April 2, 2013

Beasts from the East

Last night we went to see the Braves home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies! Ashlyn and Matt picked me up at my office and we drove down to the Ted in the worst traffic I have seen in a while. Usually the surface streets are pretty easy-peasy, but there was no way around any of it last night. It took us right at 40 mins to drive 3 miles from work to our parking lot. Holy Moly batman!!  So much for getting there early to see our friends that were tailgating. On the upside, thanks to memom's Easter baskets stuffed with chocolate bunnies, we didn't starve, though it was a close call. 


The living legend himself, our beloved Chipper Jones, threw the first pitch of the 2013 season. 

Also, how great are these seats!? We were sitting a few rows behind Bobby Cox! (You can kind of see him in this picture)

Isn't she gorgeous!?

I loved getting to see all these new guys in action. I'm not quite sure if I'm on the Upton bandwagon or not yet, but Justin decided to show out on his first big night, and I am more than ok with that. Welcome to the team, Mr. Upton. 

Here's to a great season, boys! 

I especially love the part about the "home of the braves" Billy thought for most of his childhood that that's what the national anthem said, because he only heard the anthem at Braves games. He now has a picture hanging in his room It's nice knowing he wasn't the only kid that must have thought that. 

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  1. I am so excited baseball is back!
    I have gone to home openers the past few seasons in Minneapolis (twins fan :))and I was very sad to miss it this year.
    Glad you had fun!