June 2, 2013

Taking a second to brag

The 2013 MLB draft is this week--Thursday to be exact. This is a big deal in my world, as Billy's life and career is devoted to baseball. Every year it is crazy to see friends or people we have met get selected to go play ball professionally. This year, it is extra special as he is about to see another handful of his former players' dreams come true.
Even more cool, two boys that play for Team Elite are projected to be top 1st round selections! That's a pretty big deal! Such a big deal, that those two boys are actually featured in the latest issues of Baseball America AND Sports Illustrated, because they are the top high school prospects in the country!!

Uh-hellerrr! That's pretty freaking sweet!

Right inside the front cover of Sports Illustrated

The first page of the article in SI

COVER of Baseball America

I am so freaking proud of what this means for all of the boys and the Team Elite staff! Both the boys and their coaches bust their buts in and out of the season, and I love to see them reaping the benefits. Go out and grab a copy and read about the baseball powerhouse factory we have here in metro Atlanta and about Clint and Austin, the two studs. I can't wait to see what Thursday night holds for them! If you get the MLB network, you can watch and see both of the boys Thursday night!

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