June 24, 2013

Dear Amanda,

Today is the day.. Your day. You're on your way to being a married girl!I know you've been planning and imagining all the little details even before Tyler was in the picture, and I am so honored to be able to stand by your side as you start your forever with him.

In high school, when were were out shopping for prom dresses, you couldn't help but wander into the wedding dress section and pick one out to try on. You couldn't wait to be a bride. You couldn't wait to be someone's wife. Now, it's here.

I admit, that I was a little okay, not even remotely on Team Tyler, when he walked into the picture. I had my reasons, and they were very good reasons at the time! However, I am so glad he changed my mind. He went above and beyond to show is loyalty, his companionship, and his horrible dance moves to make sure that you knew that there was no other man on the face of this earth that would love you more than he would.

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