August 5, 2008

The other night I had the TIME OF MY LIFE at the Jason Coley concert. I've been doing everything I possibly could to help promote this show in order to get a Jason's name out in and around the streets of Athens. Wearing Tshirts, passing out handies and keychains to random customers, putting up posters in and around Athens, and of course polluting everyone's myspace pages with Jason's pictures..
I was a little dissapointed to say the least with the turn out.. I did a lot and not many people showed. Actually, most of the people that did show were friends and family and then my small group of friends.
I had a great time none the less. Jason, Chris, and the rest of Jason's entourage were incredibly kind and wonderful people. I was excited to see Brantley Gilbert showed up, and even more excited to finally meet Chris.
My lucky butt got drug up on stage by Jason during "Come a little closer" for a dance. While I was up there, he told me thank you again for everything I did to help out for that show. He is a total sweetheart, and considering how thankful he was I really didn't mind all the work I had put in after all. I really want to catch them again soon.. sooner than what I had originally assumed.
So definately check these talented guys out!!
They put on a Jam Packed GREAT show! Love Love LOVED it!!

You've lost that lovin' feeling

July 21, 2008

Saving Amy

Saving Amy- Brantley Gilbert

Amy’s got the letters I wrote
My picture in a frame
She’s had a year to let go
She still wears my ring
It hasn’t left her finger since the night that I proposed
When I promised her forever before i took her home
But I never made it home that night
A part of her died too
I watched her losing her mind
And there’s nothing I can do
Yea sometimes she goes crazy screaming out my name
Saying baby please come and save me
I wish she knew I’d do anything

To kiss the tears right off her face
Tell her everything’s ok
Feel her heart beat next to mine
And make up for lost time
Oh but God I know I can’t
You can’t let her live this way
It’s too late for saving me
But there’s still hope for saving Amy

Now 3 years have gone by
She’s trying to live her life
And I still watch sometimes
Just to make sure she’s alright
She knows I’ll always be there
In her heart and in her dreams
God, I promised that forever and that’s one promise I am taking

To kiss the tears right off her face
Tell her everything’s’ ok
Feel her heartbeat next to mine
Make up for lost time
Oh but god I know I can’t
But you can’t let her live this way
It’s too late for saving me
But there’s still hope for saving Amy
Saving Amy

I’ll kiss the tears right off her face
When I walk her through these gates
Feel her heartbeat next to mine
Make up for lost time
God I thank you everyday
For giving a her that house of faith
That led her right back here to me
And most of all for saving Amy
Saving Amy
Thank you god for saving Amy

June 29, 2008

I've learned to expect the unexpected.

My family never ceases to amaze me by how crazy/weird they are. The other night I came home somewhat late, late for my parents atleast, and my mom wasn't here. Dad said that she had her nose up in someone's business at my aunt's house. Honestly, that wasn't the part that surprised me. I've come to expect my mom to be in the middle of family matters no matter what the situation. He gave me a quick run down of the story, basically my cousin skipped town and headed to Virginia with some girl. I laughed thinking he heard it wrong or something. Considering his memory, I wouldn't put it past him.
Once mom got home from Indian Hill I asked her what in the world really was going on. Sure enough my cousin, Kimberly, left town Friday afternoon with a friend from high school, hopped onto a greyhound bus, and road to Richmond, Virginia. The girl is 19 also, so I asked what the big deal was, because in my eyes she could set her own ways as she darn well pleased. Come to find out, they were leaving out oooooone major detail... She went up there to meet a 25 year old man she met on the internet.
Which leads me to beleive, I'm one of the few sane people left in my family.
Well, now the friend that she left with, has come back home. Kimberly stayed in Virginia with plans to marry this so called "man of her dreams" and live happily ever after..

Safe? don't think so
Cool? not the slightest bit.. neither of them
Smart? not so much
Completely off the wall.. you got it, dude!

may this saga continue!

