February 18, 2013

lovin' a girl like me ain't easy

Tomorrow one of my favorite people, and a girl I am lucky enough to call a friend, Rachel Farley's, first single hits radios tomorrow. Not just playing on a local country station in Georgia, I mean hundreds of stations across the US are going to have her on REGULAR rotation! I am so excited for her, and how far she has come from the first time I met her when she open for Brantley years and years ago when she was merely 14 or 15. She blew me away with pipes of an experienced veteran for her to be so young.

Rachel was the first artist signed to the new labe,l Red Bow Records, a new label formed by Broken bow and Red Distribution. She just finished up spending the summer on the road touring North America with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean--what 17 year old can say they did that on their Summer Vacation?! She's prepping for her first full length album to be released later this spring, and I cannot wait to share it with each and every one of you (or well, the two of you that might actually read this). Check her out, and call and request her new single "Ain't easy" at your favorite station! Find out more about her on her website here.

I get this song in my head every time we head to the cabin, because we drive through Pickens County on our way.

The quality on this one is sub-sub par, but it's probably one of my favorites.. if one can pick just one or two favorites

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