May 30, 2013

Update: David's Bridal debacle

Last week I told you all about the horrible expereince we are having with our bridesmaids dresses for my roommate's upcoming wedding. Long story short, they were telling us our dresses were no longer going to arrive before the wedding. Sorry, David, that's not okay.

After spending quite some time on the phone with the corporate office one afternoon, they gave us a few options.. 1.) keep the original dress, which they promised it would be in the store the week before the wedding, a partial refund, and wave the fee for rushed alterations 2.) we could switch the dress to a different color, and they would ensure the dresses would arrive in the store within a week, a slightly smaller partial refund, and also they would wave the fee for rushed alterations

Amanda, the bride, luckily had time last week to go to a store and make a decision. Because she likes to get things done immediately, she chose to change the dress to a slightly different shade of pink. Honestly, you can't tell the difference, but don't tell anyone at David's bridal we said that we were okay with the change. I still like for them to think we are not happy with them.

Today, my dress was supposed to be in my local store. I called, they said my dress wasn't there. Deja vu much? My dress was in a ware house processing, she told me. No, my dress was being shipped from a store an hour and a half away. Last I checked, there was no warehouse between point a and point b, and what sort of processing needed to be done? Stick that puppy in a bag and ups that thing here! I asked her to double check my account, and her inventory. Alas, she found it. Thank you, m'am! I would have hated to show my unlady like side today. Luckily, the alterations department had an opening come open literally in enough time for me to make it from my office to the dress shop, so I rushed over as quickly as I could so we could get this show on the road.

I was fitted for my dress, which is having to be taken down an entire size, because the dress isn't offered in the size I need it in. The seamstress was so sweet! She was a breath of fresh air from the smothering experience we have had thus far. I was given my refund which went to offset the cost of alterations, and I was told that they wouldn't need to rush it, as it would be here on time regardless.

So now, we wait. I am hopeful everything comes out okay and it will be ready after the initial fitting. I've never had an issue before with having things altered, so I hope the streak continues.

Snaps for finally getting this all resolved.. or pretty much resolved.

May 27, 2013

My weekend, in a nutshell

Friday - 
We were released early from work so I was able to meet my boy at the baseball field for a pre-game picnic with him and my favorite little girl, Casey.
The boys of Summer are back!!
It was the first game of the Summer season, and it was at one of my favorite fields for them to play at, because the field holds a special meaning for me, as it is built in memory of one of my friend's mother who passed when we were in elementary school together. It was great to be back at the ball park!

I swear I couldn't love anyone or anything more than I love this gorgeous girl 

Saturday -
Saturday I had a few errands to run, such as getting my oil changed and tires rotated.
After that was all up, I went to the burbs to celebrate one of my closest friend's graduation from Georgia Tech! Next she is headed to law school! I'm already jealous of the money she's going to be making one day and the super hot husband she's going to snag for herself. 
Obviously, this is not from the party, but I suck at taking pictures to document with these days.

Sunday -
I am proud to say that I spent the ENTIRE day obsessing over Revenge. I just picked it up this week and finished the whole first season over the weekend. I would have finished it sooner had I not had been trying to be a social butterfly. If you have not watched this yet, I can tell solely by that, that your life sucks. Do something about it. 

Monday - 
I spent my Memorial day off, basking in the sun enjoying America's favorite past time, baseball. Surprise, surprise! I wanted to get some sun, and the fields were puppy friendly so I couldn't resist. Plus, if that's how I get to see my boy, I'll take it anyway I can, I suppose. We had two games today in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, so I felt right at home. Also, the weather was phenomenal!! Seriously, you couldn't have dreamed of a better day! I also got to visit the grave site of an old friend.. maybe I'll get the chance to tell you about him later. {okay, that's two comments about dead people in one post. what is up with me?! I swear I am normal, people.}
The boys look like they are in for a great summer on the diamond, and I've enjoyed meeting their families this first weekend. Right now, for once, I am excited about it being summer ball season.

notice my adorable pup in her natural habitat, the baseball field. I swear that dog was made to be a bleacher dog/baseball orphan.

If you know much about me, you know that my heart overflows with patriotism. Anything red, white, and blue fills me with joy, pride, and thankfulness. There are no words to express how proud I am to be an American and to be able to be a part of such a tremendous nation. Likewise, there is no way to explain how thankful I am for the valiant men and women who scarified  any and/or everything so that we can live freely, without fear, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Thank you, soldiers. 

