June 28, 2013

Bring on the vacation

Today is my last day of work before I take a very overdue and well deserved week long vacation.

Tonight I'm going to my hometown to start the weekend's wedding festivities. Sunday morning, I am going to the cabin to spend the week of the 4th of July enjoying time outdoors, taking in some quite technology free time. In case you missed the memo, Independence day is my all time favorite holiday. I can't wait to spend time with Billy and his family, celebrate our freedoms, enjoy some fresh veggies, tube the river, and eat our traditional July 4th fried chicken while we watch fireworks.

This is me if I were a cute puppy, running out of my office at the end of the day and on towards my 4th of July Vaca!

I will try my best to put up a post sometime next week, but home girl is not making any promises. If you'd like, you can keep up with all of our adventures next on instagram!

June 27, 2013

Hey you! I'm hosting a giveaway!

Unless you've been living under a rock, monthly subscription boxes are all the rage! They have them for literally EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY (including your dog).

Escape Monthly boxes feature destination inspired themes and luxury products to help you relax and renew. Every month, they send you an awesome box stuffed with high-quality products hand picked to help you slip into bliss--from spa & beauty products, to gourmet snacks and gift cards. Each month, one lucky Escape Monthly subscriber will actually win a vacation to the current month's theme destination. EM will pay for the winner's airfare and accommodations (up to a $2000 value) to the dream destination!

I am excited to be able to give you, one of my trusty readers, a free introductory box valued at $50! Lucky ducks!! The box's theme is Napa Valley!

Now for all of you who want to want to sign up for this box, I have good news for you too. They are giving readers of Barefoot Bluejean Princess an exclusive coupon for 20% off your subscription for life!! Now that's equally as awesome! Just enter the coupon code "YOURESCAPE" to receive your discount.

Enter the giveaway below and share with your friends so they have a chance to win too! Good luck everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

June 26, 2013

The story behind my blog name

In case you missed me saying this before, I've had a blog (a different one) for quite sometime now. However, it was more of a personal journal, REAL personal, and more of a middle school diary sort of thing. As I've gotten older, I've found it has turned more into a scrapbook worth sharing, if you will. A few months ago, I got into a better habit of updating regularly and not just when I wanted to sulk about boy troubles.. but that's not the point of this post!

When I started to take things more serious, I decided to give myself a zazzy little name like all the cool kids do. I sat around one night trying to think of a short little snippet that described me and the type of theme/blog I envisioned my little corner of the blog-osphere to be.

The one name that I came up with that fit was, Barefoot Bluejean Princess. I'm far from a princess, but when used in the proper context, it does describe me to a T. Which leads to the back story..

Flashback: In high school I went to a hurricane Katrina benefit show that was being held in my hometown. Corey Smith was headlining. This was back when Corey Smith was just becoming cool around here. There was this other guy who opened for him, we thought his name was Bradley. I fell in love with everything about him--his ora, his voice, his covers, his originals. He engulfed my attention and I was hooked. I told the friend I went with that he was going to be a big deal one day. Boy, if only I knew how right I was going to be..

He was such a baby then! Like 20!  Pre-BHM

Well, I ended up befriending this guy and figuring out his real name is Brantley a few years later when his media coordinator contacting me asking me if I'd intern with her. This is where my love for the music business began. I spent all of my college years working with specifically him watching him get his career off the ground (and also some other artists in our area), learning the business, and having the absolute time of my  life.

The night we were reintroduced, circa 2008.

B gets signed. B get's ready to release his first album that goes straight to stores (his first one was just re-released to stores). It was down to the wire for deciding what tracks made the cut for the album.. There was only room for so few, and there were too many wonderful options. Because, let me tell you, this guy is a machine when it comes to writing phenomenal songs.

