February 28, 2013

The weekend is almost here

Queue me dancing around my apartment and packing. "Megan, why are packing? Where are you going?" You may ask (or I conceitedly hope you ask).. We're heading back to the cabin for the weekend!

Well, at least we will be after Billy's wraps up another late start Friday night baseball game. I'm always excited about a trip to Blue Ridge, but this trip is going to be different because we will have visitors waiting for us when we arrive!

Billy's best friend and his family are coming back to the states for a few days. Daniel and Billy were best friends growing up. Daniel's family is originally from Peru, but moved to Miami for he and his sister to attend American schools. After Daniel, the youngest, graduated, they returned home and the two haven't seen each other since. I've spoken to Daniel a few times since Billy and I started dating 3 years ago, and have heard numerous stories of him and the things that he, Billy, and their other best friend, Katy, used to get into when they were younger. I've unfortunately never gotten the chance to meet him or his family until now! I'm very excited and look forward to entertaining them all weekend. Oh, and might I add there's a chance of snow!

This is a picture of Stanley Creek. You can actually see the cabin at the top of the hill. 

I can't wait to post and share about the adventures we have. I love the mountains, and I especially love Blue Ridge. 

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