May 26, 2013

Sunday Social

1. What is your best summer memory as a kid?
I would spend every summer  day with my grandparents. I would spend hours on hours playing on their farm. I could never get enough, as soon as the dew dried, I was out that door getting into something. 
After I got old enough to drive, I spent my summers on the lake with my friends, just soaking up the sun and what it felt like to be young and the only worry you had was not being able to check your myspace page until you got back home that night. (oooh technology..) That summer was absolutely magical. I want to be that fearless girl forever. 

2. What is your favorite summer drink?
Hands down, fresh squeezed lemonade. If it's strawberry lemonade, then it's even better. I'm not talking about that powdered, add water mess. I'm talking about squeezing/juicing them about a dozen freshly ripened lemons yourself. It is just a taste I associate with summer. So, so good!

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?
Real house wives of OC, Bachelorette.. I don't really know if I watch that much tv in the summer now that I think about it. 

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?
I love going to concerts most of all. I also love floating down the river, spending as much time at the cabin as possible, and following Billy around to his baseball games.

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?
Sunglasses, bikini, nike shorts, hair ties, baseball caps, sticky bra

Sunday Social

May Cara Box Reveal

This month, I was so excited to be paired up with my California girl, Sonya, from Sea Salt and Caramel. She's a San Francisco girl born and raised, but has European roots that run deep. She's a gorgeous, sweet girl with quite and eye for fashion! I've loved getting to know her this month! She pulled together such a great box for me! I was beside myself when I found this sitting on my desk. I know most people wait and open the box while they document it, buuuuut let me remind you that I am very impatient and have zero self control. So this is a reenactment of me opening it--PS I was just as excited the second time as I was the first time. 

This month's theme was a box about where you are from, so I was obviously anxious to see what West coast treasures my California girl was going to send to me! Inside my cara box, I found the cutest little SF postcard from her explaining all of it's contents (Why didn't I think of a post card for Krystal!?).

She packed for me:
 A travel book from a local book store do chronicle all of my adventures.
A box of matches also from the local book store with her favorite novel
Lip balm from San Francisco's famous Ben and Jerry's
Chocolate from a SF toffee shop, because she knows how I can't live without my midnight snacks :)
and this shot glass which depicts some of the notable sights of her hometown.

What a joy it has been to get to know Sonya over these past couple of weeks. She is a doll in ever sense of the word! Check out her blog, tell her I sent you! :)

 Also, be sure to head over to Pressing Pause, to see what Georgia goodies I packed up in a Cara box for my sin city native, Krystal. I promise, you are going to love her! I can't say enough good things about this lady. Southerners will appreciate the box of Southern Belle must-haves I sent to her!

Cara Box

May 23, 2013


So my beautiful, smart, amazing college roommate got engaged in February. I talked about it here. Literally just 2 or 3 days after her now fiance popped the question, she picked out her bridesmaids dresses at David's Bridal. All but one of the dresses were purchased that day, and the last one was purchased a day or two after that. So seriously, we wasted NO time. She chose this extremely precious dress and started planning her what is to be stunning blush and gray wedding to take place on June 29th. The Bride knew it there wasn't going to be a lot of time before the wedding date, and chose this dress because it was one they were able to guarantee to be available for her wedding date.

When she initially chose this dress, the sales girl (who was total ditz through the entire consultation, so I'm told) told the bride and reassured her multiple times the dress would be here in plenty of time for the wedding and with ample time to spare for  alterations specifically for me, because the dress didn't come in my size. When I purchased my dress at a different location than she was at, but on the same day, my sweet sales girl told me that it would be here by May 20th at the absolute latest, and that dresses always arrive sooner than that expected time. She said she had never, ever seen a dress take that long to arrive in the store. I also asked how long to expect for alterations, she said 4 to 6 weeks, which would be JUST enough time to allow for 1-ish week of me being able to practice walking down the isle in it in my apartment. KIDDING.. ok, seriously, not kidding.

In case you haven't been able to draw this conclusion on your own, the expiration date for Mr. David to sew up one of these dresses was Monday. I called yesterday to just check and see, what was up--I had a week to spare, so a day or two was no big deal. The very nice customer service rep at the store I purchased my dress from told me that the dresses had yet to leave the warehouse because they were delayed by weather, but ALAS, they would be here before the end of the week. Okay, cool. I understand crap and weather happens. Whatever weather they are having, I'm not sure, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend their warehouse is in Oklahoma. Another bridesmaid that called about her dress (purchased at a different location) was also given the same alibi, so our anxiousness was subsided and we were patiently waiting for the end of the week.