I remember sitting in his house that night on that big leather couch late into the night making my case about a song and how I thought it was the one that needed to be out there and heard. After the first time I heard this song, it was stuck in my head for weeks, and I knew it had that something about it that made it worthy of sharing. He wasn't having it. I and the media coordinator both agreed, this one THE song. The night wound down, and it was in his hands to make the final say, and regardless, he knows what ultimately best for him and has done a great job choosing before. 
Not long after, I got a call from them saying, he choose the song we advocated for, "Back in the Day." Truth be told, I think it was because Lyn wanted it moreso than because of me. 

The opening line from the song was the one that I most remembered, which later inspired the name of my blog: 
Mamma, she's still got that picture of me and Katie on homecomin' night. She looked pretty in that fancy dress, but that girl was a barefoot blue jean princess
The girl could dress up, but she was most comfortable and just as memorable and in her jeans and tshirt. That's me for you.. It stuck, it was catchy then, and it was still catchy when I was trying to decide on a blog name.

Here's the rest of the song in case you've never heard it. It's easily one of my favorites that he has written, even though I feel like everything he writes is my favorite too ;). Call me biased, but he is easily one of the greatest writers out there right now, or at least my favorite.

I know you love it.. or at least you can pretend you do.

So not really a quick story, but it's definitely all of the background information you might need to know of where this title originated from and why I chose it. 

June 25, 2013

Something Blue Voxbox

I was lucky enough to qualify for the something blue voxbox. This box was filled with all sorts of goodies to help me prep and get through the upcoming wedding I'm a bridesmaid in that I've been telling you about. I know you're getting tired of hearing about the wedding, I'm sorry. This is actually my first box from Influenster to review and I am so excited about the products they sent me to test!

Luster Now Toothpaste - This is a whitening toothpaste, that has been feature as an Allure Magazine breakthrough product. I like whitening toothpastes over whitening systems, because it doesn't leave your teeth's color uneven. Luster Now is good for getting those surface stains off, sure. I did notice a little difference after a few brushings. However, it isn't going to drastically whiten your teeth unless you are a coffee drinker or something. After initial use, the whitening progress swasn't near as noticable. I do enjoy the taste, but the freshness doesn't last long into the day. I don't know if I'd pay the $9-ish for this product over your average joe toothpaste with extra whitening.

Kiss everEZlashes -- These were a fun find in my box! They sent two different boxes which contained two sets of eye lashes apiece. I tried using these when we ventured out on the town for the bachelorette party. They were actually incredibly easy to put on! They wear very naturally compared to falsies I've used in the past. They also blend very well with your natural lashes--no one even knew I had them on until I told them! Overally, I loved these lashes!!

UrgentRx® Fast Powders -- I've never used a powder for headache reliefe before, and I was very open minded when these came in. I hardly ever get headaches, so I don't even keep advil on hand. Lucky for you, I actually got a stress headache not long after recievign the box. This packet was VERY hard to open even with sissors. The taste was better than I expected it to be, somewhat citrus-y.. I can handle that, cool. However, my headache never went away. So I'm going to give this little baby a thumbs down. 

Q-tips® Precision Tips -- Initially I used these to clean out my ears. Don't follow in my foot steps, blog friends. When doing my makeup, I found these were great to use for cleaning up and/or smudging. They also came in a cute plastic container that made them great for storing and throwing in a bag to pack.

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot -- This was my favorite product to find in my box! I have been using these for YEARS! I have really small feet and can never find shoes, specifically heels, that fit. I buy these to help keep my foot snug. They are FAB at that!  It also is a bonus that these add a lot of cushion to the ball of your foot to ease discomfort. If you haven't used these before, you gotta! They also make a similar product for the heel to avoid rubbing. Oh Dr. Scholl, you are a magic man. 

I already have them in practically ever set of heels I own! They are especially helpful in my nude heels. They've stretched just a smidge since I purchased them, and now my toes want to slide through the peep toe. The Dr. Scholls insert helps keep my foot inside the shoe and keeps my toes from doing that nasty dangling over the side thing. 

