June 22, 2013

Saturday Instagram Recap

My view last weekend on the beach

Billy came to take me to lunch, but he was in his brother's car. Behold the massive hat collection in his passenger floor board.

My new team elite shirt! I am so excited about this bad boy.

Finally got my hair cleaned up! I love, love, love my stylist! She is a miracle worker.

I am convinced this is what heaven tastes like. Guacamole just makes trivia nights that much better.

This is where they are filming part of Nina Dobrev's new movie "Let's be cops" It's literally right under my office.

The first book I've had time to read in a long time. I love Dan Brown. This was such a good choice.

I passed this sign painted on a barn yesterday while I was out running errands. Really stopped me in my tracks.

Pearls and Curls


  1. SO MANY HATS! And your hair looks amazing, by the way.

  2. The beach looks amazing!! Can't wait to get there this summer myself!

  3. Wish I lived close to the beach. Looks like a good weekend!

  4. how fun!

    dan brown goes write a good book,even if i have only read the "famous" ones.

    cute blog!!!