April 30, 2013

I have a confession..

Every year my company participates in the Atlanta Corporate Challenge where companies throughout Atlanta and the metro area compete in different an array of different events. Our company really gets into this and encourages everyone to sign up for at least one event. We were given a rather long list of different events ranging from dodge ball to darts to poker. There were quite a few empty slots and there had been for a while. It was getting close to the deadline and there were still a ton of openings. 

Well, let me tell you a little background about myself that is pretty necessary to understand how I got myself into this little predicament.. I was that kid in class everyone HATED. You know, the one, and only one, that ever answered the professors guided questions he/she asked during their lecture. SeriouslyI also apologize for being that guy. I just hate that awkward silence knowing someone is waiting for an answer. 

Now back to our feature presentation: 
The deadline for signups was approaching and there were quite a few events that we lacked one or two people in order to qualify a team for. It was like the awkward silence. So akward, you just you couldn't take it anymore and you suddenly say the most outrageous, dumb thing that came to your mind first. Similar to that, I did something dumb, and boarderline outrageous--I signed up for corn hole, and I may have bitten off more than I can chew. However, you have to promise not to tell anyone I work with..

"So why is this such a big deal, It's only corn hole, "you ask. Well, yes, I have played corn hole before. BUT only once.. I wasn't ever a tailgater to play these games. I hung out with the athletes, not the athlete watchers. Therefore, I never played corn hole in college, unlike every other red blooded American out there. I know there's nothing to the game--you just throw the bean bag and try to get in the hole or closest to the hole as possible will do. I feel like a total impostor. I can't let anyone know either, because I somehow got named as freaking team captain!? How does that happen. 
Wish me luck this weekend in my acting debut as the corn hole team captain who has pretty has no experience at playing corn hole well. Did I also mention that I have the aim of a blind, armless, chimpanzee? This is going to be comical!

Speaking of people with good aim who would probably be more qualified to play corn hole than I.. Congrats to Tim Hudson for what should be his 200th win! He is the 213th pitcher to ever reach this achievement, and one of I believe only 5 active pitchers. Most of you baseball avid baseball fans, who too lean a bit towards the superstitious side, will appreciate that I have also been sure to schedule this post as to not go live until after this game has completed as to not screw with any of the baseball gods out there. ;) Way to go Huddy!

April 29, 2013

This weekend, I had a birthday

Yep, I turned 24 this weekend! I took Friday off from work because I had this roaming firm holiday I wanted to get off my plate. Plus, quite frankly, I just wanted to take the day off. Billy and I spent most of the day together running a few errands and getting a few things ready for baseball. We had a sweet lunch date and then he was off for the field for BP & to prep for the game. Meanwhile, I spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling and napping with the cutest fur baby known to man. The game was bittersweet, and South Forsyth closed out their 2013 season with a W! It's hard to see that group of seniors go, but it's nice to see Billiam have another season under his belt.

Saturday was MY day, and it was a pretty cold and nasty looking day here in Georgia, but I wasn't going to let it get in the way of me having a good birthday. I drug Billy to the mall with me to pick up a few wedding gifts for all of our couple-friends that are getting married this summer, then we met our party people for sushi at The Avenues. yumm! After dinner, we went to see some friends of ours from college play a show. I absolutely love listening to them so I thought it was the perfect way to spend a birthday. Sadly, I don't have hardly any pictures worthy of being shared. So I leave you with these. 

My sweet Ret, better known as the Luke portion of our duo. 

My handsome boyfriend.. and his boyfriend. 

April 26, 2013

The one where I got my first Cara Box

I got my first Cara Box!! I was so thrilled to see this sitting at my desk at work that I could barely wait till I got home to go through it and to document for you, all of my lovely bloggy friends, what I received! 

