March 6, 2013

My Favorite Apps


Without this app, I would have died at some point between the time I moved to Atlanta about a year ago and now. It has gotten me out of so many sticky situations that I cannot even begin to count! Waze is an app that incorporates your trusty GPS with social networking. It takes all the other people using the app, and records their status.. So, if I am driving really slow on the downtown connector because I'm stuck in traffic, it will detour you around and keep you from getting slowed down in it too! How cool is that? People can report slow traffic, accidents, cops, debris, and even traffic cameras! I have it linked up with my bluetooth, so it will come over my speakers and tell me "Get ready to turn right on to Peachtree in .5 miles" I can honestly say it saved us 3 hours on our way back from Nashville! We were told to exit the interstate randomly, but alas we listened. Everyone else traveling back with us didn't get the memo, and got stuck behind a horrible accident that had traffic standing still for almost 10 miles. We bypassed it and drove on the old state highway, parallel to the interstate and arrive home 3 hours before the rest of them did. If you don't have it. Get it now!

Scout Mob

This App is really only available in Atlanta (and some city in Texas). It's like groupon but better! Here's how it works. You open the app, search by either location or type of deal you're looking for. I use this all the time for lunch! So I can narrow it down to restaurants (even down to specific type) in Midtown. Save your deal. When you are paying, show the person you have a scout mob, and you'll get a discount! Most places are 50% off! It makes most places cheaper than eating on the dollar menu, seriously. What makes it so great, you don't have to pay upfront, and then worry about not using your full coupon. I love using this at Noodle or for free growlers at Crafty Draft!


Ever hear a song on the radio and say, "ooooh! I like that! What is this?!" Well this app is great for finding out what that song is! It even shows you the lyrics so you can sing along and follow the bouncing ball. You can save the song, so that you can remember to add it to your playlist later.

I mean who in their right mind doesn't love Instagram? It's like twitter for people, like myself, who can't or hate to read! :)


This little number is a baseball girlfriend's best friend! I use this to entertain myself through game after game after game of baseball in the Summer and Fall. It's an app me to "keep the book" on the games. It keeps me from getting too bored and helps me pay attention to what is going on. Plus, in the summer, most fields don't use the scoreboard, so we're clueless as to the score most of the time. What else is cool is that it stores the games so others can view. So if some of the parents keep track of the game while they are on the road, I could watch from home and see every single pitch!

These are just a few of my favorites. What are your favorite apps?!

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