My Trio Rings -- This was an odd find. Basically it was an ad. No products, just a nifty little brochure. The rings are actually really cheapy looking. However, they have something in everyone's price range, but nothing I'd be slipping on my finger. Most of the rings are under $1000, and look big. However, that big  ring is just a cluster of lost of little diamonds, and that's not cute.. 

Disclosure: I received this box complimentary from Influenster. In exchange I was requested to give my opinions on the products in the box.  No compensation was received.

Her big day is almost here

Saturday is Amanda's big day! Though, she has a lot of planning, well more like executing, than I do left I still have a few more things to knock off my list of bridesmaid things to do before we can call them hitched.

Pick up Dress
Spray Tan
Hair Cut
Make Wedding Hair Appt
Gather materials for the get away car (about halfway there)
Pack all wedding day necessities (including the goodies from my Influenster box)
Pick a dress for Brunch
Practice my surprised face for when I catch the bouquet (It's so happening)
Pack for 4th of July Vacation
Pick up Denise

Is there anything else I am forgetting or things I need to do to help make her day extra special? I'm looking at you brides!

I am having more fun with this than I think is legal. I'm so happy for my best friend. I know she has been waiting so long for this day and has been planning out every little detail so meticulously. I cannot wait to see all of her dreams executed before her eyes. The next chapter of their lives is going to be starting so soon, and I cannot wait to stand by her on her special day! 

June 24, 2013

Dear Amanda,

Today is the day.. Your day. You're on your way to being a married girl!I know you've been planning and imagining all the little details even before Tyler was in the picture, and I am so honored to be able to stand by your side as you start your forever with him.

In high school, when were were out shopping for prom dresses, you couldn't help but wander into the wedding dress section and pick one out to try on. You couldn't wait to be a bride. You couldn't wait to be someone's wife. Now, it's here.

I admit, that I was a little okay, not even remotely on Team Tyler, when he walked into the picture. I had my reasons, and they were very good reasons at the time! However, I am so glad he changed my mind. He went above and beyond to show is loyalty, his companionship, and his horrible dance moves to make sure that you knew that there was no other man on the face of this earth that would love you more than he would.

My vow to myself

When I was a kid.. more like pre-teen, I would sit in my room hours on end and listen to music. Not only would I just listen, I would analyze the lyrics. I was that kid that would pause every 3 words so that I could write them down in my lyric journal. I would pour over them, ponder, take them in and learn lessons that others had to experience the hard way. It was my thing.. Side note: that was the point in my life where I wanted to be a songwriter. I was no Hillary Lindsay either.

I remember one song that stood out to me even back then. Actually, poetically (if that's even the right word) it wasn't even beautiful. It was the point of the song that I could feel the hurt in the writers' words that he was hurt. This song was one of those I headed the advice of someone much older and wiser than myself. I printed the lyrics and had them framed as a reminder that I was never going to allow myself to feel the angst and suffering that he had endured.

The song was "A lot of things different" performed Kenny Chesney, but written by Bill Anderson and Dean Dillon.. go ahead, laugh it up. Like I said, it wasn't poetic at all! Something about that song just got to me, and from that point in my life forward I vowed to never regret anything. The song described all of the things that the person wished he would have done different or changed in his life. I refused to ever be that person wishing they had done something different, spoken when they didn't, missed out on a chance to dance, or passed up the opportunity of a lifetime because they were too afraid to jump.

Don't get me wrong, I know there will be times that I may look back and say "What was I thinking?" but it won't be with regret, it will be with a learned lesson in my pocket. I will have done what I knew I needed to do in that moment, I will have taken that chance, laughed loud, loved hard, jumped high and far, danced in the rain.. all while my heart is racing and full of butterflies and smiles.

A long time ago, I vowed to take life by the horns, and I am doing just that.
I only have one life to live, and it will be enough, because I am going to do it right the first time.