Cara Box

This was my first month doing the Cara Box exchange hosted by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. Hats off to her for keeping this so well organized! Since this was my first exchange, I was linked up with two other new ladies; Kiera, stay at home mom of two with a phd in chemistry (How cool is she?!) and Whitney, an interior designer with quite an eye for spaces and design taste that will rock your world.
This month's theme was "Going Green" I was initially very thrown off of what to get for Kiera and had to do a LOT of brain storming. I finally nailed down to a few ideas and went on a hunt. I knew that her favorite things were her two adorable boys, so I wanted to incorporate them somehow. I got her some seeds for flowers and fruit she could plant with them along some gardening gloves. I also found a few more "green" items like a notebook full of recycled paper and my personal favorite, a filtered Brita water bottle because those things are the best. 

After finally getting my cara box shipped out, I was getting really anxious to see what Whitney was able to come up with for the theme -- it was a hard one! Here is what I found wrapped inside my box when it arrived. I was so ready to tear into it! :)

Whitney sent me an assortment of seeds, water bottle, and notebook as well!

These are colored pencils! How neat!

My personal favorite -- this gorgeous green arm candy from her Etsy store! Thank you Whitney, I love it all!!

April 25, 2013

What my boyfriend thinks of me

A few days ago, I read the cutest post where Jamie over at Southern Simplicity asked her fiance what  he thinks of her. I thought it was so sweet that I decided I would forward the idea of to Billiam. I figured, it's my birthday week, and part of the pleasures of birthdays is being showered with sweet nothings, gifts, love, and well, gifts ;)

Let me also add, that Billy is not Rico Suave by any means, nor will he ever be in the running. He's just a good ol' boy who is boarder line awkward, so getting something precious out of him is a challenge. It took me 2 or 3 days of constant badgering to get him to finally compile a list. I mean, it's not hard, ya know. I'm a very lovable person. Kidding! but no, really after I got it back, I realized I gave him the wrong instructions. So I'll save that for a later post. woops!
The actual instructions were for him to list random facts about me, so he was instructed to go back and reform those things he loves oh, so much about me into facts so here we go..

1. She cusses like a sailor at times
You say that like it's a bad thing.

2. She is mildly addicted to peach fanta
Word! Seriously though, it's like the nectar of the Gods

3. She likes embarrassing vampire love stories
It is not embarrassing at all. Vampire diaries is GREAT television. Don't be fooled bloggers, he got into it too! 

4. She has road rage..
He's right, and I am a force to be reckoned with. 

5. She drinks cheap wine and good whiskey. I like the fact that actually enjoys drinking whiskey.
I always have a bottle of Barefoot Moscato in my fridge at all times. If you are going to drink whiskey or bourbon, you can't drink the cheap stuff. gross. I am actually surprised he didn't mention my new found love for backwoods Georgia mountain moonshine. 

6. She will pack 3 bags for a 2 day trip
Not completely true. In my defense I haven't traveled in a long time with out my boots, and that takes up a lot of space.  My job typically requires me to carry a laptop everywhere. and HELLO?! the weather and our schedules here lately leaves a lot of guessing as to what a girl will need while she's away.

7. She picks good dogs
 Ask my mom, I can pick a the best dog out of a litter every time. Look at Casey! You couldn't ask for my sweeter.

8. Do not mess with her music when driving
He has about lost a hand a few times. 

9. She's a crafter, wreaths, sewing, etc
Shhh.. I really can't sew as much as he thinks I can. I just like to pretend I can. 

10. Her dream jobs would be in the music business or event planning
one day.. 

11. She is an excellent cook
He has been known to say "I'll cook dinner" which means, "I'll be ingredients and let you cook it for me" even though he's almost as good of a cook as me ;)

12. If she could go back in time she would live in the pioneer days

13. She is a very big duck dynasty fan
Billy knows that if Si Robertson asked me to marry him, I'd probably say yes. I think the man is hilarious. 

14. She is a closet NASCAR fan
I guess the cat's out of the bag now.

15. She is very critical of most music heard on the radio
Well, most of it IS garbage.

16. Her boyfriend loves her very much
He's cute.  

April 24, 2013

Soundtrack to Summer

Go ahead and download these songs and set them on a playlist called "Summer Jams" or "Megan told me so." You can thank me later, because I know you'll love each and every single one of them. 

Cruise - Nelly Florida Georgia Line
The second I heard the teaser of this song, I was hooked. It was hard to wait the few weeks for the full song to be released. Love it! I am a huge Flordia-Georgia line fan.

