March 31, 2013

Casey's Easter Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend celebrating the unselfish sacrifice of our sinless lord Jesus and his resurrection on the third day so that all of our transgressions would be wiped away. Oh how he loves us. 

"He could have called ten thousand angels To destroy the world and set Him free...But He died alone, for you and me."

Check out this Easter wreath I forgot to tell you I made last weekend!

Today I have the most adorable little guest poster here with me to recap her own Easter weekend. Everyone meet me dog child, Casey Michelle! I assume that we all are not living under a rock and have seen the Geico pothole commercial. Yeah, you know the one. Well, I hope that when your read her post, you hear it in your head as if a pot hole was talking. I am convinced that if Casey could talk, she would sound like a pothole. 

Hi ya'll. I'm Casey, and Megan is my mom. I spent the weekend with her, because my dad was out of town and I can't stay alone, because I'm a dog. Well, I was really excited because Mom took me to Dad's baseball game Friday night. It was his birthday, so I was glad I got to watch him coach my favorite team that I just so happen to believe I am the mascot for. I love going to his games. I like to smell all the people, and try to eat peanut shells. Mom doesn't like for me to eat them, but I'll sneak when she's not looking ;). I also got in some quality time campaigning for the major of Cumming. Shaking hands and kissing babies.. I love babies!

After the game mom and dad went out with all of my friends, but they wouldn't let me go.. something about me not being allowed inside because I'm fuzzy and nobody likes hair in their food. That excuse is really getting old. I don't know why I get treated different just because I am a dog.

Mom and I went to my grandparents early that next morning--too early if you ask me. Mom was cranky. I was cranky. The good news, she rolled my window down so I could hang my head out and smell and let my ears flap in the wind. I love that! Mom ignored me most of the way and kept mumbling something about how she was going to make sure that she educated me on all the best road trip music. Then she just talked or sang to herself the rest of the way. Kind of annoying.. she's a really bad road tripping partner. Especially because I tried to sleep, and I couldn't do it over her horrible singing and loud music. I tried to turn it down, but I couldn't because I don't have thumbs, because I'm a dog. 

Almost getting off the fast road!

Woohoo! Two-lane roads where mom lets me hang my head out again and I can smell chicken houses. Yay! It's almost as good as being at the cabin!

Grams had an Easter basket with all of dad's birthday stuff in it for him. I guess since he isn't here to get it, that means it's mine, right? hmm.. what else did I do Saturday?

Oh I caught up on some much needed napping and beauty sleep. I mean, I don't get this cute face naturally you know.

The Easter morning I snuggled with mom. I really liked it, because I don't get to snuggle with her very often. I can speak for her to say that she loved it too. I'm quite the snuggler, so I think anybody that gets the privilege to snuggle with me loves it. 

Then mom got into the Easter spirit and decided to embarrassing me and send incriminating pictures of me to dad. You are lucky I am even sharing these pictures with you. Mom is also lucky that I love her unconditionally  because this sucks dude. At least I'm cute?

Mom went off to church and to see the rest of her litter (or family as you humans call it). She was gone for a while, but she came back with lots of leftovers. That let me know that I missed out on something good--lots of table scraps. Man, I bet they had lots of suckers that would have fed me table scraps. Mom and Dad would have NEVER known either, so they couldn't get mad. But no, I had to stay home and hang out with the cats. I also decided to eat some of the kitty litter. I thought it was some sort of snack, but it didn't taste good and Mom complained about how bad my breath smelled the rest of the day. You win some, you lose some. 

After Mom got back, we went home to see Dad! I love Dad. He's the best! (insert wagging tail) 

Mom made me sit on the stupid blanket, because it was rainy and something about how I needed a paw-dicure and I was going to get her seats dirty. She sure knows how to put a puppy down  and feel like she's in trouble :(  We finally made it back home and I got to see my pops. I missed him. Oh, and uncle Jeff was home too! I loves my uncle Jeff. I don't think the feeling is mutual for some reason. He never scratches my ears. He just pats me. Sometimes he'll let me cuddle with him in his bed, but then he complains about how much he sheds. Well, at least I assume it was him. I don't shed, who is he kidding? Do I look like I am going bald? No, I have plenty, so all that hair has to be his. Now, back to my story. I helped Uncle Jeff watch Dad cook dinner. Well, their dinner.. ugh. 

Oh, and I also got to see Cadbury out in the yard again today! He's our neighborhood bunny!

So after dinner I napped again while everyone else watched baseball. I like baseball. Well, I like going to baseball games. There are people to pet me, smells, and things to eat from under the bleachers. I can't really watch baseball on tv, because of me being color blind and all. It just all blurs together. So I find it to be quality nap time. 

Then mom left to go home, and I'm spending the rest of the night keeping dad's feet warm. It was a good weekend. I'm glad I got to see some of my friends and spend it with my super awesome mom. Thanks for stopping by ya'll!


  1. a new follower! i love easter. i think it is such a great holiday to remember everything that jesus did for us. that wreath is so cute!

    1. and i love your dog. my in laws have a golden, and they are so cute!

    2. Hi Heather, welcome to the neighborhood ;) put your feet up and stay a while!