February 4, 2013

Day 5

Day 5
A picture of a place you've been

Ugh. I can't just pick one favorite place or vacation. Although, I haven't ever been anywhere too far. So queue the montage of random vacation and trip photos ;)

Just about every Summer, my roommates and I would spend some quality time on Hilton Head Island in Ashlyn's mom's company condo. Boy, oh boy how I'd love to be on a warm sunny beach right about now.

Key West and the Bahamas for an end of the semester cruise with Ashlyn's family. So much fun. I can't wait to go on another cruise. 

For fall break one year, three of us went to Wilmington, NC to see the sets of our favorite TV shows, Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. Luckily, while we were there we actually got to watch them film some scenes for OTH which included a lot of our favorite cast members! We even ate at a few of the restaurants used as sets on the shows. I'm still talking about the BL fried green T I had for lunch on the river walk. If you ever get a chance, Wilmington is a gorgeous city! It's super cool now being able to recognize places from the show. 

Las Vegas for our 21st Birthdays!

Blue Ridge Mountains
Well, this is a place that is pretty much become routine for us. Billy's family has a cabin in Blue Ridge, so we are in the mountains very frequently. This is Mine and Billy's traditional Christmas Eve picture we take while we travel between our families. It's one of my favorite views along the way.

Sugar Mountain, NC
I hated skiing, and I will probably never go back. It was -9, and my gloves apparently weren't as waterproof as the tag said it was. I was miserable and I sucked at skiing. 

San Antonio, TX
For an IT conference for a club I was president of in college. Really, really neat city with a lot of history.

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