The bride's sister is also planning a wedding. They picked out their dresses a month after we purchased ours. Their dresses arrived in the store the same week they ordered them. So that doesn't help the situation any.

Today, 3 days after the initial latest possible arrival time, someone called the Bride during one of her wedding showers and told her;

"I'm not sure why they told you your dresses would be in this week or all of this about weather and what not, your dresses have not even been shipped and will not be in the store until at least June 20th or sometime." 

{queue the record scratch}

Okay, I may not have been a math wiz, buuuuut that is not going to cut it. 
I paid for a dress that was supposed to be here on May 20th. I paid for a dress that was to be worn in a June 29th wedding!!
No. No. nonononono. Heeeeeell no. 
Also, why have we been given some other story if it isn't true. Way to throw your own employees under the bus there, boss. 

Now how can I have the dress altered by then if it is supposed to take 6 weeks?! I can't even go to someone other than Senor David to have my dress altered, because that's not enough time for ANYONE!!

I am livid that myself, and the rest of the bridal party paid for these dresses that we can't wear anywhere much less to the wedding they were purchased for. I have no idea what we are going to wear now! I am even more mad on my friend's behalf than I am my own.  As far as I am concerned, David's Bridal has done a fantastic job of ruining, not only the shower they blindsided her out, but also a very huge part of my best friend's wedding by not holding up their end of the contract. 

Never will I ever do business with David's Bridal again! Or men's warehouse or shutterfly or any of it's partner companies.
Nor will I allow my friends to give them the opportunity of potentially ruining their wedding too! Consider this your public service announcement. 

May 22, 2013

Being a brat is no way to get what you want

Let me go on a little rant. I am not your mama. I am not your keeper.. 
and I am most DEFINITELY not your little bitch. 

I have had it up to the proverbial "here" point with people and their cranky attitudes.

Seriously, I am about to explode and the glitter and bourbon that I am made up of are going to splatter everywhere. So put on your safety goggles ladies.

I worked almost a 12 hour work day yesterday just to grant peoples wishes and make them happy. When something's broke, it's my job to fix it. Okay, cool.. I got your back like a sweater! Problem fixed. My brain was (as still is) mush from working about 20 hours on 1 and only 1 project for 2 days.
I came in this morning, brain still mush, to a few minor issues, but I was only supposed to be working a half day. You get time off, I deserve time off too. Regardless, I stayed later than I was planning to get these issues resoled before I left. Cool. Problems solved. Go team!
I leave, and I receive all of these rude, needy, bratty, emails from people with a tone that was lucky that didn't result in my foot being firmly planted up their ass.

Seriously, if you want me to help you, what about a snarky attitude makes anyone want to help you?

Side note: also, before you cock your attitude with me, double check your emails to make sure I am the one you need to be ruffling your tail feathers to. No, m'am, you didn't talk to me, so I suggest you slow you roll, and take two steps back before I you get a round house kick to the face.

So unless you come to me tomorrow baring airhead extremes, a unicorn, or to give me a winning lottery ticket, I suggest you take a look at the sign on the door, because it is likely to read that office belongs to Angry Spice.

May 21, 2013

While I've been away..

This weekend some of our closest friends got married! Ironically enough, their names are Meghan and Billy too. Billy coaches with my Billy. Yes, it gets just as confusing as it sounds. Regardless, it was such a fun time getting to celebrate with them, their other friends, and families.

Since both of them are Yankees, most of their guests were from out of town. Everyone came down early to help get everything ready and to, of course, spend some time with them while they could. Since everyone was going to be arriving on Friday or Saturday, they decided to through a pre-wedding reception  I don't want to call it a rehearsal dinner, because there was no rehearsing going on. There were just a lot of people having a great time at Meg and Billy's home over some fabulous bbq and king of pop's ice cream! The only fun story I have from that night is that someone walked through the sliding doors, thus knocking my drink all into my phone. Okay, so maybe not fun at all. I was highly disappointed, boarder line pissed (well not at the person, because he couldn't help it.. just as the fact that it happened) At first it was toast, but after a night spent soaking in rice, she's alive. Crisis averted!
{sorry, I am pathetic and apparently didn't take any pictures. Instead you get a gif of what I looked like when I realized my phone didn't work}

