June 2, 2013

Things I learned (or relearned) this weekend

My OCD doesn't go away, even when it involves moving. Billy's family moved this weekend. We got everything moved in about half a day's work. We moved their stuff like champs. However, once we got to the new house and the unpacking portion of the process started, I suddenly got really cranky. I even remember trying to come up up with an explanation as to why I suddenly got snappy and easily annoyed yet I couldn't walk away from everything and cool down. I didn't realize until on my way home just now that it was my ocd. I get extremely mad when there are messes and things are not in their place. It's not even that things have to be organized from large to small, but everything has it's place, and that's where it needs to be. There were boxes on boxes and stuff was half put up and It was driving me mad, but I couldn't stand to let it sit there, but the little voice in side my head kept saying "must. unpack. everything! Must. throw. away. bubble wrap." The second I walked back into my non messy apartment and took a shower I felt like I was on a tropical vacation. Ahhhh
I am not a beast, despite what I think. My back is telling me this right now. I picked up things that a 100 pound girl should not have even thought about picking up or trying to move. I moved all of Billy's bedroom furniture around his room in his new house by myself (Where was Billy you ask? Baseball is more important to him than moving or letting his girlfriend break her back), and picked up way too many boxes of books. My back my also be yelling because Billy's grandpa, went ADD on me while I was putting Billy's bed together, and forgot he was holding a mattress and box spring up against the wall.. without warning, It all came crashing down on me.
That being said, I bruise easily. I have a total of 8 bruises that I can see that I have no recollection of how or what I did yesterday to gain such a lovely color of purple. Even my knuckles are bruised for crying out loud!
I am dog whisperer. Billy's cousin got a new puppy this spring. Today, in a matter of no time, I taught her the coolest trick she'll ever know. How to play dead when you say "BANG." I know. BADASS!
Somehow in all of the moving process, I miss placed my purse/clutch. I was supposed to go to my roommate's wedding shower this morning, but when I got up and was about to start getting ready, I couldn't find my purse. I spent a good bit of the morning looking for it until I realized there was no shot I was going to make it in time. About noon, I found it stuffed in one of Billy's drawers. I guess I sat it in one of them because I knew it would make it to Billy's room, but didn't really let it sink in when I did it. I learned to keep up with my stuff.

I am also learning how great it is to sleep in your own bed. Well, more so a comfortable bed. Billy's bed sucks.. right now mine feels like a cloud that angles fluffed just for me. Now those angels are strongly encouraging me to enjoy my freshly fluffed pillows and bed and visit dream land.
Goodnight, ya'll!

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