June 23, 2013

Sunday Social

Since today's goal is to spend as much quality time with netflix, I'm going to keep to a simple post and link up for another ravishing edition of Sunday social

1. What is your favorite store to shop at?
I love boutiques! I find 80% of my clothes there. Some of my favorite ones are DressUp, Red Dress, Blue Door, and Fiore

2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
I am usually not big on specific designers--I like what I like. I guess if I had come up with a few.. Michael Kors,  Alice Temperley, LaRoque.

3. What is your must have closet staple?
A great pair of shorts. I cannot seem to have enough. If they have a fun shape like scallops or lace or a great bright color, even better!! 

4. What is your favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
I love boots. Specially a great pair of cowboy boots. I love corrals and old gringo! Besides cowboy boots, I always need a good pair of tennis shoes. 

5. What is the best clothing deal you've ever gotten? (sale or amazing find)
I'm always a bargain shopper. I've shared with you a few of my deals on here. However, the best deal I've ever gotten wasn't even on myself! One late winter when all of the sweaters and winter wear were going on sale, I stumbled across an 80% off rack in the men's dept in Kohls. Keep in mind, if I want Billy to look nice I have to shop for him. I found tons of his favorite style sweater marked down from $60-$80 each to around $5-$10!! When I got to the register, I had a savings of around $375!! My bill was right around $35. I still brag about that one :)

6. What is a style you'd love to try?
I want to try the Kim K/hippie headband thing. I think I'd look like a total goof wearing it to the grocery store, but this is all hypothetical, right? 

Sunday Social

June 22, 2013

Saturday Instagram Recap

My view last weekend on the beach

Billy came to take me to lunch, but he was in his brother's car. Behold the massive hat collection in his passenger floor board.

My new team elite shirt! I am so excited about this bad boy.

Finally got my hair cleaned up! I love, love, love my stylist! She is a miracle worker.

I am convinced this is what heaven tastes like. Guacamole just makes trivia nights that much better.

This is where they are filming part of Nina Dobrev's new movie "Let's be cops" It's literally right under my office.

The first book I've had time to read in a long time. I love Dan Brown. This was such a good choice.

I passed this sign painted on a barn yesterday while I was out running errands. Really stopped me in my tracks.

Pearls and Curls

June 21, 2013

The story behind Treetops Cabin

This story actually begins back in the early 70's. Billy's grandmother was a librarian at a school and his grandpa was a professor at a community college in Miami, Florida. Billy's grandmother, Bonnie, worked with a lady who's mother lived in the North Georgia Mountains. This lady always insisted that they bring the kids up over the summer. Billy's grandpa had some obligations with work, so Bonnie found it to be the perfect time to take her friend up on the offer so she piled the 3 kids into the car and made the long (even longer then) drive to Blue Ridge.

They found their way to a cozy little valley right in the middle of the Cohutta wilderness. They stayed at a very old family cabin, that I believe has been around since the mid 1800's. They fell in love. They loved the people, the mountains, the area, the foods, the streams and waterfalls. I think right then and there, they decided they were going to take a piece of that place with them everywhere, because they never wanted to leave.
The creek that runs through the valley that the house sits on.

The next school year rolled back around, and as I believe the story goes, both of Billy's grandparents got raises. They had narrowed down what they wanted to do with their new income to two things, and decided to let their 3 children decide. Their choices were to hire a housekeeper that would come in and help do laundry and keep the house in order, or they would buy a small cabin up in the mountains where they could spend every summer from there on out (of course with the stipulation that the kids would have to step it up in the chores department as they were getting to that age). Unanimously they chose the cabin.

