June 17, 2014

{I'm Guest Posting Today}

While Lauren is away enjoying her honeymoon, I'm in charge today over at Peach State of Mind. So come on over and join in on the party ;)

June 16, 2014

Road series & reliving the glory days

I worked my tush off last week, so I decided to treat myself to a little PTO day Friday which consisted of an hour massage. It. was. heavenly! I even purchased two more groupons from the same spa, and I will be returning.

Billy had another road series this weekend. I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone--see some of familiar places and face and spend some qaulity time with him. He left friday, so I caught up with him Saturday around lunch. Just around noon, I hit the road to middle Georgia to a tiny town that I called home for 2 years of my college life which just so happened to be where some of Billy's showcase games were this weekend.

The first game was at Lamar County High School. Well, technically it's comprehensive high school--only us small town folk know about that comprehensive mess. It was unbelievably hot! Everything just gets hotter even if you just drive an hour south. I caught the last half of his first game which ended in a loss. His second game, was a tie. We grabbed a quick bit to eat at a little BBQ join that I worked at for about 2 months in college and then went to my adorable little Junior College, Gordon College.

People immediately judge when I say I went to a junior college. I say, you missed out. I turned down my acceptance to several 4 year universities to attend Gordon, and there isn't a single piece of me that regrets that decision. Two of the best years of my life were spent in that tiny middle Georgia town. I made some of the strongest, most influential, greatest friendships with my little "family" there.. but that's a story for another post! :)

The sweet little town square

Those Brick buildings up on the hill there were the dorms I lived for two years. It was like one big house for all of us. I truly loved dorm life!
I spent many, many hours on the second row of the bleachers on the right cheering on our the baseball team while I was here.

I also ran into this stud, Blake. He wasn't feeling pictures for the day (rightfully so), so I went all pap's on him. Blake and his parents were two people that made my Freshman and Sophomore years what they were. Blake was the brother I never had, his parents were rightfully named godparents. I don't know where I would have been without them, and I was so excited to see him again and catch up. It was like we hadn't ever missed a beat.

Not gonna lie, I have no idea what the score of this game was because I was too busy talking. After that game we headed to Macon for the night where I was hoping to meet up with my roommates, but we just weren't able to make it work this trip. To celebrate the end of a long, hot day, we visited my favorite Mexican restaurant on the face of this earth, Margaritas, for their delicious house special--Texas fajitas on a bead of rice and queso. 

I met Billy the next morning at the field of our other Alama Mater, the place where Billy played college baseball, Georgia College, in Milledgeville. I was so excited to finally be back in Milly on the Hill. Three incredible years of my life were spent in this crazy, charming, antebellum town. A majority of those 3 years were spent on this very hill cheering on Billy and his fellow Bobcats.
Myself and the rest of the girlfriends and students always sit on this huge grassy hill. It felt so good to be back cheering on a team from there.

I don't remember the score of the first game, but Billy's team ended up winning the 2nd game 6-7!

After the second game we were lucky to get to call it a day! WHEW! After catching up with his college coaches after the games, we found ourselves celebrating another road series down at Pickle Barrel. We ate here every single Thursday night in college for trivia nights. This was also the place where we had our very first date, and coincidentally, we were sat in the exact same both we ate at on our first official date 4 and a half years ago.

I loved being nostalgic this weekend. I wish I would have had more time to see everyone and visit some of my favorite old places like our old townhouse, Blake's parents, and the front campus at GCSU. Sounds like another excuse for a road trip to me :)

June 13, 2014

Soo.. We went to a concert

Thursday night, one of my best friends, Kat, and I went out to see Sam Hunt and The Tyler Hammond Band. It's been quite some time since I have been to see live music, which is totally uncharacteristic of me. I used to go to shows every single weekend, and now that I'm an old grown up, I don't get to near as often.

Somehow whenever Kat and I get together and dinner is involved, we always end up at Rusan's for sushi. So, so good. I inhaled mine so quickly I forgot to even take a picture to document our night out. After dinner, we came back to my apartment and changed and headed to 120 Tavern in Marietta for the show.

There was this first opener, we didn't like him. at. all. I just caught his first name, Scottie. I didn't care to know anything else about him. So there you go.