Home - Sunday Best
I saw these guys open for Cody Canada a few weeks ago. We were blown away!

What are you drinking bout - Florida-Georgia line
I am a huge Florida-Georgia Line fan, obviously

Carolina - Parmalee

Crash My Party - Luke Bryan

One Hell of an Amen - Brantley
Brantley and Uncle Dekle are a force when it comes to songwriting. Great to finally hear some new music from B. 

Beat this Summer - Brad Paisley

April 23, 2013

outfit of the day

Today I wanted to share with you my nifty little necklace that I won from on a giveaway sweet Meredith's blog Belle in Boots sponsored by A Belle Boutique. Isn't it adorable? I feel like never win anything, so I was so excited to hear that I was the lucky duck that got to receive this little number in her mailbox! 

I paired it with the dress I told you about recently. If you know anything about me, you know that I suck at throwing together outfits {unless a mannequin just so happened to be rocking that entire ensemble in the store} so It was easiest {and probably best looking} just to wear it with a simple a-line dress. 

PS: Don't judge: 1.) This picture was taken at 7am so I still had my sleepy eyes on. 2.) I was taking this in a back hallway at work so that none of my coworkers would pass judgement, so the lighting is sub par.

A-Line Bowfront Dress - Lily Boutique - $40 - Here
White Wedges - Payless Fall 2012- $19 -  Similiar
Layered Beaded Necklace - A Belle Boutique - $29 Here

It's my birthday week

Have I mentioned lately that Saturday is my birthday? Well, let me take the time to inform you that my 24th birthday is Saturday, and I am taking it upon myself to make this entire birthday week a pretty dang good one.

Last night my college roommates and I went out to celebrate. Ashlyn's birthday just so happens to be Wednesday, so we just celebrate jointly together. Plus, it's just easier that way. We couldn't decide on a place to go to dinner, so we just did something simple and easy--Japanese. Who would ever turn down hibachi?! Plus they serve sushi there, so my stomach was ecstatic about the idea!

Don't I have some of the prettiest friends ever?! Love, love, love them!! 
When they do the onion volcano, and then make it a train cracks me up every time. :)

I was so glad to finally have us all together again. They were my best friends for 5 years. Well, they still are my best friends, we just don't have every dinner together and spend every night together watching our very, tediously scheduled tv lineup every night. (I still have to text Megan about every other week to get her to remind me what comes on every night. I just can't ever seem to get it straight. I miss having them around constantly. It's so weird to hear us talk about jobs, marriage, scheduling time off.. when life pass us by and we turn into grown ups? Ew. I refuse to turn into an old hag. I vow to make 24, just as good as sayyyy 17? How about it! Bring it on birthday week. Bring it on 24!!

April 22, 2013

Goodbye weekends

Oh Monday, It's not that I don't like you. I just hate seeing my weekend go. I was supposed to have a 3 day weekend, as it was national tax recovery day on Friday, but I ended up having to come in on Friday after all  Which was fine, because I had little to nothing to do and I just watched the news keeping up with the events in Boston most of the day. After work I went to see Billy expecting to watch a baseball game, but it was rained out so we were able to go have dinner like normal people whose lives don't revolve around sports do.  We continued to watch everything unravel in boston after we got home. It was like a movie or tv show without the cliff hangers. We couldn't pull ourselves away, and were so excited to finally hear they caught the son of a ... guy!

Saturday Billy had his makeup game, but his mom, the pup an I went on to the cabin to meet up with his family that had driven down through the night from Indianapolis to spend the weekend celebrating PopPop's 75th birthday. So we spent the rest of the weekend at  the cabin taking hikes, getting our eat on, and enjoying each other's company. I know these are zero pictures of us, but It's all I got, sorry dawg.

Almost there!

Lake Blue Ridge -- one of my favorite views

This is from the road the cabin is on.  

The screen house overlooking the creek that runs in front of the cabin. 

