I had originally assumed.
So definately check these talented guys out!!
They put on a Jam Packed GREAT show! Love Love LOVED it!!

You've lost that lovin' feeling