They were able to purchase a cabin just down the creek from where they had spent their first visit to the mountains. It started out as a very, very small cabin on the side of the mountain that looked like it was perched up in the trees. That was when Billy's grandmother, gave it a name, treetops, and it has stuck ever since. This cabin was so small that the kitchen and bathroom were the same room. From there on out, every summer on the last day of school, their car would already be loaded and they would drive up to Georgia to spend the entire summer. Day after day they would enjoy life and take in every second of their time there--hiking, biking, tubing the river, and having adventures. hey would stay here until the week before they headed back to school.
The view from the Swiss family Robinson-esk porch. You can see that during the summer it stays very shaded. 

Eventually, they had to add on to the original structure. Presently, this cabin has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, and a real kitchen that only serves only as a place to cook and eat, and a precious screened in porch. That was the place that Billy spent every day of his summers, Christmas breaks, and hurricane seasons as a child. As Billy got older, and started getting more involved in baseball, summers began to get shorter as they didn't get started until after summer ball ended. As much as he loved baseball, I think he loved his cabin more. If you ask him about memories from his childhood, he will tell you that his best memories were from the cabin.. almost as if he actually lived there year round.

You can see the expanded original cabin in the background

As the family got bigger, and those 3 kids at the beginning of this story had children of their own, it was time to expand again. This time, they decided to just start over, and build a brand new cabin right next door. Billy's grandpa was on the verge of retirement, and his retirement plan consisted of him propping his feet up at the cabin and never returning to South Florida, so he figured he'd build himself a newer, modern place to enjoy once he did.

Construction began sometime in the early 2000's and now we have the big cabin adjacent to treetops. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, and a large multipurpose garage/gym/game room type thing downstairs. The two cabins were adjoined with a huge porch and awning that is perfect for early morning reading and mid afternoon cards games.

The view from upstairs loft which is home to a bedroom, office space, and bathroom

After Billy graduated high school, his mom decided to move to Georgia full time, and his grandfather saw that as a good reason to go ahead and retire from teaching. Thank goodness they did, otherwise Billy and I probably would have never met. Now time spent here isn't limited to the months of May-August. However, his aunt (until next week) still lives in South Miami and still makes the drive up every summer wither her little ones to share the same nostalgia she experienced with them. I've only been around for 3 summers, and this place already holds a special place in my heart.

I, myself, can't wait to make more memories with a family of my own here. We are so incredibly blessed to have a place to share together and to enjoy God's incredible creation. Every free weekend we get is spent there, we love when friends come to visit us and help to add to the stories these logs tell. Though I'll be busy the next two weekends, I cannot wait to get up there the next chance I get. I can hear her calling me now.

June 19, 2013

Mineral Sunscreen Review

I am a Real Housewives addict--specifically, Orange County and Beverly Hills. On the last season of OC, I remember Tamra whipped out this crazy stuff she said was sunscreen to cover Eddie's face. I had never seen anything like it before, but I was intrigued, because I hate the feel and smell of sunscreen. I would just assume not to wear sunscreen than deal with all that. Surrrus.. (that's ghetto for serious)

I did a little research and found out that yes, this stuff really does exist. Last week I ventured over to the mall to drop in to my Sephora to see if they had a similar version of this mineral powder sunscreen. They had the Peter Thomas Roth line of instant mineral powder in an spf 45 and another option for sensitive skin, even though the price of $30 was a little steep compared to traditional sunscreens, I figured it was worth a shot. 

I cracked it open for the first time this weekend while on my beach trip..
The packaging is much like a bronzer, so it is very easy to apply--just turn it upside down and more will disperse into the applicator. It's compact and attractive, I just wish the top fit just a bit more snug. The other downside, that a lot of others seem to agree on is that the bristles are very coarse.. then again, if you are going to be applying this while sweating, you can't have a brush too soft that will absorb all of the sweat and oils. I honestly can live with it, it's not a deal breaker.

 The powder is extremely translucent, which is a pro and a con. I can't see it on my face and it blends surprisingly well with my make up. On the other hand, the downside is.. that I can't see it. Oh the irony. It is a bit hard to tell how much you are putting on or what areas you are missing coverage. I tested it on my arm and noticed that it does come out evenly and thoroughly without a lot of vigorous brushing. That being said, I wonder how long the product will last before it runs out of juice?

