March 19, 2013

Spring Break Babyyy!

ok, I have a confession. I have no idea what this Spring Break you speak of is? It sounds familiar, but this grown-up, adult me cannot remember the days of carefree days spent in the beautiful sunshine. Oh, to be a kid again. I feel like a part of me has died now that I no longer get to experience spring break at it's finest by doing this..

Seriously, my roommate's mom used to make fun of what old ladies we were because she would stay out being a party animal when we'd go on vacations and my roomies and I would be dead to the world asleep. I never actually was a wild and crazy college kid that spent Spring Breaks in Panama City doing typical college kid things.. We were such hags now that I look back at it, but in our defense we were really, really cool hags!

So today I am going to share with you are super rad awesome Spring Break trip to Wilmington, NC!!

My roommates and I used to love One Tree Hill. We were not obsessed, but we were pretty hooked on the show. Megan, my other roommate--yes, there were two of us, would read on the message boards for spoiler alerts, and would see where you could actually go and see all the houses and sets from the show in Wilmington. So, since we had nothing better to do for the upcoming break from school  we decided to head up I85 and see what the beautiful North Carolina had to offer us.

I played the role of cruise director, Megan played the role of making sure we didn't miss any of the important things. We started by printing off all the addresses of the places we wanted to visit, which included the restaurants we'd be eating at for dinners and such. It was elaborate  I even had it down to price range and recommended dishes for some places. We tossed in a map of downtown, and a few other attractions people from the message boards had recommended. I was excited because it was another excuse to label something! I wish I still had that binder. It was quite impressive for half an afternoon of procrastinating doing homework.

So, off we went all 400+ miles to sweet Wilmington!

No, we did not plan to match. Megan and I got dressed in Ashlyn's guest room, and we really didn't think much of it since she had on a different shade of red. (Besides, we were still recovering from a somewhat startling moment in the middle of the night where someone shut the garage door in the middle of the night. At that point, we were both just happy we were alive--yes, it was that scary.) Next thing we knew Ashlyn stepped out from across the upstairs den wearing the exact same shirt as I was. Oh well... hater's gonna hate.

Connecticut, our family pumpkin that is the size of a small state, somehow made the journey with us.

Finally getting off the interstate!

Are we there yet?

Finally, we made it to our college budget friendly Motel 8 in cloudy and overcast downtown Wilmington. We were just excited to finally be out of the car and to say that we had made it! We had a few hours to spare until dinner, so we thought we could go ahead and see a few of the sites. Unanimously we chose for our first stop to be THE RIVER COURT!

Before you get the river court, this is the first site you'd see. A FLIPPING huge battleship! I would have never guessed that htis massive piece of iron sat right next to the darling, beloved river court. 

There she is in all of her grace and wonder. If you're also a Dawson's Creek fan, you'll notice the buildings in the background which are frequently shown in that series as well. The restaurant Joey worked at is adjacent to the brick building!

This semi was exciting to see, because we were able to put two and two together that they would be filming at that location soon!

After that quick stop, we went to dinner at the Riverboat Landing, also seen in Dawson's Creek and basically any shot of the river walk. It's the big blue building! This was Megan's choice to dinner. Let me tell you something about my roommates, Megan in particular, we are not fancy food people. So this was not exactly what we typically would choose for dinner, but it was nice to venture outside of the box for once! After dinner, we strolled along the river walk, because we had nothing better to do (at the time, we didn't know the hotel had free wifi we could be hogging)

We found a souvenir shop and got ourselves some Tree Hill t-shirts, and tried to see if we could recognize any other landmarks. After we ran out of stuff to do in the bustling city, we went back to our hotel to rest up and get ready for another fun day of site seeing!

Helene in Between

To be continued..


  1. I have spent my Spring Breaks the same way. I went to Florida this year, but not down to the party areas. Just Pensacola on the Navy base...which is far from the stuff you'd see on MTV back in the day.

    1. What a party animal! I don't know how you are able to contain yourself with all the fun you were having. ;)
      Being wild and obnoxious is way overrated anyway. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of fond of my liver, and I don't care for hangovers.

  2. I have never seen one full episode of one tree hill, don't hate me! but this looks like it would be super fun! my favorite line was: being raised as a hick paid off, haha!