The second act was The Tyler Hammond Band. This was our college town band. Almost every weekend, we could find Tyler and former band member, Joey, playing somewhere around town. The always drew a huge crowd, I can't think of a single person who did not have a good time singing all their favorite country songs at the top of their lungs along with them. They were the highlight of our Milledgeville night life, and most of my favorite nights out consisted of them and the smoke machines in Capital City that we swore were laced with ecstasy. 

Tyler and the boys put on one HECK of  show--not that they don't always do. They have just stepped their game up in recent years. You could tell by the way the crowd was rocking along with them that they gained a lot of new fans that night. Can't wait for the next time I can catch them.

Next was the headliner; the one, the only, SAM HUNT! For those of you that may not recognize that name yet, you may better know him as the song writer for Come over, Cop Car, or We are tonight. He's also starting to gain rotation on satellite radio. He's easily one of my favorite people that make it on to my "crunknasty-ness" playlist {Yes, that's a real playlist on my iphone. Only artists of the highest caliber make the cut. Those that make it should consider themselves honored.}

Side note: By this point the place was blazing hot because of the number of bodies mixed with the A/C unit being out. Holy HOTNESS!! Oh the humidity!

We had such a great time singing a long to the music. Dancing would have been nice, but there was zero room in the place as it was the sold out show was packed to the brim! Regardless we loved every. single. minute of it!

June 10, 2014

New Apartment Preview

Well the move is complete, but I am still not finished decorating. I've had several people ask for pictures of the new place, and though it's far from done, I've finally decided to share. This is a very quick, terribly shot preview, but a preview none the less. I still have a long way to go, a lot of stuff to get on the wall, and details to buy and finish.

I am so in love with the bedding I purchased for my bedroom. I initially wanted navy, but I fell in love with this print called Teaberry by LC. It's just the right balance of girly without making my boyfriend never want to visit because it's so dainty. I plan on putting a shelf over the bed which I will fill with Katie Daisy prints once they arrive in the mail. I think I may also set up my desk underneath the window there.

Unlike my old apartment, my living room and dining area are attached. And since I didn't get to use the coral, navy, turquoise color scheme I have been wanting to implement for some time now, I managed to accidentally use it in this room. I found this precious table runner at Homegoods for $6 and it was the start of my theme. I went with coral, navy, and more mint/turquoise in the living area. I painted my center piece and some frames on my unfinished bookshelf gold, and I also hope to find gold flatware to use here as well!! The china is Italian Countryside by Mikasa that I found for a whopping 75% off! Holy deal, batman!!

I have some great salmon/coral curtains that need to be hung once I find a curtain rod long enough that isn't going to cost me $75! These pillows probably won't stay, but they were leftovers from my old apartment and will do just fine in the meantime. I am absolutely obsessed with my rug that I purchased from Target.

So for now, this is where you can imagine me blogging from. There are obviously still a lot of improvments to be made, and then I"ll take you on the official  non-cell phone pic tour.

June 8, 2014

Sunday Social

1. When do you take time for you?
This is not something I ever really am able to schedule onto my calendar. It just happens. Seeing as I live alone, I have a lot of quite time. So it's not like I have to get away from people. However, every once in a blue moon I'll be sure to go and get myself a massage or a mani/pedi, just to remind myself what it's like to feel human again ;)

2. What do you find to be your biggest weakness?
I do not like to tell people no or to let them down. I will very often bite off more than I can chew just to make sure that I can please as many people as possible.

3. What is your biggest attribute?
I am honest to the core and I am one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

4. What is your favorite place to shop online?
Lulu's, Lilly Boutique, and The Blue Door

5. What is your favorite place to kill time? 
I usually end up in any of the following: Kohls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshall's, Hobby Lobby, Target, Kirklands, or Charming Charlies.
You may have noticed there is no real theme with these stores. 90% of my time killing is done when I am at Billy's. In his neighborhood, all of these stores are right next to each other.

June 5, 2014

Another Year, Another Draft

It's that time of the year again! Tonight is the beginning of the MLB draft. For us, it's one of the times when we are able to see some of Billy and his fellow coaches hard work pay off. We are hoping and expecting to see several members of the Team Elite organization go on to the professional level (or at least be a chosen as a pick).

Travel ball is an incredible ride for us. I learn so much more every single day about how the "business" behind the sport works. This is one of the occasions when all of the travel ball action and knowledge really comes to light, and it is so, so rewarding even for me as a "fan". We see so many players that we have played against getting their moment in the spotlight, and it's so good to see.

So here's to a good night for the current and former members of the #TeamEliteNation!