March 6, 2013

My favorite night of the week

Wednesdays are always my favorite night of the week. Why? Because it's trivia night, duh! Every Wednesday night some of my favorite people and I all gather at the bar of our favorite "spot" and play trivia. It is always such a blast to hang out with these people. We always end up having way too much fun for a stupid trivia night, but hey! That's what friends are for right? We love the food, love our incredible bartender, Katie (Shout out to Katie!! We love youuuu!) , and most of all, they all just love hanging out with me! Plus, we typically do well enough to place and win some house cash! Can I get a woot! woot!?

This week it was Zach Kunz, Tyler, and the gorgeous Shay! Tonight we were absolutely killing it. Seriously, I can not tell you what deep, dark corner of my butt I was pulling some of this stuff out of! We were rocking that first place position all the way to the last question--a two part question, in which we missed only half. We still got third place, even though if we would have wagered wisely we would have won, buuuut who is going to hold that over Kunz's head? No I!

So I'm going to hand the final trivia question we missed off to you. Let's see if you have better trivia knowledge than us. and no googling!!

Which two of these TV shows did not premier in the 1990's?

Full House
Family Guy
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Fear Factor

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