June 11, 2013

That time we were in the Cash Cab!

Megan and I were college roommates, and are still best friends to this day. No, it was not as confusing as you'd think living with someone with the same name as you. We learned how to differentiate who was talking to whom based on the context of the conversation. 

One of our friends came to visit for the weekend, but we had to drive her back to her school, because she doesn't have an american drivers license. On the way back, Megan and I had a very in depth discussion about snaps.

Specifically, we were debating about how the snap sound is made..

Oh nene, your gifs never fail me.

  • The other Megan claimed is it caused by the friction between your thumb and finger.
  • I, the obviously more intelligent, funnier, wiser, more humble of the two, said the sound came from your finger making contact with the palm of your hand. 
We seriously had about a 30-45 minute debate with coincided with lots and lots of snapping action. Finally we realized we weren't going to make any progress towards solving this world wide crisis alone. Since this was pre-smart phone days, we couldn't just google it.. we decided to call random people and ask them.
As I was dialing the first person, I realized it was a total cash cab move and told her we were going to pretend we were in the cash cab! We called probably about half a dozen people telling them "Hey, I'm on cash cab and I need your help.." We'd explain the question and they ALL would say, "hold on, let me think" and we would listen closely and hear them snapping in the back ground.

We could not keep our laughter silent. It was so hard.
They seriously believed us! Some even called back later even asking how much money we had won!
Just to keep the story going, we shared it with FB (this was back in the the day when you texted your status update. Remember that?) They also got all into the idea. Snaps to the person who actually was smart enough to realize that we hadn't jetted off to NYC recently. 

We still get a kick out of it. Oh, and FYI.. for those of you that were wondering, I was right.

The friction from your fingers rubbing together can be heard briefly before the snap, as a whisking sound. The snap itself is from the impact of your finger against your palm. 


  1. omg i just snapped my fingers for a good minute slowly, fastly, listening, staring to figure that one out!!!!

  2. Haha omg this is too funny! Love it

  3. Ha! I also was snapping my fingers slowly while reading this, trying to figure it out. xx

  4. OMG. you almost had me for a minute! hahaha. I love Cash Cab! That's so hilarious that so many people believed you!