This is where I spent most of Sunday morning with my butt firmly planted on the couch looking up and snuggling with me sweet boy :)

I apologize for being out of the loop lately. I've been quite busy, very uninspired, and frankly very boring. You really didn't want to know what was going on with me, and anything I could have written would have been a total bore fest. However, since tax season is finally over  and wedding season is kicking into full swing, I'll have a bit more time and a lot more interesting things to share with you--I hope..

April 18, 2013

Proud to be an American

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of Monday's attacks in Boston, as well as all of those effected by yesterday's explosions in West, Texas. It's something I find so hard to fathom ever being so close to, even thought it could have just as easily been me as it was one of them. I know it's still an ongoing investigation, and we still don't know if it was a foreign or domestic attack, but quite honestly it doesn't matter who did it, it was still an attack against innocent american lives, and that is something I am glad we do not take lightly in this great nation.

If you know anything about me, you know that my patriotism of my county is one thing that I cherish and I am so proud of. The 4th of July, memorial day, and veterans gives me so many chill bumps, because I believe in this great nation and all that we stand for.

This is a video from the Boston Bruins game last night. If this doesn't make your heart flutter, then feel free to get out.

"Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve."
President, George W. Bush.

Here's another fun one :)

April 15, 2013

That time a stranger decided he lived with us

So yesterday was interesting, and I've been rather hesitant to post this, because I was initially feeling bad, until I did a little bit of googling but, long story short, now I'm not.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the two dogs started freaking out. Cole barks at leaves, so initially I wasn't alarmed until the hair on the back of Casey's neck stood up. If you don't know her, Casey is the most loving, concerned dog on the face of this earth, and up until yesterday, I had only ever heard her growl twice (both times were at night to people she wasn't familiar with). So yeah, safe to say at this point I'm a little startled, plus I was in the middle of rem sleep.. and well, homie don't play when it comes to my sleep.

Well, I do what any self respecting gun owner in the south would do. I pick up my pink pistol and I stumble tip toe quietly walk downstairs to where I find Billy already at the door where this incessant knocking is going on.. except not near as cute and subtle as Sheldon.

Now, let me warn all of you dear readers out there--unless you are God, Sheldon, or the fire department; you have no business knocking on anybody's door before 8:00. Even if this gentleman forgot to set his clock for daylight saving's time a month ago, it should have been pretty obvious, because the damn sun wasn't even remotely peeking out.

If Billy were here, I'd let him finish the story, because he took the reins from here, but it's the Megan show, so I'll continue.. Billy of course asks, who is it? It's Bob man, open up (Even though the name he used isn't his real name so we found out later, I'm still going to withhold it) Ok, who are you? Dude, open up. It's me. I don't know who you are, so back up from the door so I can see you (There isn't a peep hole on their door, so you have to look through the window. The guy had to be asked 3 times to back up before he finally did so Billy could even see who it was. As we assumed, it was nobody we knew. Meanwhile we have 200lbs of dog waiting to tear into this dude for screwing with their sleep so I'm surprised he hadn't high tailed it out of the yard by this point.) Man, I don't know you. I think you are at the wrong house. No man, this is my house. No, it's not. I suggest you leave right now. 

The individual turns and finally walks away. Cool. Great. It was then at this point we realized the man is belligerently drunk. I'm not sure what gave it away.. maybe it was the fact that he fell off the front porch and into the bushes? The part where he walked into my car, then into his own car? The part where he hit his head getting into his car? or the part where he let his car alarm go off to 4 minutes before he finally turned it off. You be the judge. I looked at Billy and asked if we should call the cops, because that dude had no, none, zilch, nada, zero reason to be behind the wheel of a car. We both agreed that if he decided to leave the culdesac, he would, because driving under any sort of influence is just not okay. The guy made another bad decision, and decided to leave which is when Billy called the 911. The operator  asked him to stay on the line, because we could tell that the wonderful citizen person had went further into the neighborhood, and not back out on the road. We watch, the guy comes back. My heart is racing, because I thought he could be coming back to the house, but alas he just turned around in the culdasac and went right back into the neighborhood where he came from. He did this 4 or 5 times before he finally found his way out of the neighborhood.. well sorta. I'm growing concerned, because why on earth would he keep going in circles, and how long was it going to be before he hit something or someone. Also, Billy's neighborhood is hard to navigate sober because of all the cars parked on the street, much less intoxicated. The operator thanked us and let him go. A few short seconds later, we hear a quick flash of a siren followed by a beep beep beep (you know, think the sound of a tow truck backing up). A few hours later, there was a call from a number I hadn't seen before, it was the arresting officer calling to get Billy's information as a witness in case he needed to be subpoena'd. Apparently the guy was "fubar" and thought he was at his home which is actually in the next CITY over--He was still 20/30 mins away from where he was really supposed to be going. How does one do that?

