June 25, 2013

Her big day is almost here

Saturday is Amanda's big day! Though, she has a lot of planning, well more like executing, than I do left I still have a few more things to knock off my list of bridesmaid things to do before we can call them hitched.

Pick up Dress
Spray Tan
Hair Cut
Make Wedding Hair Appt
Gather materials for the get away car (about halfway there)
Pack all wedding day necessities (including the goodies from my Influenster box)
Pick a dress for Brunch
Practice my surprised face for when I catch the bouquet (It's so happening)
Pack for 4th of July Vacation
Pick up Denise

Is there anything else I am forgetting or things I need to do to help make her day extra special? I'm looking at you brides!

I am having more fun with this than I think is legal. I'm so happy for my best friend. I know she has been waiting so long for this day and has been planning out every little detail so meticulously. I cannot wait to see all of her dreams executed before her eyes. The next chapter of their lives is going to be starting so soon, and I cannot wait to stand by her on her special day! 


  1. Looks like you've got everything under control to have the best day with your best friend!! Such an exciting time for you guys!!

  2. Congratulations to her! Have lots of fun!