March 9, 2013

Saturday Instagram recap

Pearls and Curls

 In no particular order
This is just a few moments after Charlie hiked his leg up on Billy and peed on him. I'm still giggling.

Chocolate store in Blue Ridge

We went and saw Cody Canada and The Departed Friday night in Buckhed! I was so excited. I love him!

sweet pup during her Sunday morning nap :)

Kunz bought this album of the band that opened for Cody Canada and left it in my car. He's never getting it back. I love them!

My trivia team is better than your trivia team

You've seen this one already too.

Snow on the deck at the cabin


  1. those chocolates look delish!

    1. Four words: White Chocolate Covered Pretzels. So, so, good!

  2. Replies
    1. No, no! Thank You for such a great linkup idea!

  3. The look on Charlie's face is hilarious! He's like *Straight Face* "I hope he doesn't notice!"

    1. I wish there were words to express how funny it was, other than I almost peed (myself) too.