At first I felt bad, because I know how badly this could ruin his life, career, and even family (not saying that what he did was okay by any means).. I'm still mad at how careless, stupid, reckless, rude, and just uggggh he was for driving in the condition he was in.
Then again, in our defense, what other choice did we have besides taking his keys away and calling his mommy--but who were we to know if he would have put up a fight or had a weapon or what. Heck, we could have ended up begin sued if we tried that approach. I'm even more mad, because after a little Google search apparently this isn't his first DWI rodeo. So I'm not near as sympathetic to him just being a dumb person making a stupid mistake. This guy is just an idiot who repeatedly doesn't takes his life as well other others lives and safety into consideration. How can someone be such a jackass?

After all that was over, we went to upstate SC to watch Billy's brother's college team win both games in a double header. I loved seeing some familiar city names and buildings from the interstate as we made our way through my old neck of the woods.

Now it's back to work for the last day of busy season! Make sure you get your taxes in today ;)

Check Check Check it out..

How freaking banging is this?!

See, even my frinds form How I met your mother agree. [insert cocky nod]. I found this app the other day on Pinterest and decided to give it a whirl. It wasn't near as hard or PinFAIL as I expected to be.

So this is the app, Cocoppa. It's a Japanese apps that takes your current, installed applications and sets up much more attractive shortcut icons in their place. 

This is my old drab, typical, boring home screen. (I was updating my apps, so don't judge that's it's probably not a shareworthy screen shot) I say it's a nice little adjustment. All you have to do is find the icon you wish to show on your home screen. There are tons, and tons of options, styles and icon types to choose from. The hardest part of this whole process is picking out which icon you want, because you'll like them all!

Say for instance, I want to change my weather icon to use this cute little nugget instead.

 You choose what kind of shortcut you'd like to use. Most likely, you'll want to use the app search. The phone call and email and messaging options are merely to set up the equivalent to speed dials or speed texts. It's kind of a let down, but I guess we'll work with what we've got.

Search for the app in the app store, so that it will know how to associate the shortcut with the start up scripts for the app your wanting to use. 

Then Safari will help you set up the actual shortcut to your home screen.

It was fairly straight forward and not too time intensive. These are my other two screens that I set up. The downside, is sometimes they don't have icons for ALL the apps. You can still pick other options that are pretty universal (they have some precious cross icons that I love, or for instance my baseball heart I used for my MLB app).. but that's why I don't have icons set for every one of my apps--I'd forget what they were if I didn't have a logo.

 Note: that I said it sets up shortcuts. Since it's just a shortcut, you can't delete the original app, so in this back page, you can see where I filed all my original apps into folders to hide them away for safe keeping. I'm only sharing this as an idea to you if you try to do it yourself

Yay! Go ahead, distract yourself for half the day playing with this new app, and then spend the other half showing it off to your friends and/or coworkers!

April 12, 2013

Time Machine

At trivia Wedesday, our emmcee has started to take requests, which I totally love. So Ret and I started pulling some songs out of our cd binder vaults circa de 2004-ish, and I have been stuck in this mood listening to some of these songs ever since.

That being said, I am taking you back to my high school days, so not TOO far back in time. Enjoy these little gems that will forever be associated with my awkward band days, bad bangs, and aeropostale tshirts.

April 11, 2013

I want a love like that..

Warning: This is going to be a rather sentimental post; so if you're not feeling it, I suggest you turn around now.

I often wonder about married life. What's it like to get used to being called wife? What it's like to be with someone for THAT long. I pray I am more in love with the man I marry after 50 something years than I was the day I married him. I hope I have a man that loves me unconditionally regardless of what life throws our way.

