March 25, 2013

Bedroom Redecorating Adventure

I've decided that I want to revamp my bedroom this Summer. I'm starting now looking for inspriation, because I am the ultimate bargain shopper. Plus, my birthday is coming up, so I was going to ask for the comforter set from my parents. I've decided I want coral and some combination of other colors.

This is what I'm working with now. This isn't my current bedroom, it's my college apartment, but everything is still the same. I'm not personally fond of the bed frame, but it was cheap, and I refuse to buy real furniture until I get a house. The bedding is pink toile, which I do like, but it's starting to wear and when/if Billy and I get hitched and he moves in, I think he'd rather have something less "fru-fru." Besides, the whites won't hold up against him and the puppy. 

My dream room would look something like this. However, as much as I love neutrals, I have come to grasp that my dog would have these ruined in no time. Plus, I find that I can't resist throwing in a vibrant color or two. I'd love to add some monogrammed pillows to this. I love vintage anything. So this padded mantle head board and those chandeliers.. my heart, be still! 

with this oversized chair in the corner.. 

But let's get back to reality and see what we might could really pull off.

Here's bedding I've found so far..
Note: I only spent an hour or two Sunday looking, so please share your favorites too!


Who can tell me where this is from?! 

The only downside to this one, is that I can't use any of the green decor I have already. (Macy's)

Man, oh man, do I wish I could do white. :(
Does anyone else have experience with white duvets or comforters? Is it possible to keep this white with a smelly boy and an adorable but messy puppy?

Other things I want to incorporate..

Shelves like this, but bigger and less cluttered, over the dresser

Maybe a window or collage over the bed instead of my Kim Anderson print

Maybe I could paint my bed frame to add some fun!?

I love these silver frames

I'll have to do something with my bookshelf as well.

So what do you guys think? Know of any other good inspiration pieces, or where I can find some of these? If this is totally hideous, ya'll better tell me!!

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