March 4, 2013

My best friend is getting married!

I told you all a few weeks ago, that my one of my best friends, college roommate of 5 years just got engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years, Tyler during Valentines weekend. Though she knew it was going to happen someday, she didn't expect it to be THAT weekend, because Tyler always told her that V-Day proposals are always so cheesy, because most women expect it. Well, since he had said that so often, she just eventually realized it was never happening on or around February 14th. I'm not sure what changed his mind, or if that was part of his plan all along, but she was totally unaware when he surprised her down on one knee under the lights of the baseball field that they spend so much of their time at.

Billy and I actually met through the two of them!

Amanda and I have known each other literally since we were babies. There are pictures to prove it. The running joke is that I stole her babysitter from her when I was born. Which was true btw--My grandmother babysat her for a few months before I was born. Well tonight, she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! I am so honored and touched to be a part of her special day! I'm loving helping her plan and craft together the entire celebration. Amanda is so creative, and I wish I could spill all the details that she is dreaming up, but I am going to stay tight lipped! ;) and she is already managed to plan a gorgeous theme that will end up being pretty much flawless when she's done.

I am so excited to watch the two of them begin the next chapter in their lives together!

8th grade

High School Graduation
You're lucky I am even sharing this picture. You live and you learn.. not to drink an slushie that will turn your teeth nasty orange right before an very important event that will involve TONS of pictures

Sophomore Year in College

Super Senior (5th) Year

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