This was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in the same place they took their wedding pictures in 1953.

These are my grandparents. You can call them Grandma and Granddaddy if you'd like. Sometimes people call him Uncle Russell, but he won't notice the different. This sweet duo will have been married SIXTY years in June. They have been each other's rock and best friend all these years. I want that.

I know you're thinking, sure great, two people married for a very long time. Sweet, but whatever.. but that's only half the romance. The real reason I want a marriage like theirs comes from the fact that, through sickness and in health, they are still side by side, hand in hand. You see, even though it's not even remotely romantic at all, but I still want a love like that.

At 80 years old, my grandfather has no idea who his wife of 59 years is. He suffers from Alzheimer  and has for about the past 7-ish years. We really don't know when it set in, because it came in somewhat gradual, we couldn't pin point his behavior on a disease at a time, and just blamed it on him being old.

It's a terrible circumstance, but their love has shown me exactly what I need and should be in a marriage. My grandmother is still his primary care giver day in and day out. As she's aged and grown tired of the constant care that he requires and now welcomes and accepts daily help from my mom, aunts, and uncles. My heart aches for her and how much I know she misses the man she loves, but my heart is overcome with pride when I see the amount of love she still has for that man.

She still honors him as she had their entire marriage, she still treats him with compassion, love, patience, and respect. He has no idea who he is, where he is, who she is, and is about as coherent as a toddler, but she still treats him like a human being and not a degenerate. Take for instance this past Easter weekend. As he's grown older and weaker, he doesn't wander near as often or far and has started to stay pretty stationary. He sat in his recliner and didn't move most of the afternoon. When it came time for everyone to fix their plates and begin eating, we encouraged grandma to go first in line, but she declined and said she was going to sit with granddaddy, when I looked and saw her, she was sitting in the chair beside him holding his hand with the most gentle glow about her. It hit me hard just how beautiful that moment was. Through sickness and in health, richer or for poorer, better or worse, she has not left his side and is still ever so faithfully loving him and plans to till her very last breath.

 I want that--to be loved unconditionally, wholly, deeply, forever, for always, till it's God's time for us to part. I pray that the husband that God chooses for me loves me and treats me the same way my grandparents do.

Happy April 11th

Happy April 11th!!

This is usually my favorite day of the year. Actually, it's the first time since it became my favorite day of the year that it hasn't been the most beautiful, perfect day you could ask for. What's so special about this day you ask, well let me tell you.

April 11, 2006, my best friend from high school, Holly, and I (plus one other person who really doesn't play a key role) piled into her dad's new Mustang GT convertible and went to our neighboring and rival high school to watch another friend in a high school tennis match. We got bored at the match {I mean, hello.. it's tennis. What do you expect?} so we decided to go and drive around town and see what we could find. On our way out, we ran into a guy I had JUST met a few weeks prior, Brian, and we talked to him for a bit and we all talk about potentially hanging out later that afternoon. We go into town and run into other friends whom at the time we barely knew, but this day was about to change all of that. They also came with another set friends, whom at the time were more interested in the car than us.This was the first day of many, many countless days we spent with the guys we met that day. We later formed what we called the Gum Branch Possey, because it was the place we first all hung out that day, and the place we spent many summers and days after school just taking in and enjoying every second of being young, carefree, and fearless.

Brian and Holly were the best of friends after they met. Shortly after we began our freshman year in college, they began dating. They have been together for 5 1/2 years. I'm waiting for his Pharmacy school graduation, because I know that they both will get new things; he'll get a degree, and she'll finally get a ring.

These people made my teenage years the best years that anyone could ask for. These guys and Holly helped bust me out of a shell and into who I am today. They helped me grow. They challenged me. Most importantly, they made me feel alive. For that, I will always consider them the best friends I could ask for. We've all grown up and moved our separate ways. A few are still there, doing the same thing they were doing 7 years ago. That's the downside to small town life--some never get out, and to a degree, there's nothing wrong with that. I wish I could go back and relive the fun we had, but things will never be the same. Even though we can never get it back, I'm still happy knowing at that time we had all we could ever need, and I had the time of my life.