June 13, 2008

I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Right now I'm sitting in the condo in Hilton Head. My roommates and I are down here for a couple of days. It's totally relaxing. I've heard people talk about Hilton Head for a long time, but I've never been here to experience it myself. It is completely relaxing, yet for people like me who don't want to stop it's also hasn't gotten boring. Today was the first day we had our bikes (yes, think now and then). So we've been riding around the island all day like we're 12 again. Tonight we rode down to the beach after we ate dinner out on the boardwalk. It was breathtaking.. a little cloudy so it wasn't as starry, but completely breathtaking. I just wish I would have had that special someone right there with me to walk along the shoreline and hold my hand. It would have been a dream come true to me, because the band up at the restaraunt on the beach was playing "The Dance" -- Even though it's not a love song, it's still my favorite song in the whole entire world..
Well needless to say, it's enjoyable.

June 4, 2008

Taking it one day at a time

I've been in so much constant motion for the past few days that I never really get a free second to sit down and pull everything together in words. Part of that is because I don't really know what's going on myself; how am I supposed to tell others about it?
My emotions have been haywire since Sunday night, I am so up and down. Blogging probably wouldn't be the best thing to do, because I just want to forget about it. Forget about him..
The only way to get it off my mind is through someone else. It works, until it's time to go. Then I get still and I remember it again, and I go back into my hole again.

Last night was fun, and so was the night before. The Gum Branch Possey went to the woodlands with the 2 hoes and swam.. sat in the hot tub that wouldn't work for nothing, and then went back to the house, listened to music, and danced among other things :) I wish others would have danced more.. I was in one of the better moods I have been in lately. Maybe it'll come back around again soon.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to Athens to get a new camera with my roommate, because my not so old one died. I think we're going to swing by Dustin/Neal/Piha's for awhile.. mostly because I want to ride on Neal's bike. :) Maybe things will start to go up hill from here.. maybe as a few more days pass I'll start to forget about him more.

When I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever,
& if I had the choice, yeah I'd always be there,
those were the best days of my life.

May 26, 2008

Tomahawk Chop!

Sunday some friends and I met up in Atlanta to watch the Braves play the diamond backs. Even though the Braves lost, it was really great to get to catch up with some of the ones that I haven't seen since we left school. My car was packed to the brim, and my driving skills definitely weren't their keenest, but we made it there in one piece. It started to get questionable whether or not we were going to make it there alive when we had a little visit paid by a homeless person at the Macdonald's we ate at in downtown Atlanta. We met Spencer and Ashlyn at the gate, got our tickets, and went inside. We had seats next to the Braves bullpin again (this is kind of our favorite seats). We ran into Blake and his parents, papa Parrott and mama Dee. I think I was more excited about seeing them again than anyone else. They mean the world to me, and I can't exactly put my finger on why. Amazingly enough we made it home safely after a few close scares.

I started out with plans for memorial day, but they kind of crashed and burned. So I spent that beautiful day in my bed. I still feel so lazy and worthless from laying in bed all day long. I caught up on my sleep; it's not like I was lacking in that department anyway. I could've been blogging; you know how much effort that takes? Maybe that will help you define how lazy I was being.

Today I ran all my errands and saw a few friends and old favorite teachers. I also thought about picking up a new book. It wouldn't be a bad idea.. or maybe I should finish the mini-story I'm writing. I think there is a such thing as mini stories?

Anyone want to come up with productive ways to spend my summer?

May 19, 2008

summer begins

I have decided to start blogging daily.. or at least aim to. Who knows how long this brilliant idea will last b/c my aim is about as bad as a blind armless man, and it will probably go the same for my blogging habits as well. I just figured since I had nothing better to do while I'm home for the summer I might as well be productive, eh?

I've been finished with school for about 3 weeks now. The good news is, I passed all my classes. Bad news, I miss school entirely TOO much. I'm enjoying being home. My parents are driving me up the wall; dad especially. I got hired for a job that I didn't take. I'm still working weekends for a job that is testing my limits. I wish I could find something else with the hours I'd like,but would still be enjoyable. I just haven't had any luck with that in anyway.
I've been trying to catch up with old friends. I haven't done it much. I went out with Clint and Robbie one night after work last week. It was extremely enjoyable because it was as if nothing has changed between us and time hadn't passed since that summer. They haven't changed a big, and I love that. I love how they treat me the absolute same even though that summer was so long ago and so much has gone on since then in our lives. The 3 of us went to this spot in the subdivision Robbie is helping to build that overlooks the lake. The moon was out so the water glistened just right. We talked, sang, and danced through the night. I couldn't have asked for anything else.
We've started up a Sunday Volleyball league.. well, kind of. Amy Jeffersno, Colt Harper, Cain Harper, Erick Dickman, and Cain's fiance Nikki played Sunday and had a complete blast. We're saying we're going to do it every Sunday for the rest of the summer, but we'll see how long that lasts.
I've been trying to keep up with friends from school. I really can't wait to move back. Amanda, Megan, and I are rooming together this year. Ashlyn is taking Emily's place, so you can assume we're going to be having a good time. I'm excited about moving back, but just a little sad b/c a lot of my friends from last year have finished their 2 years and are transferring elsewhere or they just aren't coming back in the fall. It makes me start to wonder what I'm going to be doing come next spring, and the more I think about it the less I know.

