March 15, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Last Summer I really let the season slip past me. I was too busy trying to adjust to living in my new apartment and my new job that I rarely really had time to get out and do "Me" things. You can ask Billy about how cranky I get (unintentional, of course) when I don't get to do things that make my soul shine. I refuse to let that happen again this summer. Even though these things sound trivial to some, they are things that I want to do finally (or again for some)

Please feel free to add more things you think I should accomplish. I know there are so many great things in or around Atlanta and North Georgia that I am missing out on. I love exploring and experiencing new things, so lay 'em on me!

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Braves Game
World of Coke
Stone Mountain on July 4th
Concerts (I've already got Alabama on the caldendar. Are there any ones I specifically need to work in?)
Make at least one road trip
Tubing the Toccoa
Horseback Riding in Blue Ridge
Spend a weekend hanging out in Nashville (preferably during FanFest)
Tour of Sweetwater
Watch my roommie marry the love of her life


  1. We visited Atlanta two years ago and did a Braves game, World of Coke, ate at The Varsity, and shopping in about 36 hours. I love it all.

    1. I love trips like that where you pack as much fun in to very little time. I actually work in the skyscraper right next to the varsity! I have never been to the world of coke, and I feel like I can't be considered a true Atlantan until I do!