June 14, 2013

Bachelorette Trip Packing List

Today after I get off work, I am picking up my friend Denise who lives about 6 blocks from my office and we are going to meet the rest of the girls to start our road trip towards Hilton Head Island for Amanda's bachelorette trip (or #ajslastfling as it will be known on instagram for those who follow me or want to keep up with our shenanigans). I LOVE Hilton Head. I'm typically not a beach person, but the HHI lifestyle is one I could get used to.

Same island. Same people. I figured it was just a good excuse to throw in this picture.

I've been struggling to gather up everything I need for the trip. If you know me, you know that for starters, I always over pack. Also, unless I buy an occasion specific outfit, I am very indecisive on what to wear--especially when I don't know what everyone else is wearing either. Not to mention, I still have to bring all other other beach necessities.

AJ's Last Fling Packing list
2 comfy traveling outfits (Come to mama, Norts!)
2 bikinis (Duh)1 relatively decent looking coverup/shorts that I can wear to eat in prior to the beach
1 dressy casual outfit for a nice dinner
1 sexy outfit for bachelorette festivities (I'm thinking my birthday outfit.. not to be confused with suit)
8 water bottles for us to decorate and keep as a souvenir for the weekend
Bachelorette Sash
Flat iron & Curling iron
Bathroom necessities (shamps, face wash, toothpaste - I'm excited about the toothpaste I'm testing for influenster so stay tuned)
Makeup and all it's cousin products

Beach Bag Packing List
Beach Bag (I actually am stealing this genius idea from Jamie on using my Lilly market tote as supposed to typical beach bags. More versatile and it's actually cute!)
Beach Towel
Sunscreen -- In addition to regular sunscreen, I am trying out this mineral spf  for the first time too! I saw it on RHOC, and have been wanting to try it since. Be on the lookout for a review coming up soon
Beach Entertainment (Sudoku, book, ipad, ipod) 
Hair Ties
Baseball Cap

Luckily, I had pretty much everything packed up before the storm hit last night and knocked my power out. I still feel like I may have forgotten something, because this morning when the power was back on, I didn't really add anything else to my bags.
Anything you think I'm forgetting? What are your beach/bachelorette essentials?


  1. have a great time, i'm jealous. apparently everyone lost power, in NC it was out when I got home at 6 and i gave up and went to bed at 10 with no power.

  2. Have fun! When you said "birthday outfit" my first thought "birthday suit" and I was like "Wow she really didnt strike me as that kind of girl." but then you clarified :) xx