Sunday was the big day!
They decided to get married in the beautiful Gibbs gardens. I have heard so many great things about this venue, and I was so excited to finally see it! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't wanting to cooperate. As soon as the Groom arrived, he was told that the garden location they had originally planned for the ceremony had been flooded. They compromised and found another suitable location. About 10 minutes prior to the ceremony's start, the bottom fell out and we were all quickly relocated under the tent that was set up for the reception. Well, the show must go on, and since the rain wasn't going away at all, the ceremony ended up taking place there. It was very a very small, sweet, intimate ceremony with only a few of their closest friends and family. I loved that.
I also so much loved how calm the bride was throughout all of the changes that had to happen. Had it been me, I would have given out rain checks, and said come back next week when it's sunny. They were just as happy getting married in an impromptu tent as they would have been getting married in the rose garden they initially envisioned. Snaps for them!
After the ceremony and reception, we were able to tour the many many acres of the garden. The staff was so kind and welcoming, even on one of the dreariest of days! I hope to go back soon on a more dry day where I can meander through the gardens.

After the wedding, a nap was high on my to do list. After the nap, Billy and I went and bought him some more dress clothes to wear to another upcoming wedding this Summer. I was determined to have his out fit color coordinated with the wedding party and theme. He also surprised me and took me to best buy to finally buy my birthday present, an iPad mini!! Eek! I'm so excited. It came just in time for the first Summer ball series this weekend! I'm looking forward to keeping stats on it! Here's the case I ordered to go on it.. well, except it will say Megan, but I'm sure you could figure that out yourself.

As I told you, I signed up to participate for the Atlanta Corporate Challenge! Yesterday I competed in the Go Kart racing competition! I raced 2 heats, coming in 1st on my 1st one, and 3rd in my second. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and we didn't win medals, but how often do you get to race Go Karts for work? Plus, with my road rage, I was made for this competition! 

I know it's Tuesday, and a normal blogger should have updated you on most of this Sunday night, but in the life of a systems administrator, when things are broken, you don't have time to do fun or blog stuff. So my brain is pretty much mush right now, hence why you don't have a much more in depth post. I also know this is an uber long post, and I apologize for that too, but I figured I'd give you all the deets you missed out on!

May 18, 2013

We saw Alabama!

A few months ago while I was on my lunch break, I saw on the billboard out in front of the fox that Alabama was coming to town. I told Billy about it and he was determined to buy tickets. The morning of tickets were selling like wild fire, so I just went ahead walked over to the box office and jumped on them before he missed out! So for Billy's birthday, he got two tickets to see Alabama! Fast foward to about 2 weeks ago, I found out that my favorite aunt and uncle had also received tickets to the same show as an anniversary present. This made me doubly excited!!

To explain why a 24 year old would care to see a bunch of old guys: I have been a huge fan of the band since I was pipsqueak. Yes I agree, I had a slighted warped taste of music as a child, because I would just steal my dad's cds because I didn't have money (this is back when they were expensive) and this was even before Kazaa was around. So I listened to "Song of the South" on repeat as child--perfectly normal!

The show finally came last night! It was so great to finally be back at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!! I got to show my aunt and uncle around my new town. I even got to introduce them to the legendary Atlanta landmark  Mary Mac's! If you've never been to Mary Mac's, you are missing out! Here are a few pictures from our night out!
Also notice my work home's head got cut out of the shot. WTG Billiam.

Mary Mac's Tea Room! Love this Place! Yes, I had tomato pie. :)

Billiam looks like a possessed children's doll. Way to ruin a good picture, boss.

You bet you buttons I was wearing my boots!

I loved the entire thing! Oh yea, and Billy did too, of course :) I felt a little teased, when Randy put on an Atlanta Braves hat. My eyes lit up and I looked at Billy and said, "I hope that means they're going to play cheap seats!" {You can take the girl out of the ball park, but you can't take the ball park out of the girl} Unfortunately they didn't, but I got to hear all my other favorites, and scream COLD BEER during Dixieland Delight, so all is well in the world! :)

May 16, 2013

My company is cooler than yours

Let's face it, my company is cooler than yours. There's no competition  so just don't even bother.
We have two firm wide outings every year to celebrate the end of our busy seasons, plus a few department outings here and there. Next week, my department is taking the day off and going to hang out in the company suite at the Braves game! Also throw in the constant free catered dinners and lunches, the unheard of amount of pto and other benefits, and we're all just flipping awesome, of course.

