March 5, 2013

What I'm listening to..

In case you didn't already know, my taste in music is that of only the best, so you should really heed my musical advice and add these songs to your play list immediately! My dream job would to be a music critic or a scout. So I will live out my dreams on my blog :) Now you all have to pretend to think my musical taste is pure genius. Which it actually is. See there, I made that part easy on you. ;)

Hey Porche - Nelly

If you like to know the inside scoop on music news, the last 15 mins are a teaser for another song coming out soon by one of my favorite bands, Florida-Georgia Line!

Lights of my hometown - Brian Davis

Sure be cool if you did - Blake Shelton

Hell Raisin heat of the Summer - Florida-Georgia Line

Dirt Road Diary - Luke Bryan

Standing in line - Chris Weaver Band

This is my favorite YouTube Sensation right now.
Against the wind (Cover) - James Dupre
This guy has a voice that reaches deep down in my soul and warms it up. There is no better way to describe him than that. He can send chills down my spine over and over again. I love his tone. I love him! It reminds me so much of James Taylor. 


  1. I LOVE FL/GA LINE!!! They used to play at the bars down here before they got big. So proud!

  2. I love Fl/Ga line. Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan. Although Luke Bryan is from a town that's like 45 miles from here. So all we hear is Luke Bryan. so i'm not big on him anymore although I do like some of his songs.