March 28, 2013

Did you miss me?

I'm sorry for going MIA for the past few days; not like you actually noticed me missing or anything. I just have been really slammed at work with it being tax season and all and I have had nothing interesting to share. Unless you guys want to hear more about computers, taxes, and what being a baseball widow feels like. I didn't think you wanted to hear about it either..

So since I have nothing of any substance to write about today, we'll just do a link up with these lovely ladies!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok.. that I may or may not have thought about checking out craigslist for a hit man to do murder the person who put the dent in the back bumper of my car. You are a real jerk whoever you are. The other just for just any random stupid person that crosses my path. I mean, seriously.. where have people's minds gone?

It's ok.. that I am counting down the days till the Braves opening day. FYI the count stands at 4!

That being said. It's ok..   that I did the most embarrassing dance of joy when my college roommate told us she got us all tickets for opening night. I can't wait to get in those gates Monday!

It's ok.. that as much as I want Summer to be here. I was fine with it being cold every day this week, because I've been too lazy to shave my legs.

It's ok.. that I yet again, am already planning my life weeks in advance all around concerts. Zac Brown, Chase Rice, and Alabama, I will NOT miss you guys.

It's ok.. that I was thrilled when Amanda asked me to make the playlist to give to her DJ at her wedding reception. Now it is a fact, that she will have the most awesome reception and music ever. Just sayin..

It's ok.. that I stopped at Krispy Kreme this morning and got a dozen donuts and attempted to eat them all myself. So much for prepping for bikini season :( but they were totally worth it.

It's ok.. that I may have went a little overboard when planning the Bachelorette weekend in Hilton Head this summer. I've seriously started compiling our weekend travel guide complete with restaurants and their reviews, night spots, things to do, addresses, and any sort of nitty gritty detail I can think of. I mean, who does that? I need a life. Hey! but at least we'll all be super informed and never lacking of anything to do while we're on the island.


  1. It's totally okay for all those things!! My family has a timeshare in HHI and we're going down there in April!! I'm so excited! What made your list of must do things while you are down there? :)

  2. I will be at the game Friday volunteering with Homeless Pets foundation with Thanks Bobby!! I'm sooooooooo excited for baseball season!!!!

  3. Iiiiiiiii noticed you went MIA!! I was wondering where you were! Donuts sounds sooo good right now!

  4. Haha all of your little graphics crack me up. I can never find funny ones to post. I'm lame. And I totally did notice you went MIA because I totally stalk my lovely Sponsors like crazy. LOL I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

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