I cannot iterate enough how EASY this stuff was to apply! There are no smells, it didn't leave my skin or hands feeling sticky, it's small and compact. I didn't notice any burning after my two days of laying out on the beach in the sun, just a little redness and who doesn't like a little of that when you've been laying out all day. Of course, like makeup and other sunscreens, I reapplied it throughout the day as I sweated or came into contact with water. It was also great for soaking up all the oils that had collected on my face.

My verdict is that this is a great product if you burn easily or if you are constantly applying sunscreen. It's also just a fun party trick to have in your bag. However, considering I usually don't wear sunscreen on my face and since my makeup has an spf in it, I think the $30 is a bit steep to use it solely on my face. The good news is, I'm sure I can use it on my shoulders and stuff as well at the ball field because it is easy to apply to those hard to rub in places myself! and less awkward than having a stranger help you. 

June 17, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend Recap

As I told you all last week, this weekend was Amanda's bachelorette celebration. The girls and I ventured a few hours south to Hilton Head Island, SC to take in a few days of beach time, food, and lots of celebration!

We arrived at our condo very late Friday and we just settled in and played a few games and decorated our water bottles before hitting the hay, because we knew we were getting up early to get in as much beach time as we could in our short weekend trip.

Saturday we got up, packed our beach bags and coolers and headed out to a quick lunch at Salty Dog before heading over to the beach for a day of playing in the sand and soaking up the sun.

That night we went to dinner and then out to the Triangle to celebrate and indulge. We had an absolute blast. There are no words.

My favorite part of the night was the nice guy who offered to give the bachelorette a lapdance. Apparently taking your shirt off and dry humping a girl who is turning 7 shades of red was frowned upon in that establishment. The bouncer proceeded to interrupt that little ditty and threw him out the door. How unfortunate. Poor guy!

Sunday was our last day on the island. We got up and went straight to the beach to get in a few last second hours before hitting the road to return home. While we were there, we conned some nice random ukulele player to play her a song and sing to her. Ahhh :) giggles.

Now today I'm back in the real world still trying to recover from being drained from the sun and our late nights. It was all so totally worth it!

I have a few more pictures on my real camera, but my card reader isn't working and I'm too lazy to get up to try to find the chord to use it via my camera. I'll add those later, because I know you would love to see some non-iphone pictures.

June 14, 2013

Bachelorette Trip Packing List

Today after I get off work, I am picking up my friend Denise who lives about 6 blocks from my office and we are going to meet the rest of the girls to start our road trip towards Hilton Head Island for Amanda's bachelorette trip (or #ajslastfling as it will be known on instagram for those who follow me or want to keep up with our shenanigans). I LOVE Hilton Head. I'm typically not a beach person, but the HHI lifestyle is one I could get used to.

Same island. Same people. I figured it was just a good excuse to throw in this picture.

I've been struggling to gather up everything I need for the trip. If you know me, you know that for starters, I always over pack. Also, unless I buy an occasion specific outfit, I am very indecisive on what to wear--especially when I don't know what everyone else is wearing either. Not to mention, I still have to bring all other other beach necessities.

AJ's Last Fling Packing list
2 comfy traveling outfits (Come to mama, Norts!)
2 bikinis (Duh)1 relatively decent looking coverup/shorts that I can wear to eat in prior to the beach
1 dressy casual outfit for a nice dinner
1 sexy outfit for bachelorette festivities (I'm thinking my birthday outfit.. not to be confused with suit)
8 water bottles for us to decorate and keep as a souvenir for the weekend
Bachelorette Sash
Flat iron & Curling iron
Bathroom necessities (shamps, face wash, toothpaste - I'm excited about the toothpaste I'm testing for influenster so stay tuned)
Makeup and all it's cousin products

