June 25, 2013

Something Blue Voxbox

I was lucky enough to qualify for the something blue voxbox. This box was filled with all sorts of goodies to help me prep and get through the upcoming wedding I'm a bridesmaid in that I've been telling you about. I know you're getting tired of hearing about the wedding, I'm sorry. This is actually my first box from Influenster to review and I am so excited about the products they sent me to test!

Luster Now Toothpaste - This is a whitening toothpaste, that has been feature as an Allure Magazine breakthrough product. I like whitening toothpastes over whitening systems, because it doesn't leave your teeth's color uneven. Luster Now is good for getting those surface stains off, sure. I did notice a little difference after a few brushings. However, it isn't going to drastically whiten your teeth unless you are a coffee drinker or something. After initial use, the whitening progress swasn't near as noticable. I do enjoy the taste, but the freshness doesn't last long into the day. I don't know if I'd pay the $9-ish for this product over your average joe toothpaste with extra whitening.

Kiss everEZlashes -- These were a fun find in my box! They sent two different boxes which contained two sets of eye lashes apiece. I tried using these when we ventured out on the town for the bachelorette party. They were actually incredibly easy to put on! They wear very naturally compared to falsies I've used in the past. They also blend very well with your natural lashes--no one even knew I had them on until I told them! Overally, I loved these lashes!!

UrgentRx® Fast Powders -- I've never used a powder for headache reliefe before, and I was very open minded when these came in. I hardly ever get headaches, so I don't even keep advil on hand. Lucky for you, I actually got a stress headache not long after recievign the box. This packet was VERY hard to open even with sissors. The taste was better than I expected it to be, somewhat citrus-y.. I can handle that, cool. However, my headache never went away. So I'm going to give this little baby a thumbs down. 

Q-tips® Precision Tips -- Initially I used these to clean out my ears. Don't follow in my foot steps, blog friends. When doing my makeup, I found these were great to use for cleaning up and/or smudging. They also came in a cute plastic container that made them great for storing and throwing in a bag to pack.

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot -- This was my favorite product to find in my box! I have been using these for YEARS! I have really small feet and can never find shoes, specifically heels, that fit. I buy these to help keep my foot snug. They are FAB at that!  It also is a bonus that these add a lot of cushion to the ball of your foot to ease discomfort. If you haven't used these before, you gotta! They also make a similar product for the heel to avoid rubbing. Oh Dr. Scholl, you are a magic man. 

I already have them in practically ever set of heels I own! They are especially helpful in my nude heels. They've stretched just a smidge since I purchased them, and now my toes want to slide through the peep toe. The Dr. Scholls insert helps keep my foot inside the shoe and keeps my toes from doing that nasty dangling over the side thing. 

My Trio Rings -- This was an odd find. Basically it was an ad. No products, just a nifty little brochure. The rings are actually really cheapy looking. However, they have something in everyone's price range, but nothing I'd be slipping on my finger. Most of the rings are under $1000, and look big. However, that big  ring is just a cluster of lost of little diamonds, and that's not cute.. 

Disclosure: I received this box complimentary from Influenster. In exchange I was requested to give my opinions on the products in the box.  No compensation was received.


  1. I actually use those Ball pads and they are awesome! Pretty sure I can't ever get in another shoe without them! :)

    1. Aren't they awesome? New shoes also mean a new set!
      I also really love the cvs brand. They have a fabric type feel so they are better for feet that slip or frankly, sweaty feet. Not to mention they are a few bucks cheaper, and that's never a bad thing ;)