March 22, 2013

Moonlight through the pines

Billy and I have been tossing around the idea of moving to Nashville to start our lives together for a long time.   My dad's health is the only thing really holding me back. I'm afraid that once I move, and I get those dreaded phone calls, I wont' be able to make it home or to the hospital as quickly as I am now. I know one day, I will have to go, otherwise I will regret it. I vow to never regret anything.

When I imagine myself moving, I always wondering if I'll eventually know Tennessee like I know all the backroads of Georgia. This state is just plain gorgeous. There are so many hidden gems that most people don't eve get to see. When you think of Georgia, you think of Atlanta.. you don't think of my breath taking Blue Ridge Mountains, the cotton fields of South Georgia, the history of middle Georgia, the sweet sandy beaches of the coast or the stunning streets of Savannah. I honestly am obsessed with my home state.

I also realize, that even though I could tell you where just city is on a map (regardless of size), there are still so many things that I have yet to do or visit. There are just so many small towns filled with history, character, and breathtaking scenary.

Black Rock Mountain, which I hope to be hiking this Summer. 

I love classic antebellum homes almost as much as I love farm houses. I actually used to work next door to this exact one when I was in college!

How stunning!

There is nothing like a snow white cotton field in the middle of the dog days of Summer.

Something nostalgic about being inside of an orchard. It makes my soul shine.. 

My beloved!

Really, my Georgia friends, you should get out and see everything there is waiting for you in your own back yard! There is such a vast array of places to visit and see just a few miles from home. I want to do it all! I know I'd miss it come the time I leave, but I'll always have my roots firmly planted here.


  1. I agree! Savannah is gorg! As is the rest of Georgia! But I live in louisville so my vote is for the move to Tennessee :)

  2. I love going to the Riverfront of Savannah whenever my family and I are on our way to Hilton Head Island, S.C! Georgia is a LONGGG state to drive through, but there are so many awesome parts to it like you said! Atlanta traffic isn't one of those, but it is still a great state. I'm from Kentucky and there's so much HERE that I haven't done yet. It's crazy how you can live somewhere and never truly experience everything.

    Nashville is awesome too, though! I was just there yesterday cause I live an hour north(Bowling Green, Ky)! I have the same fear about moving away as you. I think it's natural :)