February 3, 2013

Weekends are way too short

Last night Billy and I had the first date we've been on in a while. We'll go to dinner and stuff, but rarely is it a thing where he comes and picks me up and we make an afternoon or night out of it and do something fun besides just grabbing dinner. I forgot how much I missed it!!
Well, I told him I was done coming up with ideas of things to do, so what we did was completely up to him. His idea: Gun range! :) It had been a while since I had shot (too long), and he's been carrying a lot more and wants to brush up on his skills as well. Mostly, who doesn't like to blow holes in stuff?!
So here's a montage of our date:

After my first round, I didn't do so hot. I was fondly reminded that I need to practice more often, especially because I do conceal carry about 80% of the time. Thank goodness the range by my apartment has ladies day on Thursdays, so my range time is free and all I have to pay for is ammo and targets. So I will be back to visit soon!

My gun. 

Billy's turn! He loves the Springfield XD I got him for his birthday a few years ago. 

and then on to my favorite part of the night.. Dinner! I did actually have to chime in my opinion at this point. I  have this addiction you see, to sushi. If I don't get it at least once every week to two weeks, I go into withdraws and I get the shakes (ok, maybe that's exaggerating) but I needed to quench my hunger. so sushi it was! We tried a new place, the sushi was good, but amount to price wasn't near as appealing.. so I think we're going to continue going to our traditional sushi date night place, Ru San's, from now on. 

Today, we had to go up to the mountains to check on the cabin and get the mail that was piling up. We got up there and remembered how much it snowed up there Friday. We knew it had snowed about 2 inches, but that didn't quite register with us how much two inches was going to be when we arrived.. The back road to the cabin was covered in fluffy white snow :) It was very pretty to see. Typically, I hate winter and snow and anything cold, but this was nice because it was at least a tolerable temperature and I didn't have to get out in it.

After we got there, did a quick check, and dropped off the puppies, we went into town for lunch and a fried pie at Merciers. Get used to hearing me talk about Merciers. I love that place, and I have to visit every time I am in town. After we got back, we took the beasts for a hike and this was our view once we got to the top of the ridge behind the cabin. Gorgeous, right? I just love if up there. It's so hard to leave every time. 

Sadly, it's back to the real world now. This week should go by quick. Tomorrow we celebrate my coworker's last day before she is scheduled to deliver, we have our quarterly staff meeting and awards, TRIVIAAAA, and then this weekend Billy and I will celebrate our 3 year anniversary and an early valentines day since we will be celebrating bigger things on the 14th, like their season opener!

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