Yesterday we closed the doors early, and went to a local brewery for food, drinks, live music, and just an all around good time. We all had such a good time. We also took the spot light away from us for a while, and instead highlighted our recent efforts to raise money for St Baldrick's, a foundation that aims to cure childhood cancer.

Yes, I was practicing for the aforementioned corn hole tournament.

 How cute are these cup rests in the bathrooms?!

 Part of the way to encourage us to participate in the fund raiser, some of the guys (I think about 6) auctioned off the opportunity for their co-workers to shave their heads! Those who gave a minimum amount were put into a pot  and drawn. Whomever's name was drawn got the chance to take the buzzer into their own hands. A few generous people even upped the ante and tried to bid out those with an additional hefty donation. It was all for a great cause!

My Spinach Dip Recipe

Some of my closest friends are getting married this weekend. Since both of their families are from out of town, they are holding a pre-wedding reception for all of them the day before. I volunteered to bring a spinach dip to help add something else to the spread that they are having catered. {Okay, maybe it was just an excuse for me to break out a recipe I haven't been able to use in a while} This is the recipe that the Steak and Italian restaurant I worked at in high school used, so you know it's gotta be good! I'll also throw in, this isn't a kitchen friendly concoction, because there are lots of cups and bowls and spoons involved, which finally gives me a good excuse to use this gif!

Spinach-Artichoke Dip
1 box frozen spinach
1 can chopped artichoke heart*
1 1/2 cup mayonaise
1 1/2 cup sour creap
1 cup shreaded mozerealla cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 can of sliced water chesnuts
2 tsp minced garlic
chopped onion*

*denotes that you can use as much or little as you want. I'd still include it, otherwise it would throw the recipe off, but you can tweak it a bit, of course. 

If you don't have enough time to let the spinach thaw, defrost it in the microwave.

Next, I mix the sour cream, mayo, Parmesan cheese, minced garlic, and mozzarella cheese. Simply because, they're the easiest. Proceed to eat the rest of the bag of mozzarella.

By now, your spinach should be defrosted. I like to be safe and mince it up in a blender (okay, maybe I didn't let it defrost all the way). 

Chop or blend the water chestnuts till something about this consistency. Also blend up your artichoke heart to about the same consistency. I like to pick out the thick pieces that don't make contact with the blades of the blender.

Chop onion. I don't like blending them, because I enjoy the texture it adds. I used a little over half an onion. 

Behold the combination of all of the spinach dip goodness. Again, this recipe is from a restaurant, and  creates a restaurant sized portion. Consider yourself warned!  Alright, now start stirring until it looks like something worth eating..

Keep stirring

Now you should have something that looks similar to this. Just pop that sucker in the microwave for a few minutes until all the cheese is melted and ooey-gooey {again, another excuse to use something dumb that I shouldn't}

After everything is melted throughout the bowl, it's ready to hit the table! 

 I can't wait to serve it this weekend and to start all of the wedding festivities! Let me know if you give this one a shot! I'd love to hear about how it turns out for you.

May 13, 2013

GFC Lovin' Blog Hop

This week, I am so excited to co-host my very first Blog Hop with Cloe of Rainbows and Honeysuckle, Sarah of Pearls & Curls (with a hint of bourbon) , and Autumn of The Unreal Life. So come out and play with us!

GFC Lovin

The Rules:
1. Link up both your blog and your Bloglovin' below! Be sure to visit some other links as well to make some new friends!
2. Follow your hosts and co-host and leave us a comment letting us know you followed so that we can follow you back!
3. If you're interested in co-hosting, you can fill out this form! :)

Getting a good deal

Hi, my name is Megan, and I am a deal-a-holic. {everyone say, Hiiiii Megan}

There is nothing like getting a good deal no matter how you manage to get it. Sales, clearance, rewards points, and I especially love using coupons. I used to be an "extreme" couponer. I'd go get a paper every Sunday and print online coupons to get super great deals at the drug store. Note: What you see on tv is totally not realistic unless you plan on eating only mustard and pickles for the next 6 months. However, if you are still paying for soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, you are passing up free money known as coupons.
The golden rule of bargain shopping: Thou shalt not pay for soap, toothpaste or toothbrushes. 

