March 8, 2013

Back that Azz up Fridays

I love a good throw back jam. Like seriously.. I can get down with my bad self to some mix cds from middle and high school. This song was the sound track to my Junior and Senior year in high school. If a documentary was made about my life back then, this would have been the theme song. I say that like I was a total tough guy.. I was a quiet little church girl with a wannabe bad attitude. I was quite the little daredevil and fire cracker back in the day.

Keeping with the theme. Here is me from high school! Don't judge.

My 18th Birthday

I thought Relient K was the coolest band ever. I may or may not still wear that shirt.
This was back when Dustin and I used to be inseparable. Gosh I miss that kid.

The Gum Branch Possey.. This was two weeks prior to me dating the guy in blue. However, I always had a thing with the one in gray up until I met Billy. Yet nobody thought anything of me dating my "on again off again's" best friend back in the day. I for some reason can't can't under stand why that was ok?

Funny story about this one. We always made fun of Alex for his wind-up car, saying that we could push it faster than he could drive it. We proved that we could push it 35 mph down a hill. 

If only we knew back then how stupid the duck face looked... Please don't judge us. We were young and dumb.


  1. Not gonna lie, I have that SAME Relient K shirt. They were my favorite band. I saw them in concert twice. Lol.

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who claims to have once owned that shirt. okay, maybe I still have it, but you can't judge! The highlight of my 8th or 9th grade year was when Matt Thiessen responded to one of my my emails. I was such a cool preteen.