February 2, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Today I am so excited to do my first link up with Stephanie and Sarah sharing for for Happies and Crappies, sharing the good and not so good things about my week!
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Work took our entire department out for lunch yesterday. I haven't mentioned it yet, but I love my company and my coworkers, so time getting to spend with them outside of work without an agenda is always a fun time.

Billy's Valentines day present came in the mail this week. I opened it up to find out they gave me two instead of one!

End of the year bonus letters came out this week!! I didn't even know we got end of the year bonuses, so this was a nice surprise. 

One of my sweet co-workers brought me breakfast when they found out I was going to be in our Alpharetta office for the morning. Absolutely made my day!

I'm happy to have my cozy electric blanket through all the cold nights (and mornings like right now) that I can stay snuggled up under it. I hate cold weather.

Yesterday I sent out a firm-wide email with a calendar attached only to realize I misspelled February and messed up 2 dates. I changed the spelling and corrected the dates, only to receive a dozen responses telling me I still didn't spell it write.. How embarrassing for the spelling Nazi to screw that up.

Um, hello? Have you not seen this weather!?

Not being able to see Billy all week because of baseball tryouts this week. I guess now I can change my relationship status to widow and Casey's to orphan.

Trivia got canceled due to the tornadoes. :( How nerdy does that make me sound? I don't care. I love my trivia nights, because my friends are cooler and smarter than yours. 

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