May 17, 2008

Everything is you

Eternal flame came on the radio
And I remember how you loved it so
Memories sneak on me, wherever I go

A car like you used to drive
Pulled beside me today at the light
Chances break and cry wherever I go

And you want me to be strong, any less just shows I'm weak
How'd ya turn so cold, where's the girl I used to know

And it's love and hate and all these emotions
I never thought that you'd be going
I'm just going through the motions
Where everything is you, everything is you

An inside joke comes to mind
We'd wear them out all the time
Memories sneak up on me wherever I go

And it seems you've disappeared, though you're not that far away
Please tell me it's not true, I didn't mean that much to you

And it's love and hate and all these emotions
I never thought that you'd be going
I'm just going through the motions
Where everything is you, everything is you

What did I do wrong, nothing I treated you like an angel
What did I do wrong, nothing I treated you like an angel
What did I do wrong, nothing I treated you like an angel
I treated you like an angel

And it's love and hate and all these emotions
I never thought that you'd be going
I'm just going through the motions
Where everything is you, everything is you

I treated you like an angel...

January 28, 2008

Take it to the limit one more time

2008. Time has really slipped past me this year, but a lot has changed, grown, and happened within it. I've noticed myself looking back and not actually reminiscing, but more like surveying the changes from then to now. Friends have been made and lost, bonds broken and severed, out with the old in with the new, broken hearts and promises, growing up and moving on are all just bits and pieces of the effects of the passage of time. For instance New years eve last year was wet and muggy, and my mind was being spent thinking about the changes and my hopes and fairytale like dreams that I was going to experience in 2007 (my plans were then to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams, fear of graduation.. ect ect). None of my visions came true except for those of high school graduation.
This year new years eve consisted of my realization that life has more to offer than what we believe it does. Everything isn't about lovers and friends. It's also about making yourself happy; seeing the world, doing something you never thought you'd do, meeting people, learning, putting yourself and loved ones as your first priority, self respect, achieving worthwhile dreams and not just those of fairy tales. I realized that that man of my dreams is incredibly worthless and spineless, and that graduation was one of the most significant, painless, and life changing things I've ever done.
I think the biggest change I have experienced this year though is the simple fact of maturing. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same foolish & hardheaded girl I've always been, at least in my eyes, but I've really gotten a grasp on reality this year.. Parts of me have opened up and others have closed, but all in all I'm still the same Megan I've always been. I've become more independent. I've also learned that even though life throws us curve balls at time, I've learned you still have to swing as hard as you can so that it lessens your chances of missing the ball or more prophetically missing out on what life has to offer.
This year I plan to soak in every moment I can with my dad, it could very well be my last chance to. I plan to take things to the limit so that they will be worth remembering. I plan to continue surrounding myself with people that mean the world to me. I hope to continue creating myself into someone that I am proud to be. I really want to start seeing a lot of different places, traveling as much as i possibly can, along with continue to attend any concert I have to chance to. Opposed to last year I hoped that 2007 would hold love for me, this year I hope that 2008 will be filled with experiences and something that I can look back on with a smile and pride. I wish for these things more so than I do love or any other things people hope to find in the coming year. Quite frankly, I don't expect love. Although, if love comes with in the months to come, I'll accept it graciously and just ask it is worthwhile this time. I hope this time though, it would be "real'; something filled with passion, honesty, an intimate connection, and possibility.
Within the first 3 weeks things for 2008 have started unraveling for the best, and I hope things keep this way. It may only be a matter of time before this good streak comes to a screeching halt, but in the meantime I'm not letting the fear of striking out keep me from enjoying my time in the batter's box.