The night we found an abandoned house boat on the lake

My 18th Birthday. Holly forced me to wear that crown most of the day. She always spoiled me on my birthday. I still wouldn't trade her for the world.

One of my favorite days

My last night at home before I moved to college. This picture actually just broke my heart, because I remember us talking that night about how this was the first step of all of us growing up, and how soon we could never come back and things be like they were then. I remember getting out of the car, and Adam, on the right, thanked me for being such a great friend  I said goodbyes and "see you laters" to the two of them. He waved and yelled out the window as they drove off and said "Have fun at college. We'll miss you."

This picture pretty much sums up mine and Zeke's friendship.

The four closest of the bunch.

April 8, 2013

This weekend, I..

This was the first weekend in a while where Billy and I have really got to hang out one on one and do whatever we wanted to do with no places to be, games to see, or practices to hold. It was nice.  I was able to remember why I fell in love with that crazy boy in the first place. I forgot how important and special time like this was to spend together. We need to make more attempts to do adventure days in the future--for both of our sakes.

Friday I took the day off of work and  finally got my hair cut. I am sorry I am a horrible bloggy friend and didn't take a picture :( I had some spare time waiting for  Billy and his family were just getting back into town from doing some chores around the cabin in the mountains, so I did some shopping and found this adorable dress and a perfect mint green chiffon skirt. I HAD A SUCCESSFUL SHOPPING TRIP! Queue the hallelujah chorus, because this never happens. 

After everyone returned and thankfully pulled me away from my shopping spree before it got too out of hand, we went to dinner then picked out Billy's Birthday Present from his mom and grandpa--a new laptop! The inner nerd in me was just as excited as he was. I was able to talk him into this snazzy little number. Because I know no one else really cares or knows anything about the guts of the computer but other nerds like myself, we'll  leave all those important details out just say it has a touch screen and that will be all the cool-ness you need to know. Yeah, laptop with touch screen, snazzy.

Saturday morning, Billy had practice, so I got to spend most of the day with this precious baby and catch up on all my tv shows on ondemand. 

After practice, we took the pup to the dog park, ran a few errands, then went on a date to outback. What's that?! a date? Say it isn't so!! Yea, it's been a while since we've felt like a real couple and done normal couple things like got dressed up and went out to dinner or spent Saturdays like this together. It was nice, I like not having to share him. :) Here's that mint skirt I was telling ya'll about! Precious isn't it? After dinner we went over to some of our best friends, the other Meg(an) and Billy, house and watched the final four and caught up on life in general. 

Sunday we had what I have termed as an Adventure day.

Adventure Day (n) [ad-ven-cher]: A day devoted to getting out of our day to day ruts to do something out of the ordinary. These days are specifically geared towards keeping Megan's sanity in check. Most adventure days consist of things to remind us how beautiful life is and how experience things we typically let slip by us. Synonym: Soulshine Day

Since Billy had just returned from a day trip to the mountains, we vetoed the idea of heading back up to the mountains for a hike/wine tasting and anything ITP due to the masses of tourists in town Final Four. Instead, we decided to stick in the metro area and take a trip to Stone Mountain.

Sadly, today I am back in that super tall building in the middle looking over at the huge rock. Instead of on the huge rock looking at all of Atlanta.

The view down from the Sky-rail-ride-train-thing. 

I think Stone Mountain is probably the most underrated place to visit in Atlanta. For the price, you can't beat spending a day in the park hiking, picnicing, and hanging out in the villages. Billy and I especially love all the history in the antebellum village. If I believed in reincarnation, I would have been from the antebellum period, something about it just captivates me. You can spend hours and hours just getting around the park walking all the trails, seeing all the exhibits, petting all the precious little baby animals, terrorizing children you know typical Sunday afternoon things :)

4-D theater

We were probably too old to be in here, but we are such kids at heart.

I even taught Billy all about granite! It was very much a Forest Gump moment.. except with Granite.

Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautee it. There's, um, shrimp kebabs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There's pineapple shrimp and lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich... That's, that's about it.

I promise we can actually be somewhat cool people.