Beach Bag Packing List
Beach Bag (I actually am stealing this genius idea from Jamie on using my Lilly market tote as supposed to typical beach bags. More versatile and it's actually cute!)
Beach Towel
Sunscreen -- In addition to regular sunscreen, I am trying out this mineral spf  for the first time too! I saw it on RHOC, and have been wanting to try it since. Be on the lookout for a review coming up soon
Beach Entertainment (Sudoku, book, ipad, ipod) 
Hair Ties
Baseball Cap

Luckily, I had pretty much everything packed up before the storm hit last night and knocked my power out. I still feel like I may have forgotten something, because this morning when the power was back on, I didn't really add anything else to my bags.
Anything you think I'm forgetting? What are your beach/bachelorette essentials?

June 12, 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday

I am loving that in 2 days I will be sitting on a beach on Hilton Head Island with some of my favorite girls and closest friends celebrating Amanda's upcoming wedding.

I am loving this new shirt I ordered from Blue Door last week! It is the absolute most perfect fit, and it's freaking adorable. Great cool summer top, but not baring too much skin.

I am loving that I FINALLY got a new dryer! -- after I was given Billy's mom's old (yet still very new) dryer and had him bring it all the way down to my place, to realize it's gas :( I found some nice man on craigslist who delivered and installed it for cheap! You can't beat that.

I am loving this scavenger hunt. I can't wait to do this with the kids at the cabin this summer. Ashley and Jimmy would LOVE this! We can even come up with prizes like cupcakes or mini golf.

I am loving this tee! This will be mine for the 4th of July! My little patriotic heart is fluttering right now.

I am dying to try this recipe. Ever since we ate Mary Mac's a few weeks ago, I have wanted it again. I am loving that I can now have tomato pie whenever I want now.

In case you weren't aware, I am a shorts-aholic. I can't get enough of colored or patterned shorts. Besides, what southern girl isn't a sucker for a monogram? I am loving these super adorable colored and monogrammed shorts. Can I have one in ever color please?

I am loving that my Influenster box got here yesterday! I can't wait to test out all the goodies inside and share them with you!

June 11, 2013

That time we were in the Cash Cab!

Megan and I were college roommates, and are still best friends to this day. No, it was not as confusing as you'd think living with someone with the same name as you. We learned how to differentiate who was talking to whom based on the context of the conversation. 

One of our friends came to visit for the weekend, but we had to drive her back to her school, because she doesn't have an american drivers license. On the way back, Megan and I had a very in depth discussion about snaps.

Specifically, we were debating about how the snap sound is made..

Oh nene, your gifs never fail me.

  • The other Megan claimed is it caused by the friction between your thumb and finger.
  • I, the obviously more intelligent, funnier, wiser, more humble of the two, said the sound came from your finger making contact with the palm of your hand. 
We seriously had about a 30-45 minute debate with coincided with lots and lots of snapping action. Finally we realized we weren't going to make any progress towards solving this world wide crisis alone. Since this was pre-smart phone days, we couldn't just google it.. we decided to call random people and ask them.
As I was dialing the first person, I realized it was a total cash cab move and told her we were going to pretend we were in the cash cab! We called probably about half a dozen people telling them "Hey, I'm on cash cab and I need your help.." We'd explain the question and they ALL would say, "hold on, let me think" and we would listen closely and hear them snapping in the back ground.

We could not keep our laughter silent. It was so hard.
They seriously believed us! Some even called back later even asking how much money we had won!
Just to keep the story going, we shared it with FB (this was back in the the day when you texted your status update. Remember that?) They also got all into the idea. Snaps to the person who actually was smart enough to realize that we hadn't jetted off to NYC recently. 

We still get a kick out of it. Oh, and FYI.. for those of you that were wondering, I was right.

The friction from your fingers rubbing together can be heard briefly before the snap, as a whisking sound. The snap itself is from the impact of your finger against your palm.