March 7, 2013

Deals and Steals

I am quite the online window shopper. I can browse  online boutiques and Pinterest all day and never get bored.  I can also do a pretty decent job of not buying anything. Sometimes I'll even build a shopping bag, just to give me the feeling of shopping, and then close the browser really quick before the temptation takes over. There have been a few close calls, however.

Last week I found this skirt that I loved, and I did my typical, oh that's cute.. and kept on keepin' on, because the price just wasn't right. Originally it was $48 at The Red Dress Boutique, you'll also have tack on an additional $5-ish for shipping. (PS: I totally love that place, I wish I could have two of everything!) I really, really loved that skirt, but couldn't really justify spending that money on it. So I continued on and left the skirt behind.

I realized later that I really wish I would have actually bought that, because I found out that  have a few occasions coming up that it would have been perfect for. I went back and found out they were sold out in my size in every single color that they had this adorable skirt in. Bummer.

So I began anxiously searching all the boutiques I have bookmarked, and I could only find it in sizes too big and in the other two colors I didn't want. I finally gave up and figured it just wasn't meant to be. I just thought that I had saved myself from another purchase.  UNTIL! I found it on one of my favorite boutique's on a flash sale for only $19! I am a sucker for a good deal, and the fact that it's on such a great skirt, I'm even more excited. I think this is going to be my birthday outfit. So what if my birthday is still a month and a half away? It will look fab with my cowboy boots!

Va Va Voom!


  1. i adore that skirt! don't forget to add my button to your page whenever you get a chance :)


    1. I have you on there now! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a great post!
    I love that GIF too :)
    Thanks for linking up!!