March 15, 2013

She's gonna marry that boy some day

I do believe it's time for another fantastic episode of Back That Azz Up Friday!!

I mean, what little southern girl growing up in the 90's did not love this song?! Everytime I got in the car with my aunt, I would make her put this cassette on. Wow, that's a word I haven't used in a while. Way to show your age, Megan. I would just straight up jam. I would even "play" it on one of those toy pianos every kid had back in the day. Somehow I actually thought it sounded JUST like the real song.

I remember I would beg her to take me places JUST so I could listen to that song.. seriously, I'd make up reasons to go places -- My favorite was always to go throw rocks off the old bridge. So I'd take this old ice cream bucket and fill it up with rocks and tell her we needed to go throw them off the bridge. :) I was cute, so it always worked like a charm.


  1. One of my all time favorite songs :)
    GREAT choice!!

  2. What a great song choice! I remember jammin' to
    Trisha back in the day with my momma (:


  3. Wait so for a minute the entire post hadnt finished downloading and I thought you were talking about the rap song "back that ass up" by juvenile! I was like was that really on cassette?!! Lol. Clearly I'm an idiot! :-)
    Happy Friday!

  4. Classic! I have loved ever since I was little!