March 29, 2013

Somebody is getting older..

The man that I love more than life itself is celebrating his 25th Birthday today. I'm sad that I won't be able to dedicate this weekend to everything he loves and likes to do because it coincides with an equally important holiday to me. Tonight we plan on going out with some friends to basically the only restaurant that will be open after his away game tonight. It will still be a good time for him I hope, and we can celebrate in more depth later. I mean, who is actually that picky about when they get spoiled as long as they get spoiled, right?

So as of right now, 1980 years ago, Jesus would have been hanging on the cross for just shy of the 6 hours that he spent there that day sacrificing his sinless life for you and for me. . The day Someone took all our brokenness and gave us wholeness, felt great hurt so we could have true healing, said “It is finished” so we would never have to. Oh, what a feeling of guilt and and thankfulness I have. 

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