April 2, 2013

I need..

..a hair cut and an adventure. In that specific order. My hair is actually just putting me in a bad mood it's so gross feeling and gross looking. All these split ends and the unevenness is really just making me look like a skank.

I don't do too awful short of a hair style ever, and as much as I want to finally take a little bit of length off or even try a loose perm, I think I want to wait until after Amanda's wedding so that I'll have some hair to work with come her big day. Plus, I can't imagine Summer without long hair.

I keep brain storming things I could do different. I know color would help change things up, but I am hesitant about it because keeping up with coloring it because it can get to be really expensive. So we're just going to stick with a different, but easily manageable cut. That being said, I want something that I don't have to curl everyday in order to make it look right. I can get lazy, but I want something that I can style up on the two days a year I actually want to doll up.

Here are my ideas, what do ya'll think?
Probably to a professional, they all look exactly the same outside of color. 

I'd love a long version of this

There are a few things I just don't do. I don't do stupid. I don't do Steak and Shake. I don't do cold weather, and I don't do boring. Right now I'm in a rut, and I need to get out of it. I need an adventure--even if it's just a day trip somewhere. I just need to get out of tow (or at least my neighborhood  and do something for myself. You know, let my soul shine. If you don't understand that, think Allman Brothers. 

Maybe we can head to Macon and see some old friends. Maybe a hike? What about six flags? This could be a good weekend to knock some things off my Atlanta Bucket list. We shall see. This would be a lot easier if we were responsible for the dog that is the overweight spawn of satan himself (Billy's mom's 120 pound Golden, Cole). Stay tuned. Hopefully I'll come back next week refreshed and rejuvenated. 


  1. 2 votes for 3!!!

    1. Dr. Suess and Shari, your votes have been counted ;)

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