Coupons - coupons are free money just floating around waiting for you to get your hands on it. These are seriously everywhere, you just have to look for them. You can printables online. Most stores have apps that you can download with coupons. Of course,  the Sunday paper has plenty coupons too. One way people don't get the optimal savings with coupons, is they don't realize you can use multiple coupons to save the most money. Here is an example of a steal I got yesterday at Michaels.

I found a gorgeous glass drink dispenser on clearance for 60% off the marked price. That made it ring up about $15. I also had a cake topper I was purchasing for a friend's wedding reception that was a regular $19. I looked up Michael's on The Coupons app that I found via pinterest to find all the digital coupons I could use. There was one for 40% of any regularly full priced item, which I was able to apply to the cost of the cake topper. There was ANOTHER coupon that was 15% off your ENTIRE purchase thus dropping my total down another couple dollars. The drink dispenser ended up being around $13, and the topper was like $3.50-ish. I did a happy dance out the door.

You can also use store coupons in other stores. For instance, you can use target or kroger (or any other grocer's) coupons at Publix or Whole Foods! You can also you Hobby Lobby coupons at Michael's or Joann's. There are a million other ways to save on groceries, but that would be an entire 2 hour lecture. Moral of this point, look for coupons before you pay full price.

Membership Rewards - most people don't think you ever reap the benefits of membership cards, besides the instant savings like at Ingles or Kroger. . The CVS machine is always spitting out free candy bar coupons for me or rewards bucks (AKA, free money). At Kroger, you get points back on your gas. I've saved so much money on gas through Kroger points. Most people don't know, you get 2x and sometimes 4x the points for buying gift cards a Kroger. Buy gift cards for Kroger or gas cards (not like you weren't going to be spending the money anyway) and you instantly get a discount on your gas. I've saved whole dollars per gallon by doing this!
At Kohls or Macys, if you use your store credit card, you get an additional 20% off. I'll use my card and write a check for the amount to zero back out my account just for that couple dollars I can save. It's totally worth it! Plus these two send out special members only coupons and deals every quarter, you'd be surprised how often these come in handy!

Also, stores like Kroger send coupons out for FREE products. I am not talking travel sized, I mean straight up, free groceries. As you buy products with your rewards cards, they send you free coupons for your favorite items to say thanks! I ALWAYS got free coupons for salads, dressings, lunch meat, and salsa. What a does that say about me?

Sales - I am horrible about missing out on these myself. I don't plan trips around the 40% off weekend at Loft, but if I see it, I will at least make lap through the store. Now, semi-annual sales, HOLD. ME. BACK, sister. I can't resist the prices and I'll come out of places like Bath and Body Works with more soap than one person can use or even give away in a lifetime. {I told you, I have a problem}

Flash Deals - These are great if you shop for clothes online. Even some boutiques offer flash deals! I got a great deal on a skirt I talked about here. These 24-ish hour deals are great if you aren't too picky, or sometimes you can luck up like I did!

Retail me not - Here's another one for you online shoppers. I love this site! It should be your best friend when you shop online--especially around Christmas! It lists tons of special unadvertised deals going on for different stores and the coupon code to match. Never, ever, EVER pay for shipping. Retailmenot typically has a free shipping code for every store. Also, just because it says it's expired, doesn't mean it won't work ;)

Always, always, always Shop around - before making a significant purchase. Do your research and make sure you are getting exactly what fits your wants and needs. Just because it's the most expensive or a name brand, doesn't mean it's the best one for you. Never buy at the first stop. If it is the best deal, you can always come back to it. Last year, I decided I wanted to buy a pair of genuine cowboy boots. I'm not talking something you picked up at Macy's. I spent months just finding the exact pair that I wanted.  I even tried on a pair in a store near my apartment just to make sure I got the right size. I knew I was going to have the forever, and sense I was spending a good chunk of change on it, I wasn't going to be dropping stacks at the check out counter. The first place I found my boots had them listed at $260--um no, we don't. So I spent a lot of time on google to find the optimal deal. Eventually, I found them listed for $160 with free shipping! {queue the Patty Mayonnaise song from Doug}. My patience and shopping around paid off.

Now the 1st commandment of bargain shopping is "Thou shalt not pay full price." You now have zero excuse not to save a least a little money here and there. What are some good deals you've gotten recently! I'd love to hear your stories and for you to share your tricks!